Signature Invisible Deck

Trick by Scott Alexander
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Signature Invisible Deck

65.00 usd

Trick by Scott Alexander ($65.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Signature Invisible Deck - magic
Signature Invisible Deck Signature Invisible Deck

This is Scott's killer Signature Invisible Deck routine that has been a staple of his show for over 20 years. Only in this version you can actually give the deck away at the end. Scott tipped some of the secrets on his live lecture but you get it all here!

Many spectators are hip to the Invisible Deck since it is splattered all over shopping malls, magic stores and even some discount dollar stores. You will not only floor laymen who are not familiar with this deck, but you will devastate those who think they know what you are doing.

Plus Scott includes tips on handling a standard Invisible Deck for those who have problems with the math, and especially spreading the selection. This is a real world workers version of the classic that will leave everyone not only laughing, but completely blown away. Comes with download Training, Sharpie and The Invisible Deck. Simply add a regular deck and your signature and you are all set.


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  • Griffin asks: Can it be reused? As in if I purchase another basic invisible deck I can do the same effect again?

    • 1. Expect answers: For each performance, you will need to supply a new deck (which will be given away). You will need to replace one card in the Invisible Deck, which comes from the deck that you gave away. This card will need to be prepared before placing it in the Invisible Deck. Scott teaches this in the video. So, with the above exceptions, yes, it can be reused.
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Signature Invisible Deck by Scott Alexander