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Marksman Deck

Trick by Luke Jermay
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Marksman Deck

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Trick by Luke Jermay ($35.00)

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Marksman Deck - magic
Marksman Deck Marksman Deck Marksman Deck Marksman Deck Marksman Deck Marksman Deck

The “Marksman Deck” is a powerful utility item that will unlock phenomenal demonstrations of telepathy, prediction, influence, rapid calculation, super human memory and much more.

It requires no difficult sleight of hand or memory work.

It offers you effortless, staggering and impossible demonstrations that are fun and easy to perform allowing you to focus your attention purely on connecting with the people you perform for. Whether you find yourself performing for friends and family in casual environments or in more theatrical settings, the “Marksman Deck” will become your go to choice for engaging magic and mentalism with playing cards..

The “Marksman Deck” is much more than a trick; it is an entire performance hiding in plain sight. The features allow you a never-ending flow of powerful magic and mentalism, with no fear of failure and no technical concerns to worry about. We genuinely believe if you can tie your shoelaces, there is nothing that can prevent you from performing powerfully with the “Marksman Deck.”

We could claim it's a performance hiding in plain sight, but let's prove that shall we? We've produced a 43 minute documentary about the cards, and what you can do with them. It features Luke Jermay performing a full show using just this amazing deck of cards. You can watch it below, or you can download this entire mini-documentary and add it to your account for free right here.

“I’ve seen a lot of marked decks, but I think this must be one of the best ever designed. Jermay has not only done yeoman work in the design and placement of the various marks (which are pleasantly easy for the trained eye to read), but has added a number of unique marks designed especially for particular routines that otherwise would require a lot of difficult sleight of hand. The instructions come in the form of a download in which Jermay explains everything simply and clearly. I think the “Marksman Deck” is something you will actually use.” Richard Kaufman, Genii Magazine April 2017

Jermay considers the “Marksman Deck” a ‘map to mystery’ since with a single glance at its back you are instantly told what route to travel to arrive at an amazing destination.

The deck, literally, tells you what to do with a single glance. It features an array of information expertly hidden in its Mandolin Back design. It is easy (for those initiated) to read, even under the pressure of real world performance.

The “Marksman Deck” comes complete with an in-depth download training in which Jermay teaches you not only the system and features of the deck but also a variety of direct and powerful routines that are easy to perform that will convince your audiences you have super human abilities.

"Over and over, the debate “should a mentalist use playing cards?” pops up in threads among enthusiasts of the field. I personally never believed the premises of the question itself, but here is a most cogent answer in the form of a new, brilliant Jermay release. Luke took a classic idea and turned it into something that has so much more potential than anything similar yet available. More than a utility device, this is a fully engineered system waiting to be exploited by the savvy performer. A companion book with thoroughly detailed routines and scripts will guide you in discovering this most amazing advance in the art of demonstrating psychic miracles with just a deck of cards." Marco Fida

The “Marksman Deck” is so much more than a marked deck. It can be used as a traditional marked deck, but to only use it as such is travelling at 10 miles an hour when you could be going 200!

Its unique and original features not found in any other deck of cards gives you total power and control, secretly telling you everything you need to know to produce remarkable demonstrations effortlessly.

With the “Marksman Deck” it is possible to perform entire routines and shows with a powerful, flowing freedom that allows you to produce an experience of mystery for your audiences so strong and compelling they will emerge from it with unshakable mysteries in memory.

Background of the Marksman Deck

The story begins in 1913 when Theodore Deland gifted the magic community his "Automatic Deck:" a bold and innovative concept that sadly soon became forgotten with the gimmicked deck resigned to history. The story continues in 1999 when a teenage Jermay discovered the ingenious work of Deland in a London magic shop. The "Automatic Deck" caught his attention and remained in his mind forever more. Over the course of the 15 years to come Jermay developed his own unique concept of what an ‘Automatic Deck’ could be and imagined exciting new routines, premises and demonstrations it would allow him to present to his audiences. With each new idea, a new secret feature was added to Jermay’s handmade deck. A handmade deck of cards that remained a powerful personal secret to only Jermay. A devastating weapon that allowed him to present blockbuster psychic miracles with playing cards, effortlessly with no difficult sleight of hand or complex memory work. Demonstrations that appeared perfectly fair and produced staggering reactions and results in performance.

