Children's Magic

Trick and Treat Trick
Trick and Treat
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $29.95

Trick or Treat, is a book to tell a magical horror story every time you unfold the page a funny character appears, you can choose a sweet flavor and...

Halloween Bandana Trick
Halloween Bandana
Trick by Lee Alex - $55.00

The perfect companion for your Halloween magic shows. A Halloween trick that's sure to be a treat. "Halloween Bandana" by Lee Alex is a...

Pumpkin Bandana Trick
Pumpkin Bandana
Trick by Lee Alex - $59.95

"Pumpkin Bandana" is a must for any stage and parlor magic or children's magic performer during the Halloween magic and fall harvest magic...

Party Emoji Trick
Party Emoji
Trick by Luis Zavaleta and Nox - $59.95

A fun and hilarious effect for childrens magic performers based on the classic Homing Card effect. "Party Emoji" by Luis Zavaleta and...

Deluxe Spring Flowers Accessory
Deluxe Spring Flowers
Accessory by Alan Wong - $14.95

The perfect fingertip flower production. "Deluxe Spring Flowers" by Alan Wong are a premium magic prop designed with the professional...

Butterfly Blizzard V5 Refill
Butterfly Blizzard V5
Refill by Alan Wong - $25.00

Perform Jeff McBride's "Butterfly Blizzard" better than ever with these "Butterfly Blizzard V5", fifth generation realistic paper...

The Pumpkin Patch Trick
The Pumpkin Patch
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - $39.95

A pumpkin print hanky is shown both sides, and the corners gathered together. The magician reaches inside and retrieves some pumpkin seeds that have...

P&L Enchanted Tea Pot Trick
P&L Enchanted Tea Pot
Trick by Zanadu - $79.95

A premium set of props for performing the classic "Enchanted Teapot" effect in which four different colors of liquid are poured from a...

Mysterious Snake Trick
Mysterious Snake
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - $39.95

A fun new twist on a classic of children's magic. "Mysterious Snake" by Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) is a easy to perform new approach to...

Dice Game Trick
Dice Game
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

"Dice Game" is a fun and powerful prediction produced by the Tora Magic Company that delights audiences of all ages. The spectator is...

Growing Hat or Bag to Hat Trick
Growing Hat or Bag to Hat
Trick by Ronjo Magic Inc. - $19.95

A delightfully, fun, cute and easy to do routine for children's magicians and clowns. "Growing Hat or Bag to Hat" base idea: A tiny clown...

Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic) Trick
Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)
Trick by Bacon Magic - $19.95

A pro "Egg Bag" designed by workers, for workers. This premium "Egg Bag" by Bacon Magic is the perfect magic accessory for any...

Atomic Water Vase Accessory
Atomic Water Vase
Accessory by TRICKSUPPLY - $14.95

Defy the laws of gravity and nature with "Atomic Water Vase". The small vase is filled with water, covered with a card and inverted....

Pee Pet Paddle Trick
Pee Pet Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $29.95

Make your audience smile and laugh with this hilarious take on the paddle move magic trick. They'll never see the unexpected ending coming. "Pee...

Choco Choco Trick
Choco Choco
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

"Choco Choco" by Tora Magic Company is a delightfully sweet effect in which you make chocolates magically appear and vanish. If you have...

Clown Paddle Trick
Clown Paddle
Trick by Nox - $25.00

"Clown Paddle" is a fun and visual new take on classic magic paddle tricks. It adds an extra special touch to the classic Paddle Move that...

Premium Silk to Egg  Trick
Premium Silk to Egg
Trick by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu - $39.95

A premium version of a classic of magic designed for the most serious performers. Classics of magic are classic for a reason. These time-tested...

Birthday Candle Repeat Trick
Birthday Candle Repeat
Trick by Wonderphil - $20.00

From AmazeKids and WonderPhil (aka Phil Pivnick) comes your new favorite birthday party magic trick. “Birthday Candle Repeat” is an engaging,...

Shifting Hole Paddle Trick
Shifting Hole Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $15.00

Only a great wizard can make it through solid to solid without breaking anything. At a very short distance from the audience you will make a rope...

Magic Board Paddles Trick
Magic Board Paddles
Trick by Dar Magia - $15.00

With these paddles you will be able to do many things that will surprise your viewers, such as control drawings, make elements appear, such as coins,...

Magic Wine Paddle Trick
Magic Wine Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $20.00

Surprise your spectators with a beautiful act of close-up magic by achieving the impossible, turning two printed popsicles into a delicious drink of...

Bubble Funnel Trick
Bubble Funnel
Trick by Mariano Guz and Agustin Viglione - $45.00

Bubble Funnel is an amazing tool for magicians who wants to do a soap bubble routine in their show. An upgrade to the classic tube with a delicate...

Vanishing Tube Trick
Vanishing Tube
Trick by Thanh Nguyen and 7 Magic - $29.95

A masterful magic prop with powerful abilities that can be examined before and after your performance. "Vanishing Tube" from Thanh Nguyen...

Jumbo Safety Pin Through Balloon Trick
Jumbo Safety Pin Through Balloon
Trick by Sorcier Magic - $29.95

A jumbo safety pin that can be used to replace the needle in the iconic needle through balloon effect. After inflating a transparent balloon, you...

Amazing Carton Trick
Amazing Carton
Trick by Thanh Nguyen - $30.00

A box close to the audience, and you can fold it for easy transport The magician shows a carton box and is completely empty for the audience to...