Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe)

Book by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe)

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Book by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. (From $4.95)

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Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) - magic
Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe) Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe)

One of the most popular magic tricks ever has been upgraded and reimagined for the modern performer.

Murphy's Magic is proud to introduce their upgraded "Magic Show Coloring Book", now available in a "standard" or brand-new "deluxe" 4-way version.

The "Magic Coloring Book" is easily one of the most iconic magic tricks ever made. Almost every magician has performed it at some point in their career and it continues to be a staple in kids magic shows. And for good reason too. Even after all these years, it continues to delight audiences with its super fun and visual moments.

Both versions of the "Magic Show Coloring Book" are produced with super thick, high-quality stock to avoid any of the image bleeding through. The UV-coated cover is more durable than ever and looks sleek and professional. Inside, you'll also find large and vibrant images. All the images feature classic magic tricks like the cups and balls, zig zag girl illusion, rising playing card, pulling a rabbit out of a hat and other classics. So, as an added bonus, you have the chance to point out classics of magic to the audience.

The "Standard Magic Color Book" offers the same 3-way style you know and love. A blank coloring book is shown. Then, with the help of the kids in the audience saying magic words, the book fills with pictures. You can slowly show each illustration, stopping to comment on any you'd like. You then invite the children to call out their favorite colors before flipping through the magic coloring book again to show that the illustrations are now colored in.

With the Deluxe Magic Coloring Book, a new 4-way feature has been added that enables you to put an extra phase prior to the illustrations being colored. Now, you can lean into the fact that the colors were being shouted chaotically by flipping through the book to show that the colors have appeared, but they're scribbled in and are outside of the lines. It's a hilarious extra phase that's guaranteed to get tons of laughs.

"Magic Show Coloring Book" details at a glance:

  • Self-working
  • 3 different (Standard) or 4 different phases (Deluxe)
  • Premium professional quality
  • Large, colorful images
  • Thick, no bleed paper
  • UV coated heavy duty cover!
  • Online instructions!
  • Individually wrapped for extra protection during shipping
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Customer reviews for Magic Show Coloring Book (Standard or Deluxe)



Love it! Bought it for my 4 year old son and he is practicing now!



Don’t be cheap… Spring for the deluxe. It’s a very well made coloring book and one with a magic theme! I bought 3!!!



I love this new twist to the old classic. Surprisingly, my adult audience members seem to enjoy it more than the children.



This is a simple kids speciality magic trick. I saw it performed by Eddie Redmayne on the Graham Norton show and loved the presentation and got the Deluxe version to show my kids and nieces. If memory serves correct the price was the same so I thought why the heck not. I am not 100% certain the extra step is an advancement but the kids liked the performance. It's a classic and lovely magic trick and my girls enjoy it. The instructions are simple and thorough. It's down to you how you perform this classic trick.


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