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Trick by ARTIFEX ($29.95)

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CREDiTKA - magic

A modern-day miracle that fits in your pocket. CREDiTKA is one of the best credit card routines available today. This gets KILLER REACTIONS!!!

Innovative creator Nazar Kayumov has spent years meticulously refining this amazing magic trick. This is strong and direct magic that is perfect for any worker. It is SUPER EASY TO DO, RESETS INSTANTLY and can be carried with you ANYWHERE you go.

CREDiTKA is a remarkably fair ACAAN effect that happens in your spectator's hands. A selected card is found in a SHUFFLED DECK OF CARDS at a RANDOM NUMBER that was selected from the credit card.

As if that wasn't amazing enough...

Your spectator then opens their hands to find that the numbers have been replaced with an IMPRINTED prediction of their playing card.

You'll get all the gimmicks and online instruction needed to perform this mind-blowing magic effect.

Once you unlock the power of CREDItKA, you'll never want to stop performing it!


Community questions about CREDiTKA

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  • Bradley asks: Is the credit card a known bank?

    • 1. Alex answers: Hello! No, there is a fake bank name on a card, because we can't sell products, that uses real brand names e t c.. Btw, the actual card made so realistic, and nobody ever told me it is fake in 5 years of me performing this trick on every gig.
    • 2. Bradley answers: Thanks Alex that’s great
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  • Darrin asks: Can the card be any card or are the 2 specific cards in the video the only ones?

    • 1. Nazar answers: We made about 15 different card revelations. It’s very random what you’ll get!
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  • Matt asks: So there is no personal name on the card, what is in the name section ? Also-- the credit card you get is for only one force card correct ? i.e. there are not multiple displays of cards on the credit card--- just the one you are sent.

    • 1. Nazar answers: We made this credit card universal for everyone and any country. Instead of the name it’s says “credit card e”. Look at the trailer . It’s this kind of cards that you can have for 5 minutes at some banks. You don’t have to wait for printing card with your name ,so they give you this kind of card. And yes,you get one card reveal . And it’s very easy to care in your wallet. And it’s too many different variations,so we cannot display them . It’s very random what you’ll get .
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  • Jong asks: Do we only get one card with one purchase?

    • 1. Nazar answers: Yes,you get one card reveal.
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  • Andreas asks: Hey. Does this gimmick only in English?

    • 1. Nazar answers: Hello,right now only english version is available . Hope that soon we can put out another languages .
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  • Scott asks: If we order two of them at one time, can we guarantee that we’ll get to different reveals?

    • 1. Nazar answers: You have to ask your magic shop.
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  • Sam asks: I bought the item. Does the video instructions come when the gimmick arrives or you send a separate email?

    • 1. Nazar answers: Thank you for purchase ! It comes inside the envelope with gimmick`.
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  • Robert asks: Is this gimmick completely set up when it arrives or does it need additional construction of some sort?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This come with a pre-made gimmick
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