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Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer
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Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer ($12.00)

The magic marker is a ubiquitous tool for the magician. We can't imagine a performance of close-up magic without the trusty Sharpie. AND YET, relatively little magic exists using the Sharpie marker. There are a few great ones ("Double Cross" being our favorite recent release), but we finally have a download that gives you a MASTERCLASS in Sharpie magic.

"Uncapped" is the result Mike Brewer's decade of searching, refining, and creating in the realm of marker magic. In this download (approximately 40 minute long), Mike will take you step by step through five effects that use only markers. No gimmicks, no complicated setups...just pure sleight of hand.

  • Stretch a mini-marker to full size!
  • Change a pen into a pencil!
  • Change the color of a marker!
  • Cause a clear pen to change to a named color!
  • The light and heavy pen!
  • Shrinking pen!
  • Bending a plastic fork!

The magic is highly visual and at times quite sleight-intensive. Fortunately, Mike Brewer is an excellent instructor and takes you through each move in meticulous detail. The benefit of this download is that you ABSOLUTELY will come away with VISUAL material you can perform just before having an object signed in your existing routines.


Customer reviews for Uncapped



I bought this yesterday and to be honest I was expecting to be disappointed. Thankfully I was very surprised! This is one of the best purchases I have bought in a long time. Let me say from the outset that this is totally gimmickless. If you love technical sleight of hand then this is well worth the purchase.

Michael starts by explaining the basic mechanics behind the move. He has clearly thought through and performed this move many times. The instructions are detailed and Michael is a very good teacher. I was really pleased to see that he teaches the moves from over the shoulder angels which I find a lot easier to learn from.

The moves themselves range from intermediate to advanced, in my opinion. However the basic vanish and production of a sharpie is simply enough with some practice. I spent most of the first day playing around with these moves and found that by the evening I could do the production well.

The colour change on the other hand is an advance move. Don't expect to be doing this as flawlessly as Michael does it in the trailer from day one. He says on the instructional download not to get put off. Just like every good move in magic it will take practice. If I can do it anywhere near as well as Michael does it then I will be a happy man.

He goes on to explain some lovely ideas about holding out a sharpie pen which will be useful for any magician who uses a sharpie. He details some other applications for the moves including a lighter vanish, a metal bending fork with a plastic fork, a funny light/heavy pen idea and my favourite, stretching a small sharpie into a full size one which looks insane!

I have very soft hands but was very happy to find out that this technique does not rely on having clammy hands! Happy Days.

Overall I would rate this product as 9/10. Very well shot. Clear explanations and some very good ideas. It is a challenging move to learn so will take practice but if you like sleight of hand and enjoy the practice time then you will not be disappointed.



Well worth its cost. Michael Brewer begins by showing us basic sleights that he uses for this magic market video. Anyone can learn this material, given you take the time to practice. Michael demonstrates a bunch of variations and ideas using the basic sleights introduced in the beginning.

I don't own an OmniPen but it makes a very visual effect when combined with the basic sleights he teaches you in the beginning.

Michael teaches some other ideas that he has besides with the marker. I love them. They are a lot of fun. I recommend this to any beginner. It is an amazing place to start.



Recently i've been addicted to pen magic and pen spinning and this couldn't be any better for me, there's so much more in here that you don't see in the trailer, I don´t know why, there's even an awesome trick with a lighter, explanation is crystal clear and the effects, even if some are pretty hard, are still fun to practice, and i find myself practicing a lot while watching T.V. and stuff. Great video production quality and really top notch teaching! Couldn't be happier.



I've been looking at this for such a long time. I love Sharpie magic, but I thought it was either going to be too difficult, or not practical. In reality, the move (especially the color change) is super clever and, while it will absolutely take some practice to get down, it is totally within the grasp of anyone with beginner to intermediate sleight of hand skills



The effects are clearly explained. A few basic moves open up many possible effects. It will take some practice to get it down smoothly but it should be achievable by most people willing to put in the time. You do have to watch your angles with the initial vanish/change but he teaches you moves to clean up so you can end clean.


Wing Fung

The move is cool but definitely takes time to master. The teaching is clear. So, it’s a fair deal for me.


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