Magic by Juan Pablo Ibañez

Torn Corner Machine 2.0 Trick
Torn Corner Machine 2.0
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $35.00

A few years ago, Juan Pablo released Torn Card Evolution and revolutionized the way we tear a corner on a playing card. Now, with Juan Pablo's Torn Corner Machine 2.0, you can make your own cards! TCM 2.0 allows you to make 3 different pre-cuts on a card. It also contains additional ideas, where...

Spaghetti Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $10.00

A Card to Pocket... Again, and Again and Again! Juan Pablo's famous Card to Pocket routine featuring his original Spaghetti Palm. The spectator is sure that their signed card has been lost in the deck, several times. Still, each time their card is found in the performer's...

Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $39.95

New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Show a spectator a beautiful, black silk scarf. Blow on the scarf, and a beautiful image of a rose appears on the scarf! Super visual! Then fold the scarf, and magically produce a large rose out of nowhere! This gets amazing reactions.

Rubik Gone Trick
Rubik Gone
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $59.95

RUBIK GONE! Using this gimmick, you can vanish, transpose and transform a full-sized Rubik's Cube! Transform a Rubik's Cube into candy, just like in viral videos! You can have a Rubik's Cube vanish and later appear in someone else's purse. You can solve a Rubik's Cube in under a second. You can...

Body Mentalism Book
Body Mentalism
Book by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $30.00

From the fertile mind of Juan Pablo Ibánez: "Body Mentalism" "Body Mentalism" is an in depth study of an ingenious principle. You'll find more than 16 extraordinary mentalism routines, using only spectators and almost no elements. These routines are powerful, practical and...

LTA Bill Switch Magic download (video)
LTA Bill Switch
Magic download (video) by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $20.00

An impromptu multiple bill change that feels like real magic. Every magician has been asked at some point if they "can change a $1 bill into $100?" Well, with the LTA Bill Switch, you can now perform this magic miracle at a moment's notice. Four $1 bills transform into four $100 bills....

Size Does Matter 2.0 Trick
Size Does Matter 2.0
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $33.00

3 incredibly visual and impossible changes with just 1 gimmick! Juan Pablo has dedicated decades of his life to uncovering ways to not only change the value of a bill, but the size as well. Now, he has discovered how to combine multiple changes into one gimmick and the result is the incredible Size...

HDP Box Trick
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $29.95

3 powerful magic tricks packed into 1 unbelievable, easy to use gimmick! A spectator's freely selected card is signed and lost in the deck. You then shuffle the deck of cards. Suddenly, the playing cards visually transform into a box. When that box is opened, it can be clearly seen that all the...

Juan Hundred Switch Evolution Magic download (video)
Juan Hundred Switch Evolution
Magic download (video) by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $20.00

Introducing an updated version of the classic Juan Pablo effect the "Juan Hundred Switch". With Juan Hundred Switch Evolution, you can now change both the value AND size of the bill. A normal dollar bill is examined and then displayed at your fingertips. Both hands are also shown to be...

Blowing Smoke Magic download (video)
Blowing Smoke
Magic download (video) by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $15.00

This is a complete routine that can be performed to music or as a parlor effect. It is made up of modern effects and props that you can find just about everywhere. Preparation can be done in just a minute and can be performed in most environments due to its great angles. The opening...