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CTC Project - magic
CTC Project CTC Project CTC Project CTC Project CTC Project CTC Project

You set down a can. You have a borrowed coin signed. You hold it on your outstretched hand. You flick it toward to can, which instantly falls over. No threads. No risky time-based or gravity switches. It falls over. The coin has seemingly travelled through the air and landed in the can.

You empty out the contents, and it is indeed the signed coin. Bow and enjoy your applause.

What you get?
An amazing, James Bond-like gimmick.

What do you need to do? Is there any preparation?
As ever at Vanishing inc. we’re being totally honest about this. There is a gimmick that you need to get into the can. You will need some fine sand paper, and you will need to do a little work on the can to get it in there. But, a lot less work that you’d expect. 

Who is it for?
Anyone that wants to make it look like you can flick a coin inside a can. And who doesn’t want to do that? The sleight of hand is minimal, as is the arts and crafts. It’s easy and insanely powerful magic

Key points:

  • The 'drop' of the coin is completely under your control.
  • No threads.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Works with any brand of regular soda can.
  • Perfect for close-up, parlor and stage.
  • Resets in seconds.
  • Very easy to do.
  • Perform surrounded
CTC Project comes complete with special engineered remote control and electronic gimmick that fits on any standard sized can (not supplied). You will also need a sheet of fine grade sand paper to prepare the gimmick.

Online instructions.


Community questions about CTC Project

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  • Ruiming asks: Can I borrow a can, or I have to prepare mine with some sort of set up?

    • 1. Brian answers: You can use any can for the effect as long as the coin you have signed (which is optional) fits through the opening of the can It does require set up but this is minimal and extremely easy I saw it performed live at the Blackpool Magic Convention last month and the gimmick is genius This IS the best coin in can effect out there !!!!!!
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  • edward alexander asks: The gimmick somehow has to be attached to the can with the signed coin. So two things needs to happen. The borrowed coin must be place in the gimmick, then gimmick attatched to can. Magician has to switch coin for a duplicate. Can that be done impromptu, on the stop with a borrowed can with no detection. Can this setting up be done while spectators are watching? How long to set?

    • 1. Brian answers: Negative. The borrowed coin does NOT get placed with the gimmick
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  • Bret asks: Can this be run solo?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Indeed. You can perform it solo.
  • Paul asks: Once the gimmick is installed in the can, is it possible to remove the gimmick and reinstall it in a different can?

    • 1. Brian answers: You can use ANY can (beer can, soda can, pop can etc...) as long as the coin you use is able to come out of the opening of the can itself and into your hand
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  • marc asks: Can you shake after the coin falls and the gimmick not come loose, and can the gimmick be removed from the can and placed into another can while in front of spectators?

    • 1. Brian answers: The gimmick stays in it's place and only the coin is heard when you shake the can. Why would you want to remove the gimmick in front of the spectators? You may as well show them how it's done if you wish to do that
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  • Peter asks: Can I use Australian coins?

    • 1. Brian answers: You can use ANY coin as long as the coin you use fits through the opening of the can you use (and you can use ANY can)
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  • Paul asks: Are batteries of any kind involved in the gimmick? (Probably) If so, can they be replaced (even if they are rechargeable?). I hate it when the gimmick only lasts as long as the rechargeable battery it uses.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The battery is USB rechargable.
    • 2. Paul answers: OK thanks. What happens in five years when the battery stops taking a charge. Can you remove the battery and replace it with a new one? (Or is it really hard to get at the battery.). Thanks for all your responses!
  • Larry asks: Is there a switch involved to where you have to palm the switched-in quarter after you pretend to shoot it towards the can? The reason I am asking this is because the photo advertising the trailer shows a quarter flying through the air. After you "shoot" the quarter, is your hand left dirty? Vanishing Inc says the gimmick needs to be installed "in" the can. Then, later in the description by the creator of the effect, he says it needs to be installed "on" the can. Which is it? Also, is it possible for the spectator to tip the opening of the can forward to face the magician, thereby making it a bit more believable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Switch - you need to perform some sort of vanish. The coin that ends up in the can is not the same coin. Gimmick - It is both in and on the can. The instructions will explain all. Holding the can - the can can be held at any angle.
  • Paul asks: I like the coin vanish performed on the video where the magician puts the coin in the palm of one hand and then pretends to "shoot or flick" the coin towards the can. Is that vanish taught on the video that comes with CTC? If not, does anyone know where I need to go to find out how to do that vanish (what book or video on coin magic)?? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I would recommend J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
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