Torn Corner Machine 2.0

Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez
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Torn Corner Machine 2.0

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Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez (35.00)

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Torn Corner Machine 2.0 - magic
Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Torn Corner Machine 2.0

A few years ago, Juan Pablo released Torn Card Evolution and revolutionized the way we tear a corner on a playing card.

Now, with Juan Pablo's Torn Corner Machine 2.0, you can make your own cards!

TCM 2.0 allows you to make 3 different pre-cuts on a card. It also contains additional ideas, where you can use it with bills, tickets, any piece of paper... Limited by your imagination.

What if it were possible for you to tear the corner of a card, or the card in half, the same way every time?

Imagine the effects you will perform with a duplicate corner that matches every time!

One of the most powerful techniques in card magic is the "torn corner technique." A playing card is selected, one corner is torn off and kept by the spectator, then the rest of the card is destroyed. The playing card can be burnt, torn up, vanished or whatever you wish!

Then the magician draws attention to a window, and stuck on the outside of the window is a playing card - the spectator's card! It's now totally restored. All but the corner... that the spectator has been holding the whole time!

And certainly - you don't have to use a window as the final resting place.

  • You can have the playing card reappear ANYWHERE!
  • Inside an orange or lemon
  • Locked in a safe
  • Inside a sealed envelope sent previously to your spectator
  • Inside a block of ice -Buried in a bottle in the back yard
  • The options are endless!
  • The card really is torn and the spectator can even finish the rip! Easy, clean, simple and practical. The spectator selects a playing card, you tear the corner, allowing your spectator to complete the tear. The spectator holds onto the torn corner and the rest of the card is destroyed or vanished.

The Torn Corner Machine allows you to do so many versions of classic card magic without the limitations of sleight of hand. You can now easily perform any effect that has a selected card torn to pieces only to reappear, missing its corner that was held by your spectator. The restored card can appear in any impossible location!

There are so many effects you can do using Torn Card Machine!

This product will make you tear the card accurately every time!

Very easy to do.

The spectator can finish ripping the corner themselves!

Torn Corner Machine is a new concept in magic. Comes with everything you need to make your own cards!

You just need to supply your creativity!


Customer reviews for Torn Corner Machine 2.0



I’m in love with this device conceptually, but the execution left a bit to be desired. Instead of one solid piece, it is constructed with three layers glued together. The way mine was glued made the card slip in between layers out of its ideal position. After a day of working with the device, the layers all became unglued. It was a little challenging to glue them back together with the perfect position. After reattaching everything, it works pretty well, and the card doesn’t slip into places it’s not supposed to, but my alignment wasn’t perfect, so the card is a much tighter fit and warps a little bit on one corner. The type of plastic used also scratches really easily, which it’s a huge concern right now, but repeated scratches could eventually possibly break the gimmick if it wears down a deep enough groove. I’ll still use this for sure, but I wish it had been constructed from one solid piece of harder, scratch resistant plastic.



Conceptually this is a good idea but I think there's a crucial flaw in how it works. The idea is that it pre scores a card so that it will always tear in the same way, allowing two cards to have identical matching tears. This sort of works, but playing cards are made of multiple layers pressed together, and so the scoring on one side means that unless you tear with suspicious care, theres a high chance of the unscored layer peeling away from the scored line, making a corner which will not match.


Community questions about Torn Corner Machine 2.0

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  • Gary asks: Has anyone tried to use the device on paper money?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's designed for playing cards, the card will slot into it. I think it would be difficult to use this with paper money.
  • Andy asks: Is it possible to make only one of the three cut lines or does the machine instantly make al 3 cut lines

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You can make one cut if you want
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  • Doug asks: What is the difference between this and Gaeton Bloom’s “intercessor?”??

    • 1. David answers: Without exposing the specific methods, the Torn Corner Machine is about pre-cuts and the Intercessor is about pre-tears. The Torn Corner Machine gives you more options (corner and half) while the Intercessor focuses on the corner. If you were to examine the final tear extremely closely, the Intercessor tear would be above any suspicion, while a perfectionist would find the Torn Corner Machine slightly suspicious. But who is keeping "score"? :)
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  • Rene asks: Does anyone knows if this version 2.0 makes the same corner cut as the first version? Wonder if it will match the rainbow corner that Patrick Kun sells.

    • 1. Dottore answers: You could always order it, try it, and if it doesn't meet your needs, return it for a store credit.
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