The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier (eBook + Bonus PDF & Video)

Magic download (ebook) by Bob Farmer
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The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier (eBook + Bonus PDF & Video)

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Magic download (ebook) by Bob Farmer (39.95)

An iconic collection of one of magic's most beloved plots is finally available again. After being out of print for years, you can now enjoy this 400-page masterpiece in a convenient eBook format (which also includes a free bonus PDF and video).

The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier by Bob Farmer is the definitive resource for one of the best card tricks and gambling scams ever created—The Ten Card Poker Deal.

In 2014, Ricky Jay fooled and amazed millions of people on The Tonight Show with a spectacular card trick. That exact effect is included in this book, along with over 250 total routines and ideas from more than 150 magicians from around the world. There's even a BONUS reference section with 290 effect descriptions and a stage variation.

As part of a special exclusive offer ONLY available at Vanishing Inc., this eBook version also comes with the complete 43-page Bammo Ten Card Addendum PDF and accompanying 35-minute video. That's 20+ additional routines for no extra cost!

There's something for everyone in these books, including ways to look like a expert card cheat without any sleight of hand. If you like card magic at all, then you must have these in your library.

"This is the greatest magic book ever..."Pete McCabe

"My knapsack filled with the best superlatives fails me as I hug [this] Biblical-sized magnum opus to my wildly beating chest" Jon Racherbaumer

