Trick by N2G
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Trick by N2G (59.95)

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N9 - magic
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A hyper-visual and practical coin effect.

“N9” is an incredible coin magic set brought to you by N2G in collaboration with Vanishing Inc.

A Chinese coin is introduced and allowed to be examined. You can even push a small wooden rod through the center hole to show it’s a real hole. Then, impossibly, you instantly change it into a replica Morgan dollar. This means that not only does the color and material change, but the hole they just saw is now gone too.

Beautiful subtleties work together to create a super-clean change. You can perform incredibly visual transformations and super-fair transpositions with ease.

These premium quality props were built with working close up magicians in mind. They’re super easy to use, reset instantly and are built to last.

“N9” comes with everything you need including the gimmicked coins, wooden rod and other accessories. The instruction video teaches you multiple handlings and routines to help you get the most out of your set.


Customer reviews for N9



When I saw the N9 demo I was impressed. I told myself I have to learn it. I don't do coin tricks but I loved this effect. I bought it and when it arrived I noticed the excellent quality of the coins. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I started practicing in front of the mirror and the illusion is incredible. This effect will be my favorite pet (free drinks at the bar lol). Simply delighted with this coin set. I will use it to close my routine and wait for the applause of the amazed people.I recommend this incredible product, it is worth the price!



This coin gaff set disappointed me. Not in quality. The workmanship is impeccable.

My disappointment is in its versatility. This is perfect for TikTok, rather than for table hopping. It can't be easily integrated into your existing coin routine.

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I am a sucker when it comes to the N2G coin sets, I have another 3 sets RBG, HCC and CCS and N9 does not disappoint. Craig Petty does a really nice demo of this set with some great ideas in it. The N9 set is really well made and the Morgan's provided it (copies) are some of the best copies I have seen. The set seamlessly integrates with the other N2G sets. The N2G tutorials usually aren't great but for N9 its pretty decent. Anyway, get this it rocks!


Community questions about N9

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  • David asks: Honestly I have some concerned that even with the gapped coins the moves would be difficult. I am seeing a lot of awkward unexplained hand motions during this performance. Are the moves difficult and if so how difficult are they?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's really impossible to put a number, or scale on difficulty of coin moves (or any magic moves) because everyone is of a different skill level and learns things at different speeds.
  • JAMES asks: Looks great on video with music. Seems like there might be noise associated with this. Just wondering if I have to come up with a story of why it goes "click" or "clink"? :)

    • 1. Diego answers: James, exactly my thoughts. That said, IF (as I think it’s a similar idea) this is similar to Greg Wilson’s Split Focus then the noise is manageable with some good patter. That said, I agree that this type of preview videos should be done more from a real performance perspective so we can get an idea of what a real presentation looks like, challenges and all!
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  • Carl asks: How examinable are the coins/gaffs at the beginning and end? Would a switch be necessary?

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    • Filip asks: I don’t own Morgan. Will I be able to perform all of it with this set? Or do I need to get some extra coins.

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      • Eric asks: This looks identical to N5. What’s the difference?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It doesn't use the "little something" you needed for the N5 and the coverage is better with the turtle.
      • Gary asks: In your opinion, which is better, N5 or N9 by N2G? Thanks

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