Fire Kit

Accessory by Martín Braessas
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Fire Kit

39.00 usd

Accessory by Martín Braessas (39.00)

In stock.

We're very excited to be able to offer Fire Kit from Martín Braessas - the perfect attention grabbing flame steal and transposition!

Fire Kit brings the classic "Fire From Hands" bang into the 21st century, allowing you to produce a flash of fire from your hands and then turn it instantly into the object you want.

You appear to simply grab the fire with your hand and turn it into a billiard ball, or coins, cards, cookies, dice, sponge balls and more - all possible with Fire Kit.

  • Very easy to perform
  • You just grab fire with your hand and then produce the objects that you want
  • Instant reset
  • Ideal for close up or stage magic
  • The gimmicks last forever
  • Produce countless items from flames

Your purchase comes with online instructions that include how to grab fire and how to produce your everyday objects, complete routines with their explanations, theory, tips for rehearsal as well as the bonus 'Fire Balls'.


Customer reviews for Fire Kit



If you think you know how this works you're probably correct. I had an idea and when I received this I was correct...sort of.

You get three gimmicks - small, medium and large. The video tutorial explains which gimmick is best for what effect you want to perform. Each gimmick works as you see in the video advert. The "sort-of" part of if I knew how this worked is how you extinguish the fire. I should advise you this is the part where you need to take extreme care (because it is an open flame).

The negatives I have to say about this is the tutorial are minor. First, the video is dubbed. It reminded me of watching a Chinese Kung-Fu fight scene where the combatants are screaming expletives at the other but the lip movements are extremely out of sync.

Secondly, the video is accessed through Vimeo and cannot be downloaded. I think this is exceptionally annoying.

Although this is evident in the video advert, you have to use an external ignition device (a lighter, match, etc.). This is definitely not like the Fit Fire gimmick.



Be aware that the gimmick is very 'ordinary' and it's something that most people already have lying around. Honestly if you made it your own, the cost wouldn't be this high, but you're paying for the secret.

Gimmick comes in 3 sizes. Large, Medium, Small.

I can't see myself using the large one ever to be honest because it's rather hard to 'hide' the gimmick and I'm not a coin magician myself. The small one though, I can see myself easily using. Just be careful though since you are literally playing with fire at the palm of your hands.


Community questions about Fire Kit

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  • Braeden asks: Is their any sleight of hand in the production of the fire

    • 1. Mohammed answers: Very simple, if you know how to do a basic coin palm you are good, just be careful while practicing cause there is fire involved
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  • Lewis asks: Is there a prop that is included with Fire Kit? Is it a DIY project? From the description, it appears as though you receive instructions, but not an actual gimmick. Thanks Lewis

    • 1. Mohammed answers: You get the prop, it takes less than a minute to do the gimmick
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