Contents of The Ten Card Deal Dossier by Bob Farmer

  • "Part One: The Ten Card Deal" by Bob Farmer
  • "How Belly Strippers Work" by Bob Farmer
  • "Sure Fire Showdown" by Dai Vernon
  • "Poker" by Bob Farmer
  • "Baseless Speculation" by Bob Farmer
  • "Magic Appears" by Bob Farmer
  • "The Phoenix 1949" by Bob Farmer
  • "Take Ten" by John Murray
  • "Stratagems - Which Cards to Use" by Bob Farmer
  • "Getting the Cards into Play" by Bob Farmer
  • "Getting Into The Ten Card Poker Deal" by David (Foote) Drake
  • "Build Down" by Allan Slaight
  • "Decimix" by Max Maven
  • "Meet And Greet" by Nicholas Johnson
  • "Spectator Does a False Cut" by Stu Lewis
  • "20-Card Poker Deal" by Nick Trost
  • "False Shuffles" by Bob Farmer
  • "Bolo Jonah" by Bob Farmer and Steve Mayhew
  • "Aragon Attractor" by Woody Aragón and Bob Farmer
  • "Forcing the Jonah" by Bob Farmer
  • "Odd Even" by Allan Ackerman
  • "Jonumber" by Max Maven
  • "Reverse Faro" by Larry Becker
  • "The Beale Deal" by Ken Beale
  • "Con Cam Coincidencia" by R. Paul Wilson and Bob Farmer
  • "Pateo" by Roy Baker and Bob Farmer
  • "Fourdoomed" by Bob King
  • "StayCard Principle" by Mike Daniels
  • "Ten Card (Second and Bottom) Deals" by Bob Farmer
  • "9-as-10 Dodge" by Bob Farmer
  • "11-as-10 Dodge" by Bob Farmer
  • "12-as-10 Dodge" by Peter Duffie
  • "Eighteen Cards" by Nick Trost
  • "Add-Ons" by Tomas Blomberg
  • "Long Card" by Harry G. Franke
  • "Proposition Bet" by Karl Fulves
  • "Poker Savvy" by Bob Farmer
  • "Wait and Switch" by Bob Farmer
  • "The Angels May Shuffle, But The Devil Still Deals" by Steve Mayhew
  • "CADD" by Bob Farmer
  • "Luck of the Draw" by Jeff Pierce and Ryan Schlutz
  • "Cheater, Cheater" by Harold Cataquet and Bob Farmer
  • "Psychic Bid Spelling" by Stewart James
  • "Ten Card Wild" by Stephen Hobbs and Robert E. Neale
  • "Porstmann's Paladin" by Mike Porstmann
  • "Teleological Existentialism" by Patrick Schlagel
  • "Gambler's Forecast" by Peter Duffie
  • "Pretense" by Max Maven
  • "Equivo-Ten" by Bob Farmer
  • "Decideal" by Thomas Alan Waters
  • "Ten Card Poker Stand-Up" by Larry Becker
  • "Predicting The Winning Hand" by Leo Boudreau
  • "Presentations" by Bob Farmer
  • "Jonah in Harry's Pocket" by Jon Racherbaumer and Harry Anderson
  • "One Jonah" by Bob Farmer
  • "Ten Card Poker Deal" by Harry Lorayne
  • "The Ten Card Poker Killer" by John F. Mendoza
  • "Challenge Poker Routine" by Basil Horwitz
  • "Cutting for the Edge" by Nicholas Johnson
  • "Tete a Tete" by Jerry K. Hartman
  • "Magician Versus Gambler" by Brother John Hamman
  • "Fan Gaffs" by Brother John Hamman
  • "The 50 Card Deal" by Steve Mayhew
  • "Fished In And Chips" by Bob Farmer
  • "Go Fisch" by R. Paul Wilson
  • "Shooting Fish In A Barrel" by Curtis Kam
  • "Scarne's $500 Poker Deal" by John Scarne
  • "Twenty-Deck Poker Deal" by Nick Trost and Bob Farmer
  • "Full-Deck Ten Card Poker" by Nick Trost and Bob Farmer
  • "Power Poker" by Bob King and Mike Porstmann
  • "Six-Card Deal" by Robert E. Neale
  • "Jonah Wild" by Robert E. Neale
  • "Showdown" by James Swain
  • "Strip-Out Addition Switch" by Derek Dingle
  • "30 Card Poker Deal" by Patrick G. Redford
  • "Mexican Poker" by Darwin Ortiz
  • "Two Jonahs" by Bob Farmer
  • "Cider!" by Paul Curry
  • "Decideal" by Thomas Alan Waters
  • "Second Hand" by Philip T. Goldstein
  • "Even Money Proposition" by Karl Fulves
  • "Automatic Poker" by Karl Fulves
  • "Ten Card Poker Idea" by Nick Trost
  • "Nick the Greek Poker Deal" by Charles Nyquist
  • "Psych-Out Poker" by Peter Kougasian
  • "Sweeter Cider" by Lewis Jones
  • "Strong Cider" by Jon Racherbaumer and Edward Marlo
  • "Double Damned" by Ernest Earick
  • "Well-Appointed Stud" by Tom Frame
  • "Progressive Poker" by R. Paul Wilson
  • "Fair Game" by Peter Duffie
  • "Unfair Game" by Peter Duffie
  • "Showdown" by Nick Trost
  • "Tom Hubbard's Handling" by Tom Hubbard
  • "Mahtub" by René Lavand
  • "Notes: Showdown/Mahtub" by Bob Farmer
  • "The Tim Card Poker Deal" by Tom Ellis
  • "Rich Weeviled Brain Enigma" by Bob Farmer
  • "Super Showdown" by Nick Trost
  • "Eight Jonahs" by Bob Farmer
  • "Automatic Gambler" by Nick Trost
  • "Automatic Gambler About Face" by Bob Farmer
  • "The Automatic Blind Gambler" by Bob Farmer
  • "The Automatic Gambler Magic Circle" by Bob Farmer
  • "Eighteen Jonahs" by Bob Farmer
  • "Eighteen Card Poker" by Nick Trost
  • "Psych Out" by Bruce Bernstein
  • "Mississippi Poker" by Nick Trost
  • "The Cincinnati Kid Poker Game" by Tony Binarelli
  • "Strip Club" by Bob Farmer
  • "Trap Dance III" by Jerry K. Hartman
  • "The Idiot Poker Plot" by Robert E. Neale
  • "Blessed Poker" by Woody Aragón
  • "The CADD Force" by Bob Farmer
  • "Russian Poker Roulette" by Bob Farmer
  • "CADD Force" by Bob Farmer
  • "Jonah You CADD" by Bob Farmer
  • "How to Win at Poker" by Tony Griffith
  • "Gambler's Poker Routine" by Nick Trost
  • "History" by Jon Racherbaumer
  • "Magic Magazine" by Bob Farmer
  • "Done Deal I: Spectator Deals" by Bob Farmer

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  • Pierre-Daniel asks: I have the book. Will you make available the bonus PDF and video for those like me who only need the additional material?

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