New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 11 (Workers)

Magic download (video) by David Roth, Scott Robinson, Scotty York, Michael Rubinstein, Eric DeCamps, Geoff Latta, Mike Gallo, Bill Citino and Doug Brewer
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New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 11 (Workers)

‘Workers’ says it all. Volume 11 contains thirteen routines which can fit into the repertoire of any working performer. There are no pipe dream methods or troublesome angles. Everything here is designed to be performed under the conditions that professionals face every day. David Roth also has a useful discussion on the open servants, its uses and advantages.


  • The Wishing Well (Rubinstein)
  • The Tallahassee Jumping Coins (Rubinstein)
  • Deja Vu Coin Vanish (Rubinstein)
  • Okito Rocks (Gallo)
  • The world Famous Two Coin Trick (Gallo)
  • Coins to Cup (Roth)
  • Chop Stick Wild Coin (Roth)
  • Three Coin Vanish (Roth)
  • Deep Palms Coins Across (DeCamps)
  • Two Coin Classic (Brewer)
  • Nickle Head (York)
  • Differences (Robinson)
  • Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (Citino)

  • Michael Rubinstein on Stealth Palm
  • Mike Gallo Footage from 2009 Seminar
  • David Roth on the open Servante

Customer reviews for New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 11 (Workers)



A good deal of David Roths "Fool Us" performance is covered here and it will BLOW YOUR MIND with some stuff he has come up with. If you watched his fool us performance then you know what i am talking about and are still fooled by it!

NickleHead is a great coin gag that will get awesome reactions (Laugh wise).

And Money Doesnt grow on trees is a decent coin routine however to me its like many other coin routines where there are parts that just arnt deceptive.
To clarify i find that like 95% of coin routines are not entirely deceptive THROUGHOUT the entire effect. I try to only perform the 5% that meet all the gold standards of good magic. This is not part of that 5% but the way the trick is accomplished is so fascniting that it is worth watching several times...
Very few times in magic have i seen a "principle" this creative and im sure the name "The one Behind Principle" will only peek your curiosity. Hopefully it will also inspire you to more creative and deceptive "out of the box" methods for your originial routines as it did for me.

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Definitely will be using some of the slights and routines from this. I highly recommend this to any serious coin workers if you have not checked this out yet you owe it to yourself to do so.




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