Burnt Donuts

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Burnt Donuts

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Trick by Daniel Diaz ($65.00)

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Burnt Donuts - magic
Burnt Donuts Burnt Donuts Burnt Donuts Burnt Donuts Burnt Donuts

A fun and exciting new adaptation of the classic color-changing CDs developed specifically for kid's show performers and family friendly magicians!

Burnt Donuts is incredibly easy to perform. It's super lightweight and can be easily transported between shows. It also works great for Zoom magic shows.

Each Burnt Donuts set comes with both the magic oven and special "donut" kit. The raw donuts are then placed in the oven and, while the magician is distracted, accidentally get burnt in a visual burst of fire.

You then taste a bite of the burnt donut, but it's gross! So, you spit it back—an amazingly visual moment where the "donut" magically heals itself.

While you're a magician, and not a master baker, there's no way you can give these burnt donuts away. Thankfully, you know how to fix this! With a magical wave, you transform all the burnt donuts into perfectly-cooked donuts in 3 different flavors.

Two routines can be performed (one with 1 donut or one with 3 donuts). The Magic Oven (and it's flame feature) can also be re-purposed for a variety of other magic tricks!


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  • Rick asks: Is there a version without the 'oven'? (ie: just the colour changing donuts w the bite/blow donut)

    • 1. Tony answers: I'm afraid it's not available
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Burnt Donuts by Daniel Diaz