"Theodore DeLand's Automatic Deck premiered in 1913 and has been a personal favorite for four decades. Leave it to Luke Jermay to modernize the best parts and then add actual improvements. The Marksman is an absolute bullseye." Michael Weber

Back in 2015 Jermay shared the inner details of his deck of cards with Vanishing Inc. cofounders Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay. They instantly saw the immense value of such a gimmicked deck and knew that it had to be released on a wider scale. Jermay knew that there was no one better than Vanishing Inc. to bring his personal secret weapon to the magic community and at this moment Jermay’s handmade, feature-filled marked deck transformed from a guarded secret weapon to the “Marksman Deck.”

For the 2 years that followed Vanishing Inc worked directly with the United States Playing Card Company to produce a deck of cards that was of the very highest quality. No compromises were considered; only the very best would be good enough. But it was essential to everyone involved in the project to make these cards affordable. The team wanted you to be able to use them as your everyday carry. To have them signed. To rip them up. And for none of that to matter because the price was so reasonable.

We made that a reality. And it sold out in record time. It's may seem like forever, but we're overjoyed to be able to finally reprint these amazing cards and make them available once more. Again, with low-priced refills.

Today a story that began 105 years ago with Deland that was reimagined 85 years later by Jermay is yours to add your unique chapter to.

"The kind of effects one dreams of are now possible thanks to this utility prop. More proof that Luke is an exceedingly clever thinker and performer." Paul Wilson

"With Jermay's Marksman Deck, you will hit the bull's eye and perform deadly routines. Its combined features make it the perfect weapon in your arsenal!" Vincent Hedan

Tricks taught on the Marksman Deck Download

  • Three Tests of Intuition
  • Dowsing
  • Card Peeks Routine
  • Card Calling
  • Card Memory

Includes a specially marked red Bicycle Mandolin deck and a 45-minute instructional download by Luke Jermay.


Customer reviews for Marksman Deck



This is the Aston Martin of marked decks, once you have absorbed Luke's technique for handling the deck you will be limited only by your imagination for unique routines, not to mention the brilliant possibilities for cabaret and stage use.



I was lucky enough to grab the deck at Blackpool this year and for me, it was my best buy!!! (Yeah, I bought a lot...) This deck has gone with me to every show, every gig and I am definitely going to be using it as much as possible!? This is NOT a marked deck.... this is a miracle! Jermay and the team at Vanishing Inc. have nailed it on this! If you're remotely considering this, you should buy it! The sheer versatility is worth way more than the asking price for this deck so I suggest that everyone grabs these as quick as they can! You won't find anything better!



I got an advance order at Magi-Fest. I used this at my highest paid corporate gig after doing my Q&A act on stage. Those in mentalism know Q&A is hard to beat. This deck was the perfect solution for people who came up to me after and wanted to see something extraordinary for themselves! I just ordered more because I know I'll be continuing to use these!



UNBELIEVABLE. I just threw my whole collection of Speedreaders and other similar decks. This one is absolutely brilliant and some of the effects are mindblowing, even if you're doing magic for magicians. "Intuition" is worth the price of the deck. THANK YOU!



Wow! Luke Jermay has hit a home run with this deck. I have always thought that most card magic is just mentalism with 52 somewhat random objects, and this deck is truly a whole show with highs, lows and surprises. Not only is the included DVD just right (the camera doesn't shake and the sound quality is excellent) but the free downloadable 45-minute performance is a joy to watch. Not since watching Ricky Jay have I enjoyed watching 45 minutes of card magic! I just ordered 2 more decks because I am not sure why I would ever do a card trick again that doesn't involve the Marksman. So rather than spend your money on cut and paste projects that are only good for 15 seconds of shaky YouTube video, buy Jermay's deck and watch how sophisticated, clever and entertaining card magic can be performed for an audience willing to give you the time.



Luke Jermay has proved he is the best in the business with this latest release. A wonderful tool which I will never leave home without. Hopefully the refills/bricks of Marksman decks are available soon.



I haven't yet performed this, but in the past I've used marked decks (Ted Lesley & others) and this one definitely surpasses them. The quality of the deck is top notch and the routines are simply amazing. Can't wait to put this into my show!



