Magic by Bob Farmer

The Bammo Flim-Flam Conglomeration Book
The Bammo Flim-Flam Conglomeration
Book by Bob Farmer - $75.00

One of MAGIC Magazine and Genii's most beloved columns has FINALLY been compiled into one incredible hardcover book. Bob Farmer's...

Alice's Revenge Trick
Alice's Revenge
Trick by Bob Farmer - $15.00

Don't threaten Alice. No Queen is safe. Any Queen named vanishes. Demonic method. Self-contained. Automatic. Instant reset. Angle proof. No forcing....

The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier Book
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier
Book by Bob Farmer - $64.95

Ricky Jay fooled Jimmy Fallon and millions of viewers on The Tonight Show with a really, really good card trick. It's on page 318 in The...

HeadHunter Trick
Trick by Bob Farmer - $15.00

They were going to cut my throat. I could see it in their eyes. Savage eyes. A thousand years of primordial violence was on fire in their skulls and...

Bammo Monte Monster Trick
Bammo Monte Monster
Trick by Bob Farmer - $20.00

Monarch of Montes - Sultan of Swindles - Lord of the StingsSeven visually stunning monte phases, all different.Do it surrounded, completely in your...

Bammo Dekronomicon Trick
Bammo Dekronomicon
Trick by Bob Farmer - $20.00

The Holy Grail of Any Card at Any Number discovered at last! EffectA spectator THINKS of a card, but does not reveal its identity. He doesn't write...

Bammo Monte Monster Reloaded Trick
Bammo Monte Monster Reloaded
Trick by Bob Farmer - $15.00

Two Replacement Sets of Special Bammo Monte Monster Bicycle Cards. Streamlined method for the classic Mike Skinner routine. Additional Monte history,...

Mutanz Trick
Trick by Bob Farmer - $15.00

Inexplicable unexplainable enigmatic and just plain weird!Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become...