Magic by Helder Guimarães

Ontology Project (book and deck) Book
Ontology Project (book and deck)
Book by Helder Guimarães - $40.00

The Ontology Project is an amazing new collection of routines and a revolutionary new approach to card magic. Consisting of five pieces of professional magic, the Ontology Project also includes utility tools capable of creating countless effects, limited only by your imagination. Whether you are a...

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Red Mirror DVD or download
Red Mirror
DVD or download by Helder Guimarães - $39.95

Red Mirror is a look inside the mind of a world-class performer and FISM champion who many consider the most important magician of his generation. Helder Guimarães is a studied practitioner of both magic and theatre with an experienced understanding of the arts. Offered on this volume...

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Reflections book DVD
Reflections book
DVD by Helder Guimarães - $39.95

Foray deeper into the mind of Helder Guimarães, a supreme conjuror and philosopher of the art. Discover the secrets to his most talked about effects. Be inspired from his profound thinking and psychological analysis. Immerse yourself with the finer elements of magic that transcend amateur to...

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Nomad Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Helder Guimarães - $8.00

In this trick, the performer introduces two decks of cards, one red and one blue. After shuffling his deck, a spectator is asked to name any card. The performer takes the two red kings from his pack and drops them on top of the spectators deck. Instantly and without the performer even touching...

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Twizinser Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Helder Guimarães - $7.00

A sublime combination of the classic Hofzinser Ace Problem & Twisting the Aces into a single multi-phased routine to bring forth a modern approach to these otherwise antiquated card tricks.

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Small Miracles DVD
Small Miracles
DVD by Helder Guimarães - $29.95

Whilst in Portugal, we went to see the FISM World Champion of Card Magic, Helder Guimaraes, perform (in his native language) for a massive, sellout crowd. He was funny (based on the audience reaction), cool, confident and his magic was very strong. This is his first release. It...

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