Magic by Eric DeCamps

The Coin Connection Book
The Coin Connection
Book by Eric DeCamps - $12.50

A thrilling debut to the second volume of the Masters of Magic series. New York's Eric DeCamps releases one of his most prized routines, a beautiful blend of spellbinding and artistic coin handling! The magician (hands obviously empty) introduces a small change purse, and dumps out 3 half...

Stars Of Magic - Volume 6 - Eric DeCamps DVD
Stars Of Magic - Volume 6 - Eric DeCamps
DVD by Eric DeCamps - $14.95

A 65 minute DVD of solid magic that's a guaranteed blockbuster! Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. For your entertainment pleasure see and learn the following: ERIC DE CAMPSTHE MAGIC CLASSICS (VOL 10)The Inverted Card Splitting The Twos Showboat Aces Royal...