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Trick by Karl Hein
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Cube FX

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Trick by Karl Hein (79.95)

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Cube FX - magic
Cube FX Cube FX Cube FX Cube FX Cube FX Cube FX

Karl Hein, world-famous Rubik's Cube magician finally shares one of his most powerful routines in this, Cube FX. Plus, John George teaches his version of Cube FX as well as much, much more!

Following the recent rise in popularity of Rubik's Cube magic, this 3-DVD set is a must-have and contains enough material to bring the house down, featuring a super-visual routine with a prop that practically everyone can relate to. A sure-fire winner that gets great reactions and slays laymen and magicians.

As well as Karl Hein and John George's routines, Cube FX also includes over a dozen different effects AND John George's DVD on how to solve the Rubik's cube - used worldwide to teach thousands of people how to solve the cube. Plus there's more. You also get tips on how to take apart the cube, how to re-sticker it, what kind of cube to get and where to get them.


This extensive instructional DVD focuses on Karl Hein's professional three phase stand-up routine that he has performed around the world and on TV.


John George teaches his version of Cube FX, which regularly astonishes audiences. You will also learn an incredible close-up cube effect with a smartphone as well as be inspired by dozens of ideas and effects from two of magic's most innovative conjurors.


This DVD teaches beginners how to legitimately solve the cube and gives experienced cubers tips on how to improve their speed and do blindfold solves.

If you're looking to break into cube magic, or looking to perform devastating routines with the Rubik's Cube, look no further than Cube FX.

I've seen Karl's CUBE FX in action at the Magic Castle and it slayed the wild group of party folk. You will be wise to add this hip and playful feature to your repertoire.Jeff McBride Las Vegas Headliner

Nothing to see here, move on people!Justin Willman

As one of the more well known Rubik's Cube Magicians in the world.. I can honestly say that Karl has the HOLY GRAIL in cube magic.Steven Brundage

Karl is one of my favorite magicians and this is one of my favorite effects in all of magic. I have never seen anything have more impact.Jon Armstrong

I've watched this routine bring the house down and to their feet. It's a wonderful act unto itself.Andrew Mayne

Karl's work with the Rubik's cube operates on so many levels, it proves Abraham Lincoln was wrong. Karl can fool all of the people all of the time.John Lovick


Customer reviews for Cube FX



I got this a couple years ago from V Inc. The CubeFX mix is still my preferred mix because the cube looks so mixed with no recognizable patterns. The DVD is one I come back to often as I pick up nuances I did not get the first time through. To do this whole routine like Karl does would take a lot of practice and a far amount of hand dexterity in using 2 cubes. I take what I am capable of doing and made my own routine and use of the CubeFX mix utility.

I do not like Karl's handling of one side color matching, good for him, but rather complicated for me to do smoothly. I much prefer "The Dark Side Of The Cube" by Diego for that, much cleaner and I think a better effect.

The DVD is well done, lighting is good, sound is good, and a great resource for cube magic, a little pricey, but to me the CubeFX mix all on its own is worth the price since I love it.

There is also a disc on solving the cube and on John George, his routine and methods. I learned to solve the cube from Steven Brundage Cube 3, which I thought was great, and now have my speed at about a minute using the beginner method. My goal is not to be a speed cuber, but to be able to efficiently get back to a solved state after messing up practicing magic effects.


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  • Dan asks: Are there mp4 versions of these DVDs? Interested in purchasing but watching on DVD would be not ideal. Have Cube3 but keep being led to Cube FX for more effects. Curious what it is.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We don't believe that the creator has released this as a download.
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