Haunted Key Deluxe

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Haunted Key Deluxe

14.95 usd

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. (14.95)

In stock.
Haunted Key Deluxe - magic
Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe

The Haunted Key is a classic of magic. There are many versions on the market but this is the best one available.

Here is the effect: You introduce a gothic-looking key and place it on the palm of your hand. Slowly... eerily... they key begins to move, under your control at all times. It's as if the key is possessed. The key can be examined at any time. There are no strings, threads, wires, magnets, electronics, or anything for that matter. It is impossible for the spectator to find a gimmick.

Here are some of the advantages to this version of the Haunted Key:

  • Comprehensive video instruction included (featuring some really cool bonus routines)
  • A beautifully made gimmick, that looks the part thanks to the aged patina.
  • Can be carried in your pocket and performed at a moments notice.
  • The gimmick will last forever.
  • Can be performed in any environment.

The bonus routines taught require an extra gimmick (not included—but you will almost certainly have it in your magic drawer). These routines include how to use the key to locate a freely selected playing card.


Customer reviews for Haunted Key Deluxe



From the second I unboxed this I knew...this is a quality item. Looks spooky, has a good weight to it making it not feel like a prop,well priced, and it's perfectly weighted to do the illusion.

The instructions teach good subtleties for the main trick, and some other tricks that I think are what is throwing people off. Yes, you'll need something else to do the larger movement tricks. Overall, top tier key. Going straight into my act.



As the previous reviewer said this is a perfectly weighted key that looks the part and turns easily. Lots of people on magic cafe were asking if the key is made of metal. Well it most definitely is and it looks old and could easily be from a haunted house or an old church etc. Well worth the money I paid. Also top marks for delivery time. Came within a couple of days. ??????????



This a great key and effect. The metal key looks and feels as if it came From the Victorian ear or earlier. Beautifully distressed and plenty of weight. Very easy to get the hang of the method. The more you work with it the creepier the effect looks! I can’t put it down!



First of all, to answer the question that keeps getting asked all over the place: It is solid METAL. No plastic. It's not light and it's not cheaply made. I actually have a collection of skeleton keys more than 100 years old, (of varying styles and sizes), and I can tell you that this manufactured product looks and feels quite authentic. It is similar in size, weight, feel, design and look to half of the authentic antique keys I have. There are even some 'imperfections' that give the key the look of having been used decades and decades ago. There is some 'rusting' color in just the right places that also look every bit authentic.

In case you're unfamiliar with the effect or are wondering...This is a good item/trick for both beginners, (because it's easy to do), and seasoned performers, (because it lends itself to good scripting).

I think the weight of this key makes the necessary 'moves' easier and less likely to be telegraphed.

As for the 'tutorial' video: You get a link and a password. It teaches the basic move to start with, but it's more comprehensive than I would've expected, covering placement of the key, as well as arm and body placement to achieve the best results with the least amount of telegraphed movement. it even gives a suggestion about how to pick up the key and get it into position with one, swift, one-handed move. Not a big deal...but it makes for a nice subtlety. Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference. I didn't think I could learn anything about the basic handling of a trick I've done for nearly two decades, but I actually did.
That being said, I wasn't all that impressed with the rest of the tutorial. It's all fine...but there's nothing beyond the subtleties in the basic explanation that I'll ever bother doing. As you may expect, you'll need another item to pull it off. Not a big deal...just not my thing. But if you're into that, then it's an item that a lot of magicians either use or have in a drawer somewhere. If you don't have it, it's easily and cheaply acquired here at Vanishing, Inc., as well as practically every other magic retailers you can think of. One thought: if used with tarot or oracle cards, (they didn't do that in the video - it was just an idea that I had when watching it), instead of playing cards - such as during some kind of seance routine or something - there's one of the routines taught that would probably send people scrambling for the light switch. ...If done correctly with the proper acting/scripting.

Overall, it's the best Haunted Key I've ever owned or used. I've bought a few variations over the years, (this is either my third or fourth - I think it's the fourth in nearly 20 years), and this one tops them all. And I think the price is right. Can't charge less...it's made too well. Can't charge much more because, let's face it...it's just a key. LOL

Well made, authentic looking and feeling in every way I can think to mention. This is a long overdue upgrade to a classic trick/prop in magic. It has finally grown up and become useable instead of looking and feeling like something no one could take seriously. THIS Haunted Key will be taken seriously. Like with any other magic prop, this is limited only to your imagination. I recommend it. ...Even if you're just going to throw it in a drawer until you get that Halloween gig two years from now; because when that happens, you'll wish you had it handy.



This tool is the best I have ever seen. I spent days going through old keys at an antique shop once looking for the right balance and size key to do this effect with. Never found one as nice as this.
The look 5 stars.
The weight 5 stars
the ability to control the movement undoubtedly the best ever.
For $14.95 you can't beat it. Love it. Great job folks. 5 stars.



