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The Cards Remain the Same
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Trampled Under Cards

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Book by Doc Docherty ($20.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Trampled Under Cards - magic

Here at Vanishing Inc we still believe in the power of the written word, and are pleased to be able to offer you this brand new booklet from Doc Docherty!

Included is one of Doc's go to effects for two people, ideal if they are a couple or related. Super easy, gets the spectators involved, is engaging and most importantly makes one of the spectators come out as hero! A tried and tested routine and a great money-maker for street performers.

Doc also offers his '5 years in the making' finesse on the One Handed Turnover (aka Mexican Turnover), which he believes has made the move fluid, smooth and light.

Also included is a 'nifty' easy cool ace production, as well as a detailed explanation of the DASSUP going into Diagonal Palm Shift used as a steal with some built in misdirection.

This booklet draws on Doc's experience and offers advice not only on methods but also on presentation. A perfect addition to any magician's library.


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THE SMOOTH TURNOVER seems - why I use the word "seems" here will become clear in a moment - to be a very convincing und fair looking one-handed version of THE MEXICAN TURNOVER. And I can imagine lay people really like THE RELATIONSHIP TEST, which for them would also be unexplainable. DASSUP to DPS is only understandable if you know Doc Docherty DASSUP already - and then you would probably get only obvious information from TRAMPLED UNDER CARDS with respect to DPS. The reason why I'm writing this review ist that the whole booklet in essential parts (especially THE SMOOTH TURNOVER and DASSUP to DPS) is barely understandable written, last not least because words or groups of words are missing in a sentence, and also because words which make no sense are additionally found in sentences. At this time I have not had access to the video links, so maybe this will help. I'm still hoping to get a clear understanding how Doc Docherty performs his SMOOTH TURNOVER, although I think I can develop it by myself with a little experimantation. Altogether, the booklet is a little bit disappointing for me.