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Small Miracles

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DVD by Helder Guimarães ($22.76 - normally $29.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Small Miracles - magic

Whilst in Portugal, we went to see the FISM World Champion of Card Magic, Helder Guimaraes, perform (in his native language) for a massive, sellout crowd. He was funny (based on the audience reaction), cool, confident and his magic was very strong.

This is his first release. It contains:

Blank Deck Routine – One of Helder's pet routines, where a spectator ends by freely selecting the only printed card from a blank deck!

Invisible Thread Routine – Transform one card into four aces, make 4 kings appear and then perform a two phase transposition routine between them. Includes a very clean version of Paul Harris' "Reset."

S(h)ocking – Two cards transpose that top card guys will want to perform.

Out of this Water – Learn how you can perform Out of his World, ending with a deck separation out off your hands!

Visual Triathlon – A version of Pit Hartling's effect, that's so visual and so impossible people will have lots of jaws dropping.

Running Time Approximately 2hr 12min


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In Small Miracles, Helder Guimaraes offers well thought through in all of the effects. My favorite trick in this DVD is Visual Triathlon: it has so much potential for you to add more to it and then become entirely yours. The execution does not rely on knuckle-breaker moves and Helder Guimaraes offers something extra in all of them in terms of new handling and misdirection which, as a result, elevate each effect to a mature presentation. For example, in Out of this Water, Helder Guimaraes's eliminated the two "traditional" burdens that Out of this World suffers. Out of this world is an effect whereby mixed red and black cards are separated via a spectator's ESP progression. The burdens in the presentation that the traditional Out of this World suffers are:

1. In the process of separating the red/black cards, the magician would pick one out from an almost full deck and ask the spectator: "Do you feel this is a red or a black card?" Then he places it down in red/black piles accordingly, and he keeps going until the last card is picked out and guessed. Up to a certain point in the routine, this process can become pointlessly long and boring.

2. The magician has no control over the spectator's feeling for the mystery card, i.e., he/she can call all the cards out as “I feel it is a red card” and never feel like black at all. So in the end, we may end up with an noticeable disproportion of reds vs. blacks or vice versa.

In Helder Guimaraes's Out of this Water, the improvements are:

1. He only uses half of a shuffled deck (even little less than half) and the rest is put back in the card box.

2. In his process of separating the reds/blacks, he offers a very clever way to control the distribution of the reds/blacks, so at the end there is no blatant disparity between the red and black piles.

3. Extra kicker, after the reds/blacks have been sorted out by spectator’s ESP process, the rest of the deck that was put away in the box in the beginning also ended up sorted without being touched by anybody. Excellent!