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Trick by James Went ($22.00)

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iCaan - magic
iCaan iCaan iCaan iCaan iCaan iCaan

A deck of cards is genuinely shuffled by both the performer and a spectator, who then each select a card. These cards are lost back into the deck which is, again, shuffled.

The magician announces that despite all the shuffling he is convinced that the spectator's card is 'fourteenth' down from the top. With a flourish he reveals the fourteenth card - it IS the spectator's selection.

So far so good. But here is where iCaan moves into miracle territory. The magician names their selection (let's say 'Three Of Clubs') and asks the spectator to guess at which numbered position this card lies in the deck.

Whatever their answer, the spectator is told to take the deck and deal down to that number. The magician DOES NOT touch the deck. Impossibly the magician's 'Three Of Clubs' is found at the exact number named by the spectator!

  • The spectator can name ANY number and iCaan will work
  • No memory work required
  • Includes three versions: James ultra clean original routine, an easier (almost self-working) handling without the Faro shuffle, and Liam Montier's special super-easy alternative.
James Went's spectacular routine has been an underground smash - utterly devastating magicians at conventions around the world. If well-read, professional magicians can be fried with iCaan, just imagine what it looks like to a 'muggle'!
"A TOTAL fooler. Have the paramedics on standby every time you perform this!!!" John Carey
"Damn! That fooled the @#*@ out of me! Nicely done!" Cameron Francis

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Customer reviews for iCaan



Don't get me wrong — this is a good trick. The problem is the included "gimmick" is something you already own. The fact that it's included jacks up the price of what could have been a $10 download.



I have to agree with the other reviewer. It was disappointing to get this effect and find that it was an application of a gimmick that virtually every serious magician has multiples of.

I would have been happier if this had been sold alongside other effects using that gimmick; or as part of a collection. But to sell it for this price tag and find that it’s something that we all own.....this is the sort of thing that I find frustrating in today’s magic marketplace.

With that said, I have to say that the good folks at Vanishing Inc were VERY receptive to some feedback on this issue. As always, I think Jay and Andi are running a business of integrity. So there’s no criticism on them for carrying the effect. I think Went could have presented his effect differently to avoid the kind of disappointment that I and others experienced.

iCaan by James Went