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Trick by Rick Piccone ($29.95)

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Rotational - magic
Rotational Rotational

Making 3 different changes was a miracle... and now it's a reality!

The most important and unique card, like the Joker, will have the ability to transform into the 7 of Hearts or Jack of Spades. You can also begin any way you'd like, in reverse or in random order.

Here's an ingenious, automatic system that you will always want to take with you anywhere and enjoy the amazement of your spectators. Without a doubt, you must have it in your repertoire.

  • You have the possibility to make 3 changes with the same card, even in the hands of the spectator.
  • Play with their mind and show each spectator a different number with the same card -- this makes them crazy! Or use this as a demonstration of how 3 different "eye witnesses" often report seeing different things.
  • You can make a double transposition, INCREDIBLE! Handling it is very easy.
* Includes ready-to-use gimmick + explanatory video

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    Daniel asks: what does that non-native English description mean? No offence but my cat composes better sentences than that.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a card that changes twice, so you can show the card as a joker, then change it to a different card, then you can change it again to another card. Having one card show as three different cards allows for many different presentation.
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Rotational by Rick Piccone