Magic by Jim Rosenbaum

Gecko Pro Trick
Gecko Pro
Trick by Jim Rosenbaum - 66.00

The Gecko Pro System (GPS) will let you do vanishes that look like camera tricks. GPS allows you to safely vanish, switch or transform...

Skyhooks Accessory
Accessory by Jim Rosenbaum - 7.50

Imagine, having the ability to keep your IT elevated and completely out of the way of your spectators and where you can easily control object from...

Rocket Wax Accessory
Rocket Wax
Accessory by Jim Rosenbaum - 9.95

Rosenbaum, IT Works, and Uday's Magic World proudly bring you Rocket Wax. This all natural, hard magician's wax is collected from the...

Gecko Accessory
Accessory by Jim Rosenbaum - 66.00

Imagine vanishing virtually any item produced from a spectator's pocket. The Gecko, a brilliant, virtually invisible device will allow you to do...

Arm Ratchet Bone Snapper Trick
Arm Ratchet Bone Snapper
Trick by Jim Rosenbaum - 12.50

Click, Click! Snap! Snap! You can secretly create this sound effect thanks to AmazeKids partner RosenGadgets and Magic Wagon. This Arm Ratchet /...

Concept 7 DVD
Concept 7
DVD by Jim Rosenbaum - 30.00

Imagine if you will... You borrow a dollar bill from a spectator and place it on a table. You then back away from the table...

Cosmosis Wallet Converter Accessory
Cosmosis Wallet Converter
Accessory by Jim Rosenbaum and RosenGadgets - 27.00

Imagine, being able to perform thousands of different effects with just one converted wallet! Create beautiful levitations, incredible gravity...