A fantastic haunted key that reminds me of the keys Lebanon Circle put out a while a go; only these are much cheaper, which is why I bought one.

I work a lot of outdoor events and festivals as a medieval jester or other period character and the haunted key has always been a great walk about bit. Until now the cheap keys have all looked, well, cheap and I was always terrified of losing my expensive Lebanon Circle key. So this is a perfect alternative.

This key works perfectly and really looks the part. I highly recommend them.

I'll definitely be buying more.



So many keys bought, so much money and time wasted.

I've been doing this trick for a long time. Heck, I've been around since this type of key wasn't all that uncommon. Anyway, I've got these keys from magic shops (another throw back to a bygone era), flea markets, and in one case a magician friend who had them made for their use and to share with a luck few.

NONE OF THEM worked as well as this key. None of them looked as "authentic" as this key. It is perfectly balanced. It looks old. It is big enough to stand out without looking absurd.



The accompanying online training and/routines and the quality of the prop make this very good value and worthy of the approbation of other reviewers. For me, some aspects of the presentation lacked polish and editing, but at the price it's a bargain.



Beautifully made. I absolutely love practising with this prop, making the movement ever more subtle.
Highly recommend it. It has so many possibilities.



Absolutely a steal! The key is beautifully crafted and "forged" and weighted perfectly! I can't say much more than others have already said...

My suggestion; get this while the getting is good!



Ok first the good, it is a very nice looking key and is of good quality. But I have two problems with it, first the gentleman explaining the "work" is performing it incorrectly which lots of people do. It is completely obvious that he is moving his arm to tip it over. So anyone learning from this will be doing it incorrectly. You do not have to intentionally move your arm (or even your hand) at all to make it work. At first the teaching video was the only problem I had, the key appeared to be well balanced. But as I worked with it more it's not. It is OVER balanced which at first seems great. It is very easy to make it turnover which should be a good think but it's not. The key will only move comfortably in one direction. With the keys I use, I can make them stop and move backwards with this you can't (easily). As I was looking close trying to figure out why the balance is so off, I found that the key has a slight bend in it. I don't know if this was intentional or not. The problem with it moving too easy is that a spectator can set it on their hand and it will roll right over.



This is a great little trick. I just got it, and I could not get the 38 minute download to work, but I got the basic trick working without instructions within a minute of opening the box. The key looks and feels real. It has a solid weight and I checked and it is magnetic. It's got a nice patina on it, but I might really rust it up a bit, I don't know. I think this is the best $15 I've ever spent on magic.



The Haunted Key is a classic effect, and as far as mass produced ones go you won't find better than this. Solid construction, easy to do the work with it, and nice antique look. With a solid routine this can certainly be a worker.



The key looks very good, and of excellent quality. But that's not what I expected.



This might be the nicest looking haunted key I've ever seen offered by a magic shop.
The video that is included with this product is about 35 min. long and has a few very clever presentations for the 'key that might not be readily apparent to someone new to this trick, so it really adds to the value of the product.
All in all, I'd say this is DEFINATELY worth the 15$ if you are new to using the Haunted Key, and it certainly beats fishing through junk stores or antique stores for a suitable key even if you ARE experienced in using the 'key.



What an amazing looking key. I needed something that looked 100+ years old to add to an existing routine and this fit the bill perfectly. It looks fantastic and miles better than any other 'cast iron' looking haunted key. It genuinely looks and feels like an aged but well made key.

Great for all skill levels and took me about 10 minutes to add my own subtleties due to the shape of my hands/fingers to make it turn super smooth and slow without anything obvious. The 'main' effect is easy and the others included are just some ideas that may require some 'out of the box thinking' but all in all an excellent purchase.



Wow! I love this. This is so well made and of such high quality. The key works perfectly and looks so good. The tutorial is extensive and Javier went through so many ideas that we can do with the key. Overall great product.



I really, really love my Haunted Key. I think it's a fun trick and enjoy just doing it while watching TV, practicing different ways to make it happen. I will admit I have not really performed with it yet (not a professional magician, I'm a hobbyist). Still this is good an I cannot wait for October to roll around and to pull this out as a Halloween item.



Love it 20 stars from me



Eerie and never fails to impress / intrigue people. Good spooky effect and perfect for haloween



The Haunted Key Deluxe is an excellent tool for mentalism performances. It is well made, durable, and easy to use. The key fits comfortably in your hand and the instructions provided are clear and concise. The haunted key adds an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to your performances, leaving your audience amazed and captivated. I highly recommend this product to any mentalist looking to add a touch of magic to their routine.



The key looks and feels high quality. You'll be able to start doing a spooky trick with it right out of the box. Really does need an extra item that most magicians already have to be able to get the most out it. Highly recommend!



Pretty nice key. Looks old. Nice weight and nicely balanced. Instructions are good for the beginner.



