Marksman Deck Performance Documentary

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Marksman Deck Performance Documentary

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Magic download (video) by Luke Jermay (Free)

In this free download you'll see Luke Jermay perform a full close-up show using the Marksman Deck. Enjoy this 45-minute performance documentary knowing that every single moment of amazement is within your grasp. 

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  • Nathan asks: I can't seem to add this to my account to watch. Nothing happens when I click the button and when I try to hit play it asks for a password.

    • 1. Nathan answers: EDIT: solved, sorry. The "add to cart" button appeared at the bottom of the screen for some reason and took me a while to spot it.
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  • William asks: How do I get to see the free 45 minute documentary? Links for free download and for free add to cart are NOT working!

    • 1. Tony answers: Please email to they will be happy to help
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Customer reviews for Marksman Deck Performance Documentary





Loved it. His patter was fascinating.





As ever, Vanishing Inc. Superb!





Oh no not another marked deck! This is probably what you are thinking. This is not just another marked deck, this is a tool designed by one of the best minds in Magic, Luke Jermay. Luke has created a deck that will allow you to grow with in your skills. What makes this even more special is the training that Luke provides with the deck. Luke has sparked my interest in using cards for some of the most amazing mind reading routines. I am now switching to this deck as my everyday working deck of cards.



I did not really enjoy it at all, the theatricals behind it are really boring and cheesy for me.
Holding hands, the candles and blindfolds just came across as a bit silly. Its like a 30 second trick made to be 5 mins long just for the sake of patter or storyline. I am sure some will love this sort of thing, but it wasnt for me, still for free someone will get somthing out of it, im sure. Just my opinon and we are all diferent.

Marksman Deck Performance Documentary by Luke Jermay