Cube 52

Trick by Craig Petty
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Cube 52

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Trick by Craig Petty (34.95)

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Cube 52 - magic
Cube 52 Cube 52 Cube 52 Cube 52 Cube 52 Cube 52

The most revolutionary development to cube magic since the launch of Cube3.

"Cube 52 opens up a whole new world in cube magic. Absolutely Ingenious!" Henry Harrius

Brought to you by Craig Petty, "Cube 52" is a massive 4-part project using a specially-designed unique deck of marked cards to create mind-melting new routines. For years, magicians have tried to awkwardly shoehorn playing cards into their Rubik's Cube magic routines. "Cube 52" ushers in a new era of amazing magic where everything finally makes sense.

You don't need to know to solve a Rubik's Cube. For some of the tricks, you don't even need one at all. Many of these tricks are super easy to do as well.

You'll receive a one-of-a-kind "Cube 52" deck designed by Phill Smith. Instead of traditional faces, they have solid blocks of color. Six colors, nine of each, to match a Rubik's Cube. In total, you have 54 cards, just like a full deck of cards. And they're all cleverly marked.

This is one of those things that makes you wonder how nobody has thought of it before. But, we're glad that Craig Petty finally did. Because, it unlocks so many incredible new possibilities.

Much of the exciting potential is covered in the accompanying 9 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION spread out across 4 INCREDIBLE VOLUMES all for ONE LOW PRICE! Of course, Craig couldn't do it alone. So he's invited a spectacular lineup of talented guests to help you learn some of the most incredible close up magic and mentalism you've ever seen.

Cube 52: The Tricks

Volume 1: The Creator

Dive right into the incredible possibilities as the creator himself Craig Petty shows you some of the most direct mind-reading tricks you can start performing right away.

Volume 2: The Duo

Two of the world's leading cube magicians Kev G and Colin Claus join Craig to share a ton of super creative and wild routines. They even manage to fool Craig with his own project.

Volume 3: The Mentalist

One of UK's most respected mentalists Peter Nardi shares six ultra-commercial mentalism routines. They're super easy to do and fooled everyone on the Murphy's Studio team during filming.

Volume 4: The Expert

Craig returns to showcase some of the more expert-level routines. These are serious tricks for the serious practitioner. Those who put in the work though we'll be rewarded with an incredible arsenal of effects.

No Detail Spared

There is so much more than simple secrets hidden with these hours of instructions. You'll also learn tricks using a real Rubik's cube, tips and tricks for inventing your own "Cube 52" routines, and also invaluable advice on how to become a better overall performer.

The "Cube 52" deck is printed by the USPCC on the best quality stock and finish. Not only is the deck marked but it's also made to work in a stack order...but you'll find out more about that in the project.

You do not receive a Rubik's Cube with your purchase because these tricks are designed to work with any normal ungimmicked cube. For the best experience though, you'll definitely want one of the "RD Regular Cubes" developed exclusively for magicians by cube magic master Henry Harrius.

Get an "RD Regular Cube"

"The fusion of playing cards and card techniques with the ongoing evolution of Rubik's cube magic is genius. Would I use this..? Try and stop me, it's brilliant.." Marc Spelmann/Magician X

"As soon as I saw 'Cube 52' for the first time , I immediately said 'yeah, this is something that only Craig Petty could have done'. The sheer amount of content on the project coupled with the amazing systems built into the cards make this a no brainer purchase! Just Incredible" Kyle Purnell

"A fantastic release that oozes the very essence of Craig Petty.Innovative, powerful, commercial. effective material jammed into a mammoth project with something for everyone. Just Brilliant" Matthew Wright

"'Cube 52' is an absolute mind-blower! A manifestation of Craig's genius, it's magic on steroids! The deck is a work of art, and the routines? Prepare to have your mind blown and your jaw drop! The sky ain't even the limit, because 'Cube 52' blasts open a whole universe of possibilities and impossibilities. AMAZING!" Joel Dickinson

"Rubik's Cube magic has never really appealed to me personally, but when Craig showed me his innovative approach with 'Cube 52', all that is going to change! What an incredible idea with loads of powerful routines that will suit everyone. This is the project that will finally make me buy a cube!" David Jonathon


Customer reviews for Cube 52



Browsing through the Vanishing Inc catalogue this was something that I immediately found interesting and wanted to be able to do, having just learned how to solve a rubik's cube. The box is very clever and the cards are beautiful with a very colourful and easy to learn marking system and stack. They are very well disguised and people are immediately interested in the cube and the cards. I'm less than half way through the nine hours of video tutorials but they're nicely arranged so that you can pick and choose and I will finish them. Some of them are more complex than I need but I was particularly pleased with the section on false shuffles and forces that can be applied to other card tricks as well as cube magic. I've learned to do the main effect I was after (the Cube 52 routine) and there's a very impressive out of this world routine that looked impossible but was mind-blowing in its actual simplicity. The Peter Nardi section using just the cards is worth the cost of the project alone. I would recommend Cube 52 and have got my sons and work colleagues interested in using a rubik's cube. Time to get back to the next tutorial video...



Over 10 hours of info with or without a cube. Packaging and cards are very nice. One deck......dozens of tricks to work with. A1++++


Laura Bautista

Amazing! I have only seen the first of the four volumes that make up the explanatory videos and it already seems simply masterful. It's a super versatile routine (you don't even need to have a Rubik's cube nearby if you don't want to, much less know how to solve it) that looks like other tricks with colored cards but works like no other. Great cast of magicians helping Craig in the more than 9 hours of masterclass. A trick to perform absolute miracles!



Got this for myself for my birthday. Was up and performing in about an hour. Tons of material to learn and watch through. The utility of this is so simple that i was able to come up with routines without much instruction at all. This deck absolutley destroys when i perform it!! Great work craig!!