Luke Jermay is an excellent teacher and adds many fine points to the presentations. The video instructions are very professionally presented.



The Marksman Deck is my go to routine. I carry it with me wherever I go. So much so that I really should order another because of how used this one has become!
It's amazing and so versatile. I hate to use a cliched phrase, but it is limited by the imagination.
Some may think that this will not work in close up. In fact, I have read on forums that people say it will not work in close up. I write here to tell them that they are wrong! I've had people handle and look at the deck when it is 30 centimetres away from them (sat on a table) and they haven't said a thing and been amazed at the routines. I use this table hopping at my regular residency in a restaurant and it kills. Every. Single. Time.
If you haven't got this then you need to be asking yourself 'why not?'!
Highly recommended to anyone!



I love all of Luke Jermay's work and this certainly doesn't disappoint.
The features in this deck are pure genius and the way it's been made MAKES you want to use it all the time.
The extra routine ideas in the documentary realeased show just how proud he is of this Deck as he won't stop creating for it even once people have bought it.
Love it very much and can't wait for refill packages at a hopefully affordable price


Pranav Harish

Bought this at the Session. It is wonderful and at first you might think the markings are easily seen by others, but believe me, after all the performances not a single person has found out the markings. This is all you need to do a single show! Wonderful utility deck. Highly recommended.



The greatest thing since sliced bread!! Seriously! This deck is tied to a memorized stack — Tamariz's mnemonica stack — that I didn't know. I'm an Aronson guy. BUT such is the POWER of this INCREDIBLE deck that I learned the Tamariz stack JUST BECAUSE knowing that stack adds just a little to what you can do with this amazing deck. Don't get me wrong! You'll more than get your money's worth with no memory work whatsoever. This deck is just amazingly versatile! I bought two.



The marksman deck is marked cards to the next level. The deck is jam packed with a load of markings that lead to endless possibilities. The deck is extremely high quality and there easy to use and easy to read. The DVD teaches you 5 routines and also teaches you how to handle the deck and how to use it in high detail. He also teaches you ideas that will hel you come up with amazing tricks. The markings of the deck tell:the name of the card your looking at, the name of the card above the card your looking at, the number of cards in a pile you cut off, the number of red and black cards in a pile that you cut off, the amount of cards away to the sole mate of the card your reading, and the value of all the cards added up in a pile that you cut off. If you like amazing marked decks that preform miracles, than this is the deck for you.



This amazing desk arrived today and I can officially announce that I have wet myself. BUY IT, it is worth each and every penny.



To call the Marksman merely a "marked deck" would be to damn it with faint praise. This is the best marked deck I've ever encountered, it provides so much more information than simply the identity of the card in question, and for the most part, it's really struck a sweet spot between readability and discretion.

The marks are really easy to read -- I would compare ease of reading to the GT Speedreader or Ultimate Marked Deck, and that is, in my book, an assuredly favorable comparison. The only mark I worry may be a little too conspicuous is the top-center mark -- should there be a Marksman Mark II in the future, I'd consider making this one particular mark a bit more subtle -- but of all the marks, it's the one least likely to be observed in a fan or spread, and it's never been noticed in my own routines. Mark recognition is fast, easy and natural. The information is located is easy-to-isolate-and-remember positions, and you will certainly never have difficulty deciphering it. (I admire the technical vision of marked decks using elaborate code, but anything that requires a pause to decipher and interpret interrupts the flow of one's routine. Marksman will never slow you down.)

The ad copy mentions that there's a mark not only for the card in question, but the next card as well -- this is a brilliant feature, but I worry the language may be a bit ambiguous. When working from a face-down deck, it's not the next card below, but rather, the card directly above the observed card that's revealed by this mark. The applications for this, I think, are even more compelling and myriad, and if there's one killer feature to recommend a marked-and-stacked deck, this has to be it.

The other features of the deck -- not mentioned in the copy, so I will similarly not mention them here -- spare the magician a bit of mental reckoning, and allow someone not familiar with the stack order to quickly ascertain details about the deck that would normally require stack memorization. Let that sink in: this deck places the power of extensive familiarity with the Tamariz stack into the hands of its handler, and as Mr. Tuckerman wisely observes in his own review, this deck in the hands of someone already familiar with the Tamariz stack is an even more powerful tool.

