Encyclopedia of PickPocketing

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By James Coats and Nicholas Byrd

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Encyclopedia of PickPocketing - magic

Across these downloads, James Coats and Nicholas Byrd break down the art of pickpocketing. From stealing a watch to explaining how to putpocket, this collection provides a wealth of knowledge which is a must have if you are interested in persuing theatrical stealing and deception.


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Encyclopedia of PickPocketing - Volume 1 - Download

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume 1 - Watch and Jewelry Removal.

This Download will teach you, step-by-step, how to remove the following:
-Alligator Clasps
-Rolex Expanding Metal Clasps
-Leather Banded Expanding Clasps
-Leather Band Buckles
-C-Clasped Bands
-Velcro Clasped Bands
-Expanding Metal Stretch Bands
-Rubber and Plastic Buckle Bands

Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing - Volume 2 - Download

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume 2 - Pickpocketing.
Nicholas Byrd and James Coats discuss body positioning, scoping & spotting, patter, and the theories behind the physical touch that will allow you to successfully incorporate pickpocket entertainment into your show.

This Download will teach you, step-by-step, how to remove the following:
-Hanging Items (Keys, Cellular Phones, Badges, etc.)
-Items from Shirt Pockets (Cigarettes, Lighters, Pens, Glasses, etc.)
-Items from the inside or outside of a Jacket., Coat, or Blazer

Items form the front pockets of pants featuring:

  • The Dip
  • the Remington Shake
  • The Pop-Up

    Items from Back Pockets of Pants and Wallets, featuring:

  • The Ravel Hang
  • The Modified Ravel Hang
  • The Dip

Learn Ricky Dunn Pickpocketing and much more...

Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing - Volume 3 - Download

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume 3 - Putpocketing and Shocking Steals.

This Download will teach you, step-by-step, how to remove the following:

Putpocket Unique Items such as:

  • Stuffed chickens and silverware
    -Putpocket items that has been Pickpocketed for the ultimate reveal
    -Putpocket items into backpacks and purses
    -Putpocket Coins and Cards into the pockets of jackets, Pants, and Shirts

    Learn shocking steals such as:

  • Removing a Tie
  • Removing Glasses from the face and body
  • Removing Suspenders
  • Removing a belt
  • Removing a bra
Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing - Volume 4 - Download

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume 4 - Stages, Stooges, and Table Work

Byrd and Coats discuss theory, props, tricks, and techniques you can use to successfully add pickpocketing to your stage and or restaurant routines.

This Download will teach you, step-by-step, how to perform the following:
-Pickpocketing in a straight jacket with 3 different escapes
-The Shirt Pull
-Shadow Pickpocketing
-Stage Whispering

Pickpocket Stage gags such as:

  • Dirty Underwear
  • Underwear Pull

    Pickpocket Props such as:

  • the Hand
  • the Jacket

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Customer reviews for Encyclopedia of PickPocketing



I was worried that pickpocketing would be too daunting to learn but I chanced it by buying this set. I'm glad I did. The teaching was clear and there is a huge amount covered. I've started practicing which is nerve racking but great fun at the same time.

Thanks for the recommendation and for making the downloads available individually. After watching Volume 1, I immediately bought the other volumes.



Why wouldn't you buy this?

Need more convincing? How about the fact it covers a lot of stuff like how to practice, how to load people's wallets without having to take it, how to take a bra off quickly....which for some might be worth the 30$ price tag.

If that didn't convince you, the whole set is 8 hours of instruction from two guys who know how to take people's stuff. They have another dvd about just stealing watches....buy this set instead. They have another dvd that is more recent that is only an hour long. Buy this one instead since it probably covers more.

There is no way you will be disappointed in your purchase. I saw this set years ago and didn't bother with it at the time. My regret is I didn't get this years ago.

It took me 5 hours to get through the first one. Not because it was boring. It made my brain go into overdrive with ideas. And now since I know how to practice solo, I can get some real world later by ambushing friends and family. Because if you cannot steal from them, who can you steal from?
Anyone who might be scared with this, James and Dan give you ideas so you don't get punched in the face or arrested, and also how to deal with breaking or damaging someone's property.

These two get paid to take people's stuff. Their magic isn't strong on this set, but it is because they specialize in something most magicians only play at. Buy this so you don't regret it later. Then go take your dad's watch!