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Ghost Bills - magic

Andrew Mayne presents an incredible visual close-up illusion that can be performed anytime using two borrowed bills. Ghost Bills is perfect for walkaround magic as you can stop at any of the three phases if you're interrupted or need to make a quick exit!

Phase One:
The magician borrows two bills from a spectator. The bills are folded, and one bill is placed inside of the other. The bills are then caused to visually pass through one another.

Phase Two:
One bill is placed on top of the other bill. The bill on the bottom jumps to the middle of the folded bill on top.

Phase Three:
The spectator holds on to the ends of a folded bill, with the other bill cradled inside. The magician pulls the bill through the spectator’s bill, just inches in front of their eyes.

Ghost Bills is like Card Warp with bills; and it gets a similarly strong reaction too! Here's the obligatory list of bullet points:

  • Everything can be inspected
  • The bills are borrowed
  • Use any denomination of bills
  • The effect can be performed surrounded
  • You end totally clean - with no gimmicks to hide

The 24 minute DVD shows you step-by-step how to perform the effect.


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Customer reviews for Ghost Bills



This is a great town centre piece it a joy to do! It so easy to do and quality of having this effect is something that they will talk about years after you done this new classical money effect it has powerful effect the minds who see it and it super soft to end a close up act!



Great effect, quality poor. Audio fine..articulate and engaging but the video is grainy so that when you get the close ups things get lost...nor are the close ups that close up. His instructions do help to piece things together and once you see the "works" you can play with it for awhile and get to the point. Nonetheless, a GREAT effect ( I don't like the use of all caps but I used them to counterbalance what may come across as a bad review) Great idea, easy to do, no DIY, entry level skills, quick reset, no ditching, everything can be what's a little graniness to the video?

Ghost Bills by Andrew Mayne