The Butterfly Effect

DVD by Peter Nardi
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The Butterfly Effect

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DVD by Peter Nardi ($25.00)

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The Butterfly Effect - magic
The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect

We're very excited to be able to offer you The Butterfly Effect from the creative mind of Peter Nardi. After a totally random and impossible looking selection procedure, you have predicted the outcome with 100% accuracy.

The effect is as follows. After explaining the premise of the butterfly effect, where one small action can cause a larger action - such as the flutter of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world - you proceed to place a joker on the table and the shuffle a deck of cards. You invite your spectator to cut the deck in half, with each half then shuffled; one by yourself and one by the spectator. The deck is reassembled and the spectator is asked to freely select a value of a card (for example, 7). That number of cards is then dealt down and the last card, i.e. the 7th, is dealt face up.

The spectator is then instructed to deal down more cards. They can either deal down the number of cards equal to the value of the now face up card, or choose another number. For example, if a Jack is face up, they can deal 11 cards, or choose another value, for example 9. Assuming they choose 9, a further 9 cards are dealt down and the 9th face up. The process is repeated again, with the spectator either dealing down cards equal to the value of the now face up card, or by choosing another value. The cards are dealt and the final card face up - for example the five of spades.

The spectator has free choice on the cards and values dealt, yet when your joker, which has been in full view the entire time, is turned over it is seen to have the exact same card as the spectator's final choice, i.e. the five of spades.

The Butterfly Effect is a wonderful piece of impossible magic with a perfect premise and foolproof method. We're sure you'll be performing this gem all the time once you master the performance.

Points to note:

  • No multiple outs
  • Uses a regular deck of cards (which can be borrowed)
  • Totally self working
  • Prediction is in plain sight from the very beginning

Remember, The Butterfly Effect uses a regular deck, the process is ultra-fair and the reveal is jaw dropping! On this DVD you will learn Peter Nardi's complete handling and presentation as well as some additional ideas that he has kept secret for a long time.

With your purchase you receive two custom printed reveal cards and a printable PDF for Peter Nardi's parlour presentation Fate & Free Will, as well as the DVD with full explanation and routining. The Butterfly Effect is a self-working masterpiece that you will love performing!

This is my go-to effect if I ever want to fry a spectator or magician.Peter Nardi
This is my favourite EVER impromptu effectTitanas

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The Butterfly Effect by Peter Nardi