Japan Ingenious

Book by Richard Kaufman and Steve Cohen
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Japan Ingenious

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Book by Richard Kaufman and Steve Cohen (70.00)

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For many years, Richard Kaufman has been a conduit, bringing amazing Japanese magic to English speaking magicians. His tricks in Genii and books Five Times Five Japan and New Magic of Japan show that many Japanese magicians think differently.

The magic in these pages is not standard card and coin plots. Instead, these 67 close-up effects use all sorts of objects, not just cards and coins (although there is plenty of amazing card and coin material in there, too!). Japan Ingenious contains twice as much material as any of Richard Kaufman's previous books on magic from Japan.

The list of creators in this book is a who's who in Japanese close-up magic. For example, you will learn from Japanese magic legends such as:

  • Hiro Sakai
  • Tomo Maeda
  • Kuniyasu Fujiwara
  • Akira Fujii
  • Dr. Sawa

Penned by Richard Kaufman and Steve Cohen, this is a look at the current state of Japanese magic by two Americans who know the subject intimately.

Contents of Japan Ingenious

  • Foreword (Richard Kaufman)
  • Introduction (Masao Atsukawa)

  • Masao Atsukawa:
  • Card Case
  • Warp 9

  • Hiro Sakai:
  • The Volunteer Swindler
  • Hairband Mystery
  • A Transient Love Story
  • Inception
  • The Right-Angle Bill Mystery
  • The Vanish Which Elevates Tenkai
  • Inner Inertia
  • Celebrity Torn and Restored Card
  • One-Man Self Levitation

  • Tomo Maeda:
  • Zodea
  • Re-Psychle
  • The Angle of the Hypotheses
  • Out to Cut

  • Hideki Tani:
  • Elevator Illusion
  • Vanishing Wedding Band

  • Takanobu Ishida:
  • Card Tapestry
  • E.T. Rope
  • Date/Time Cards
  • Magic Square Card Mystery

  • Kuniyasu Fujiwara:
  • Automatic Ace Triumph
  • Mr. Green’s Prediction
  • Slice!
  • Bill Tear Illusion
  • The Flying Chopstick
  • Swizzle Stick Vanish
  • Original Card Quake

  • Michiaki Kishimoto:
  • Mind Sketchbook
  • Rubber Band Penetration
  • Blood Type Divination
  • Four Card Surprise

  • Kazu Katayama:
  • Silk Card Lasso
  • Aluminum Coin
  • Red/Blue Oil and Water
  • The Silken Finger

  • Ichiro Moriya:
  • Autumn Mystery
  • Money In Circulation
  • God of Romance
  • One-Armed Tibetan Gambler

  • Akira Fujii:
  • Fujii Reverse Assembly
  • Jet Coins

  • Yuji Wada:
  • Flip Match
  • Three Different Coins

  • Yasuyuki (Bona Ueki):
  • Phantom Drink Penetration

  • Tomoyuki Takahashi:
  • One-Hand Challenge Reverse
  • Fading Coin

  • Masuda:
  • Double X Card

  • Shigeo Takagi:
  • Slop-Shuffle Aces

  • Tenkai Matsuura:
  • Perfect Order

  • Hideo Kato:
  • Piano Sans Keyboard

  • Ken Kuroki:
  • Torn and Resorted 2000
  • Sneaky Sneakers

  • Ryu Susato:
  • Ryu Susato’s Business Card
  • The Tokyo Penetration

  • Kazuyuki Hase:
  • The Color Out of Space
  • Two Pens with But a Single Thought

  • Dr. Sawa:
  • Submarine Coins
  • Ping Pong Pocus
  • Marvelous Coin to Ring
  • The Silver Queen and Copper President
  • The Sleeve Shootout
  • Remote Control Coins Through Table
  • Why a Big Purse

Hardcover with dustjacket, 252 pages, printed on archival paper and Smythe sewn for lie-flat easy reading.


Customer reviews for Japan Ingenious



I bought this book at IBM/SAM Combined Convention 2014, the stuff is good, and a fun fact is that I came up with an idea that I've been performing for almost 7 years and part of my method is published there but with a different effect (that makes me happy, because that means that my idea is good :P)

I like to buy books that contain magic from different countries (in this case, Japan) to have a small look at the way other culture thinks, and this is a great opportunity if you are like me.



It time for you to enter a new would this fun looking book has the best of the best it. Has nice historical of knowledge that some Yong magician did not no about if. You. 5 x5 by Richard Kaufman. Then you will. Love to have this ,,! It got cards ,stage, coins things to wow. Yours club friends!



There is a pretty nice array of magic tricks in the book. Familiar plots with some interesting handlings. Some of them not so tough some of them quite hard. But there is something for everyone in the book. It covers coins, cards and a few other props. The coin routines are quite clever, I appreciate some of the alternative handlings. I am really enjoying this book and find it a pleasure to read. Kaufman is king and anything with his name on it, you can comfortably buy. I certainly dont regret it. Is it my favourite magic book - no - but its certainly up there...


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