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Trick by Jim Rosenbaum
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Gecko Pro

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Trick by Jim Rosenbaum (66.00)

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Gecko Pro - magic
Gecko Pro Gecko Pro Gecko Pro Gecko Pro Gecko Pro Gecko Pro Gecko Pro

The Gecko Pro System (GPS) will let you do vanishes that look like camera tricks.

GPS allows you to safely vanish, switch or transform almost ANY borrowed item visually and silently. The gimmicks that you receive are easy to use and easy to engage, so whenever you wantto vanish an object, you can be ready to go. Oh, and you can even perform amazing vanishes with short sleeves.

The Gecko Pro combines all of the features of the previous versions (the original and the Gecko Extreme). The new video instructions will teach you how to use the gimmick in no time. You'll learn everything from practical vanishes that are ideal for professional magicians, to magic that is perfect for Youtube or Instagram. That means it is suitable for almost all performing situations, from close-up, to stage!

  • Easy to use
  • Vanishes
  • Bending
  • T&R (Torn and Restored)
  • Transformations!
  • Switching
  • Use as a hold-out device to!
  • Instant reset
  • Perform within minutes of opening

Online instructions.


Customer reviews for Gecko Pro



I found the system actually painful to use. I never used it in a performance because it didn't feel right to me. I agree with the previous review that the setup is more complex than it should be.

It does "vanish" items rapidly. I tried vanishing a cell phone and either I didn't have it tensioned correctly or is not really feasible due to the weight.

I also tried a water bottle empty and full. Empty was too noisy, full was the same problem as with the cell phone.



Overall, I am pleased with the product. It is versatile and the type of items you can vanish is not limited by their metallic or magnetic property (like, I believe, the Raven is). Of course, like all vanishers of this type, you have to check your angles and the height of your hands in relation to that of your set-up, but that's a given and with practice anyone can work around that.
This being said, I am not giving this product full marks for several reasons:

First, the given length of the hookup doesn't allow me to set it in the exact same way that the instructions recommend. I would expect that the one used in the instruction video is somewhat looser from many many uses compared to the brand new one I received. I also have to use a different grip on it because if I try to grip it the way it is taught, it is (a) too painful and (b) requires so much finger pressure that I cannot hold my hand in a natural way. Now, to be fair, with practice, these two drawbacks might (or might not) be remedied, but there is no assurance. In other words, the suggested grip might work for some (after all, it is used that way, and efficiently so, in the video for all vanishes) but it might not necessarily work for everyone and you may have to adapt it.

Then, one of the elements in the set up, referred to as a 'stopper', is very 'hit and miss'. In fact, more miss than hit. Without divulging anything, its ultimate role is to allow for an easier and more discreet retrieval of the gimmick, but since most of the time it doesn't work as advertised, I am left having to retrieve the gimmick in a way that is not so discreet after all. In short, I either accept this or I will have to figure out a more efficient replacement for this item, which, frankly, I shouldn't have to do.

Thirdly, the instructions do not cover nor give any advice on vanishing larger items like, say, the small water bottle vanished in the trailer. You would think that if it's in the trailer, it would be mentioned in the instructions, even if it's just a few words, but no. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It's not that I'm expecting to be spoon fed everything, but my thinking for any product is that if it's in the trailer then it is logical to expect that it would be mentioned in the instructions. By not doing so, the customer is automatically left with a measure of disappointment and that, my friends, is not very professional.

Finally, there is also the fact that one of the several items contained in the package was actually missing from mine and I'm having to chase it up. I don't know what happened behind the scenes but whatever it is, it's not my problem and I shouldn't have to worry about it. So whatever the reason for this omission, it's just not good enough.

Despite all this, I am confident that I will eventually work my way around those few imperfections and be able to use the Gecko Pro to its full potential. It's just a pity that it's not a simple matter of practice.



Angles are restricted. You’re better off buying something like the raven, the gecko pros set up is just way more complicated than it has to be. It does make noise, hard to grip and just outright impractical.


Community questions about Gecko Pro

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Treven asks: Any idea how long the actual part that comes In contact with the items your using lasts? And can you get refills anywhere? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hard to say but a long time. Refills are readily available.
  • Matthew asks: I've heard that Gecko Pro makes a loud sound that's difficult to cover in silent settings. Is this true?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I think it depends n your clothing and how you use it. I wouldn't suggest using it in a silent room but you can use it with fairly low background noise once you get the hang of it.
  • Emmanuel asks: Bonjour How much is the performance angle?

    • 1. Jim answers: Pretty good. If you face the person to your left, nothing can be seen unless you are performing for munchkins.
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