This is an amazing release. It's almost like two products in one. For one, it's a marked ESP deck and you can do all of your favorite ESP routines with colors, which are more relatable than ESP symbols. And Craig along with Peter Nardi teaches several ESP and other mentalism/prediction effects using just the cards.

Bringing a cube into the mix allows you to do miracles with some basic cube manipulation or even with no cube manipulation at all. Craig even recruits the guys from the Refraktor project to teach some basic cube moves so you can see if you want to move in that direction. Some of these amazing routines can even be done strolling with no table.

This is one of the best values I've ever seen. The custom deck alone is worth the price -- even the card case looks like a "speed-cuber" deck and contains some of its own secrets. And the markings are actually easy to read. But Craig went ridiculously over and above with the extensive tutorial, and even if you are a beginner and this is your first purchase, you will be able to learn some routines. Most definitely a candidate for trick of the year.



Wow this could easily be the trick of year. Excellent and stunning packaging. The cards itself are well made. The Tutorial is also excellent. Over 9 hours of teaching which is insane for a product. Petty has put his heart and soul into this product. I can highly recommend this. Excellent value for money. I can highly recommend this. Get it!



I dedicated an entire day to watching the Cube52 tutorials, and although I haven't yet viewed all of them as of the time of this review, I have completed the cube magic segments. It's now apparent to me that Craig's work with the Cube52 utility deck has effectively bridged the gap between card magic and cube magic, and it has genuinely captured my attention.

Despite my repeated explanations to my peers that performing cube magic isn't my primary focus, except as a tool to enhance the mathematical wonders within my own style of card magic, I've undergone a significant shift in perspective.

I'm not one to emphasize card flourishes; the focus I seek in my performances revolves around deliberately simple yet seemingly impossible outcomes. While I do appreciate cardistry, I've often felt that genuine magic can occasionally be overshadowed by overt displays of expert sleight of hand. Initially, I perceived cube magic as less enchanting and more like a series of intricate flourishes. Although this perception may hold true in certain instances, it's not the complete picture. Similar to card magic, the appearance of simplicity doesn't negate the skillful manipulation and sleight of hand involved. I've come to realize that cube magic operates on analogous principles. Yes, it can be executed with flashy movements, but those same maneuvers can be deceptively unassuming, much like well-practiced sleights.

Through the Cube52 project, I've also learned that, just as in card magic, complex algorithms coexist with practical and straightforward ones. This brings to mind how my approach to card magic transformed after mastering the Mnemonica stack. Initially, I was content with executing a false shuffle and swiftly identifying cards while fanning out the deck, predicting each one before it even touched the table. Now, my relationship with Mnemonica resembles the bond between a little old lady and her cherished Louisiana Red Hot Sauce-a partnership that dynamically enhances the world of card magic.

It's become evident to me that Cube52 not only presents mind-boggling, professional-grade magic that seamlessly complements my act, but it also brings illumination, similar to the journey with Mnemonica, to what once seemed daunting and unfeasible. It has become accessible.

In conclusion, my experience with the Cube52 project has brought me to a distinct crossroads. The foundations of this project hold significant value on their own, and I might choose to incorporate elements that harmonize with my performances. However, similar to Mnemonica, I sense that there's always something just beyond my peripheral vision that could elevate my performance further. By adding Cube52 routines to my act, I anticipate finding myself in such situations regularly. Thankfully, the Cube52 project has thrown these doors of possibility wide open.



Wow! Talk about thorough and detailed video explanations, demonstrations, and tutorials! The promo says "over 9 hours"...I downloaded all the videos from the link included in the package (didn't see them in my VI account), and there are 16 video files weighing in at 19.1GB and about 13 hours, 37 minutes. Production quality is generally very good for these videos. The instructors are good folks. The physical product is as described, a deck of 54 cards of Rubik's Cube colors. The packaging by "Murphy's Studio" is worthy of Vanishing Inc Magic, which means it is exceptional quality.
I love Cube magic, and this is a very welcome addition to my collection, indeed. Thanks for carrying this, Vanishing Inc.


Community questions about Cube 52

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Bruce asks: I’ve purchased this and wanted to know when the vids will be in my account. I am interested in looking at the cards and cube routines and seeing if I can start working on the cube sections, while I wait for the deck.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will go into your account on launch day.
  • Jason asks: How many routines are there on this project, how many require some kind of a pre-arranged setup (either of the cards and/or cube and/or anything else), how many need a table, and how many of the routines included have a live performance to demonstrate the routine (rather than just a demonstration during the explanation)?

    • 1. Craig answers: There are around 60 routines on the project. A lot of them have no pre arrangement at all. Some of them do have some prearranged. Without watching the whole project I couldn’t tell you escargot but there are way more that have no set up than do have a set up. The deck can be used stacked or unstacked and if you use it stacked there are numerous routines that you can use to transition into non stacked tricks. Regarding tables there are routines that do and do not use a table and a lot of the time I talk about ways of performing routines that require a table in a way that you don’t need the table at all All of the routines have a studio performance to someone who had never seen the routines before. There are probably 10 to 12 different routines that have live performances shot in bars, clubs etc Does that help?
    • 2. Jason answers: Thanks Craig, that is very helpful.
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  • TDog asks: Are any of these routines designed for stage magic?

    • 1. Craig answers: Yes! A lot of the routines can be performed on stage and as a bonus I include my handling for Clear Cube which I use to close my cube stage act Hope that helps
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  • Sean asks: Would there at some point be an option to get a refill of the deck alone? It would suck if you bought the project and the cards got ruined. I’ve just ordered and I can’t wait for it to arrive and start practicing! I’m afraid I’ll practice too much and trash the deck, haha.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We have no information on Refills at the moment
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