Real Man's Wallet

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Real Man's Wallet

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Accessory by Steve Draun ($39.95)

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Real Man's Wallet - magic
Real Man's Wallet Real Man's Wallet Real Man's Wallet Real Man's Wallet Real Man's Wallet Real Man's Wallet

Card to Wallet should be a staple in any walkaround performer's repertoire. It's one of the strongest things you can do with a signed card and always gets a strong reaction.

The problem? Almost all of the gimmicked wallets available look like crap.

However, we surveyed some of the top performing close-up magicians we know and asked them what Card to Wallet they used the most. It was no surprise to us that the majority of performers used Steve Draun's Real Man's Wallet.

Unlike most gimmicked wallets, this one looks pretty normal. It isn't stupidly big and isn't made from cheap leather. It's the kind of wallet that you would use every day (and many of our friends do just that), yet has a secret gimmick that allows you to perform one of the most impossible effects in card magic.


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  • Treven asks: Does it come with instructions and a simple routine? Thanks

    • 1. Tony answers: You will learn a cool routine and some additional ideas.
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  • Boris asks: Is there a place for coins or only for bills ?

    • 1. Riku answers: There is no place for coins. Only bills and cards.
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  • Troy asks: I have a lot of different cards I use. how many compartments are there and about how many platic cards can you fit??

    • 1. Jeremy answers: there is 3 credit card slots on the right and a pocket behind just like traditional bi or tri fold wallets. clear id window on the left. and bills go where they normally would. Just think of this wallet as a traditional bifold wallet but with an extra something! i use it as my everyday wallet and more.
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  • Ken asks: I was wondering if I could load a quarter into the wallet instead of a card? I was thinking this would be a great place to find a signed quarter.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I can think of no reason why not.
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Customer reviews for Real Man's Wallet



This is the best wallet out there! I use mine all the time, in my professionnal work and in real life too! What else can I say? It's easy to load and it looks just like your real wallet... No brainer. I wasnt dissapointed.



Just got this over Vanishing Inc. This is something that you can use as a real wallet that you can bring everyday. That's how real it is! The load is very deceptive and easy to do. And I really mean it! I had issues with some of the other wallets for having a tight or difficult load (especially when you're in jeans) but this one is a sure winner.

Highly recommended for both quality and affordability!



I've got a few "magic" wallets, and I have to say that this is by far my favourite. It doesn't have as many routines attached as do the Heirloom Wallet or the Espionage Wallet, but generally I only do a Card to Wallet, and not all of that other stuff anyway ... I use this wallet as my everyday wallet and it means that I can do a "card" to wallet effect impromptu without even having a deck of cards about my person.

Who uses one of those Mullica style wallets anyway? It's all about the hip wallet; and who want's to carry around a second wallet specifically for doing some magic? There's no need with this puppy.

Next pay day, I'm getting another for when this one wears out, which I imagine won't be for a number of years because the workmanship is excellent. After a few days in your pocket, the leather becomes so supple.



I carry it every day as my regular walket, and I know that I am always ready to perform one of the most devastating card effects for laymen..,signed card to (seemingky) impossible location. The load with this wallet is quick and easy, and I highly recommend it. To help easily guide the card to its destination, I use an idea that Darwin Ortiz suggests, a rectangular piece of black celluloid/plastic that sits in the wallet, simply pulled out a half inch beyond the wallet when you are about to perform. It gives you an easily felt path for the load, and once pushed into tahe wallet, behind the loaded card, it is invisible (aka black art) ias the card is slowly removed from behind the "ID card window"



Best bang for your buck wallet. Loading is easy and I keep business cards in it too. It currently resides in my back pocket as an actual wallet.



This has been my everyday wallet now for probably 3 years. It's a genuinely nice and real man's wallet. The secret loading slot is so very convenient in everyday situations. I keep my driver's license and insurance cards in it. When needed, I open my wallet, unsnap the flap and remove them as normal. I can then close my wallet. When handed back I simply slide them in the slot and they're back to their original spot. This way I don't have to keep my wallet open while waiting nor fumbling putting them back in. In more crowded places I put the wallet back into my pocket where it's safe. When I retrieve my cards it's easy to insert them into the slot and wallah, already in the window of my wallet that's already in my pocket. I bought my brother one for these reasons, he's not a magician. He loved it and is still using it.



This is a really great wallet! Although It's not perfect to load in you backpocket. For easy load with little hussle I ended up doing a get ready by pulling out the wallet half way when they where signing the card. Having a card as a guide wasn't very reliable becase it sometimes came undone. Maybe the card work better as a guide if you don't use the wallet as your every day wallet.

To reveal a card in wallet like this one feels completely amazing. I love the tension before the reveal. The opening happens in three steps and wich if you do them right they increases the tension in a really nice way. It get's a great response! I love it!

Real Man's Wallet by Steve Draun