For the card-above mark alone, this deck is worth it. For its ability to supercharge the performer's ability to work the Tamariz stack at any experience level alone, this deck is worth it. For the 45-minute performance video and roughly-90-minute instructional video from Luke Jermay alone, this deck is worth it.

I've mentioned that I'm a Phoenix deck platform fan, and that I'm greatly looking forward to getting my hands on the SUM 2.0 deck. The reason is simple: SUM 2.0 includes some of the features of the Marksman deck. Let that, too, sink in. I am anxious to pick up a deck that has merely some of the features of the Marksman. Having some of these features is cause for excitement; having all of these features is grounds for deep and sincere respect.

There isn't a better argument for choosing the 809 Mandolin back deck platform than the Marksman. There also isn't, in my opinion, a better marked deck than the Marksman, nor one that represents a better longterm, ongoing return of investment. This deck will be valuable immediately to a beginner, and it will be valuable immediately to a magician who's been using mental math and stack memorization to achieve many of these effects already for years.

This is the marked, stacked deck you want. If you're going to carry a few, by all means, play the field, but if you're going to carry just one, this is the one.



Bought this in the sale as been looking at this deck for a while.
I previously used The Code but this is better as you can do some incredible effects and the teaching is spot on.



This in my oppinion is an amazing deck, it is so much better than i expected this deck to be. The video is excellent, and is very well explained, along wiith some usefull tips too.
Just take a bit of time out, and get familiar with the back design, and then you will have some amazing routines in card magic.



Very interesting deck, clear instructions, great handling!!! I love it!!!





I had never really played much with marked decks before. The Marksman deck is a powerhouse of marked deck along with being in mnemonics stack it open up huge possibilities whilst also helping to support learning of mnemonics
The download is excellent with very clear teaching for the beginner to intermediate.
Overall, great deck, fantastic teaching and brilliant value for money









The effects you can do with this deck is astonishing. So many applications and Luke is such a great teacher too. You have a full 30 minutes show with just one deck. Someone said that this is not just a marked deck and I agree. This is a system which allows you to perform miracles.



Very comprehensive explanation. Looking forward to using this deck.



I have been aware of this deck for some time now. I finally pulled the trigger so to speak and I am very happy I did. Luke Jermay is brilliant. This deck is a utility marvel. I was amazed at how many ways the Marksman Deck can be used. Mr. Jermay's video instruction is entertaining and informative and really makes this deck a great value with the many things I can do with it. Vanishing Inc and Luke Jermay make a great team.

Jeffrey Marks



Amazing detail. Luke is one of the greatest to ever do it. Love this deck so much. Sadly it is out of stock everywhere. Is there any plans to have these back in stock? Refills? Thanks











Great set of cards. I ordered from these guys after finding them off Google search bar looking for this particular set of cards. So I was a bit apprehensive at first but they arrived within days so I'm very happy with vanishing Inc and love the effect you can provide with these cards



This is my favorite deck! I've ordered so many and will never use any other deck again. There are so many possibilities.





Pure Genius. Hands down the most powerful marked deck I know. What else is there to say?



I have tried many, many marked decks over the years, but this has to be my favourite out of all of them.

The effects this deck allows you to do are fantastic (I was also lucky enough to grab the limited edition Voyages book before it sold out), and I use this deck at every performance. It’s THAT good.

Not only do you get a fantastically in depth tutorial from Luke Jermay, but you also receive a pdf explaining the full routine he did in the documentary (you’ll need a couple of these decks if you really want to do the full routine).

This comes with my absolute highest recommendation and you will not be sorry purchasing this set.



This deck is a very strong weapon in the hands of a magician, but even more so in the hands of a mentalist. The only downside is that the deck is in a particular memorized deck order (but to perform you don't need to memorize this particular stack), so if you have memorized another stack, you can´t reap all the potential benefits of the Marksman Deck. Info on the particular stack used should be advertised on the product page. Anyway, this is a great product that encourages one to explore new plots and takes the owner far beyond the advantages of an ordinary marked deck.



