Phoenix Parlour Deck - Marked Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Card-Shark
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Phoenix Parlour Deck - Marked Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Card-Shark (20.00)

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The markings are similar to the ones used on the Phoenix Marked Deck, but this time Card-Shark even went a step further and marked all four corners, making this deck perfect for lefties, too!

Every magician who saw our marked Phoenix Decks stated that this the World's Best Marked Deck.

All markings are situated at the same spot right in each corner, so even the slightest opened fan will allow you to read the marking. If the back design gets into view, you will be able to spot the value. Can't get easier!

Available with red or blue Phoenix backs in the new Parlour dimension.

Main features of the Parlour Deck:

  • High visibility for Close-up, Parlour and Stage performances
  • Cards still look like Poker sized cards to your audience
  • All the features of the Phoenix Deck are also built into the Parlour design(ie: one way design on the backs and faces)
  • All sleights that could be performed with Poker sized cards can be done with the new Parlour size, so you will get used to the new size extremely fast
  • The cards are produced on our Card-Shark stock that matches the US playing card stock used for Bicycle Decks, our newly invented Smooth Glide Finish will guarantee beautiful looking fans and flourishes
  • Perfect as a training deck. If you train your sleights with the Parlour Deck, performing them with Poker sized cards is a breeze. It is as if you would perform Poker Deck sleights with a Bridge size deck
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Customer reviews for Phoenix Parlour Deck - Marked Playing Cards



Parlour cards are designed for stage work. They're highly visible at long distances; and they do this by being 1/2 inch wider and 1/2 inch longer than standard poker size cards. These have "Phoenix" backs, in red or blue.

Anyway, allegedly you can do all your standard sleights with these cards (just try that with Jumbo cards!). So, first impressions:
Very nice, high-quality cards. They faro like a dream. Each pack has two jokers, plus two cards useful for Skinner's Ultimate Monte. The backs are marked; the backs and faces both have one-way designs. (These are, in fact, designed for magicians.)

As to what sleights I can and can't do with them: first, most importantly to me, no problem with the sleights required for Victor Farelli's "Thanks To Leipzig," that trick is the reason I bought these cards in the first place.

Of the other sleights I've tried (assorted passes, top change, glide, side steal, etc._, the only ones I don't have working yet are the Ultra Move (doubt I'll ever get it with these cards), and, surprisingly, the Charlier Cut. If I play with it enough, with finger position and such, maybe someday, but not yet. I can, in fact, do a front flat palm, but I also have very large hands.

So, I'm glad I have these, and will be using them whenever I'm in a stage situation.



A great deck. The quality of the cards is wonderful. Like the description says, you can perform most all slights with this size - just takes a little working with to adjust to the new size. I just ran through the trick Reset and it works great. Spreading and fanning the cards works just fine. I like this type of marking of the cards - easy to read.


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  • M.S. Wright care of Lara asks: are parlour size cards bigger than poker size cards ? how much bigger?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, they are 3? x 4? inches.
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