The quality of this deck is top notch. The markings are clearly visible which can be both good and bad. For me personally being an up close card magician who likes to leave a clean, inspection ready, piece I can walk away from without worrying about the audience knowing the trick. That type of magic isn't possible with any open marked deck. But this is certainly worth the money for the instructions and tricks. You can perform some or most without the need for markings eventually if using a stack.



The deck itself would get 7/5 stars. It is AMAZING! As is the accompanying material. The only downside is these decks were designed and priced to be disposable, to have cards signed and torn and folded without concern. The issue is Vanishing Inc has told me that they have no idea when they'll have more refills available.

If these are ever back in stock, snatch them up..


Community questions about Marksman Deck

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Todd asks: Is there a way to purchase the deck without the instructional video (for when the original wears out?)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We sell refill decks. Search for "Marksman Refill"
  • Sean asks: You say that "no difficult sleight of hand is required"....presumably this would suggest that some level of sleight of hand is required. Can you comment on the skill level required. I have trouble simply doing an Elmsley count for example...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The deck does the bulk of the work for you. You can improve the routine by adding false shuffles and false cuts, if you like. I would highly recommend watching the 43 minute Marksman Deck Performance Documentary for more insight. It is free and it will help you see the deck in action.
    • 2. David answers: as said, false shuffles and switches add to this..namely a FARO......not necessary but to enhance believability to the routine as shown you will.
  • Ken asks: Is this deck offered in a "Blue Bicycle" style?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time.
  • Zuhairr asks: is there a double backer included?

    • 1. Tony answers: This deck does not come with a double backer
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  • Jeffrey S Morris asks: Does one have to know / use the Mnemonica stack in order to perform the effects shown on the video? Or does he teach powerful effects that do not require the use of a stack or false shuffle?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need to know the Mnemonica to perform any routines with the Marksman Deck.
  • Patrick asks: Being left handed, will I be able to see the markings when I can the cards? Thank you in advance.

    • 1. S S answers: Some of the marks, yes. Others would require right-handed use.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Robert asks: How big are the markings? Will I need my reading glasses to see them?

    • 1. Jim answers: They are reasonably large. But without knowing your eyes or glasses, I can't make a guarantee that you will be able to see them.
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  • Ryan asks: I absolutely love this deck & the routines are solid gold. My only question is where can I find more information on the one way aspect of the deck? Luke only mentions that it is there, but I’m not sure why it is there or even if it is needed? Thanks

    • 1. James answers: It isn't needed. It is an extra feature. The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has some material on one way decks.
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  • Scott asks: I love this deck and wonder if I already have it but want multiple decks as backups is there any special price to just buy additional decks once you own it?

    • 1. Rowland answers: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/refills/marksman-deck-refills/
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  • David asks: Hi I just purchased this but there is only a tutorial video. I don’t see the 43 min documentary in my downloads??

    • 1. Jim answers: You can get it for free here: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/free-magic-downloads/marksman-deck-performance-documentary/
    • 2. David answers: Awesome thank you??
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  • ENRIQUE asks: Is it possible to do routines with this deck with other marked decks (e.g. Boris Wild)?

    • 1. Jim answers: It would depend on the routine.
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  • Rodney asks: Would I need to know the mnemonica stack in order to do any of the tricks that Luke teaches on this, and if so to what extent?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While you don't need to know the stack in order to do some of the tricks, it is helpful to have it memorized.
  • Rodney asks: How many deck switches is he doing, along with how many of these decks is he using, to seamlessly go through all these tricks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He is using the same deck throughout.
  • Tod asks: Does this come with 1 or 2 decks? I think I saw the smallest refill was a 2-deck pack. Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: Currently, they are only available in bricks (12 decks).
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  • Tod asks: Sorry, I think I made my question confusing by mentioning the refills. I meant this current $35 Marksman Deck offering with video instructions. Is THAT one or two decks? Thx!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: One deck.
  • Bill asks: I understand you need not know mnemonic order to use the deck - but is the stack ( when used) mnemonic order?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is Mnemonica.
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  • Royce asks: What makes this deck different from any other marked deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get a lot more information. It's not just what the card is, but how many cards have been cut off, how many of those are red/black and a whole bunch more. I recommend you watch the free performance video on the page to get an idea of what is possible with this deck.
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