The key is fab and better than I expected. It looks and feels like a genuine old key and the balance is spot on and you can control it beautifully. A fantastic utility prop that you can adapt for any routine especially if they involve some mystical story or tarot cards. So easy to introduce into a routine as old keys are found everywhere these days in repro and antique shops. Will treasure this prop forever. Fully recommend purchasing one, you will not regret it!




When I received this, the box was dusty with a brown powder-like material. The probable reason for this was on the inside of the box was more brown powder. The key, which is supposed to be "new" was pitted and covered with the brown powder and actual...rust.

This is simply, just...great!

The key appears to used, worn, ancient and rusty, which aids to the haunted story arc.

The key itself is very well made, has a substantial weight of a key of this type and feels like a real skeleton key. The video instruction is well produced and I was able to do this effect on my very first try.

I'm generally not into "gadget" magic effects: however, I'm happy with this purchase and I'm glad I picked this one up.

Highly recommended.


Community questions about Haunted Key Deluxe

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Wayne asks: Can this be done in the spectator’s hand?

    • 1. John answers: While not entirely impossible, it is not probable. At least not with the traditional method. You could do it with an ITR
    • 2. Gaston answers: Yes at least when I performed it with the original haunted key I would let the spectator examine before the effect and after the effect. I have even done the effect in there hand with my manipulation of course.
    • 3. Lonnie answers: Rumor has it that the ring was forged from the same material that was used to forge the 20 rings at Mount Doom by Sauron's Minions. They are super durable and will last a lifetime. They are all quality checked by Schmiegel in an air tight cave. I hope this answer helps.
    • 4. Robert answers: If you understand how a pendulum works - how, with the proper audience management and psychology/suggestion, the pendulum will swing in the desired direction, even when held by a spectator; then yes, you can achieve the basic movement within the spectator's hand. May not be 100%, but the percentage is pretty high if you know how to pick the right spectator and know some basic audience management psychology. There's nothing to get 'caught' doing, though; which is a bonus. They can examine the key all they want and this one is made VERY well. As a man with a collection of antique skeleton keys, I can tell you this one looks and feels quite authentic. There's no harm in trying it in a spectator's hand. They'll swear they aren't moving, but the key will likely move anyhow. With some creative scripting and presentation, if it doesn't work in their hand, it won't be a big deal. It will always work in your hand. As for some of the other things you see in the trailer...those will have to be tightly controlled by the magician. Only the basic turning over move will work with spectators.
    • 5. Scott answers: I haven't played with this version yet, but in my experience yes, it can be done in a spectators hand. It takes a lot of practice and doesn't have a one hundred percent success rate though, so have an explanation on hand as to why it didn't turn in their uh.. hand! Still, when it works, it's mind blowing!
    • 6. Michael answers: ok is this key made of metal or plastic or ?
    • 7. Stephen answers: Check the Bruce Bernstein method in Eugene Burger's Spirit Theater.
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  • Gary asks: Is this something that can be learned and done by a beginning magician or does it require years of experience in manipulation and dexterity?

    • 1. Alexander answers: Assuming the method is the same as the original Haunted Key, it’s perfect for beginners!
    • 2. Gaston answers: After getting my original key I was able to create the effect within minutes.
    • 3. Robert answers: When I first got into magic, The Haunted Key was one of the first things I learned. Super easy to do and easy to carry and practice almost anywhere. I think this is a great 'beginner' trick. And years later, once you've advanced to more complex things, you'll probably still find yourself coming back to this on occasion.
    • 4. David answers: Absolutely a great effect for the beginning magician! The prop is beautiful and the instructional video is well done, from the basics to giving more advanced ideas. This version absolutely blows away any previous key of this type in appearance and quality! It's a steal! Get it before they're all gone!
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  • Carl asks: Does it make a sound?

    • 1. Robert answers: No sound. You don't need to worry about covering any sound. You can do this in complete silence or in a noisy bar. Nothing to hear or be heard. Well...unless you drop it on a glass coffee table or tile floor. It'll probably make a very audible sound in that instance. LOL
    • 2. James answers: Nope!
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  • Carl asks: does the card selection where it rotates on the table require any other gimmick?

    • 1. Advaith answers: Yes, it does.
    • 2. Robert answers: For that specific routine, yes, you'll need an additional gimmick. I won't expose it here, but it's something many magicians already have, it's inexpensive and it's available here on Vanishing, Inc. ;-)
    • 3. Jonathan answers: What else do I need to buy to do the card selection trick - and can I get it from VI. Thanks
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  • Michael asks: When it says bonus ‘routines’ presumably that’s more than just a card location? Just wondered excluding the original effect how many extra routines are included?

    • 1. Bob answers: As an aside, there are a number of mentalism and spiritualism and just plain magic effects that use some form of pendulum. This key, with the addition of a piece of string or chain (attached to the key using YFM or maybe just a knot) will do very nicely.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a forefinger attraction routine (that doesn't use the key). The key rotating on the palm is explained in great detail. A "hot spot" presentation shown and explained. Using a common extra gimmick, you can make the key rotate on the edge of the table and spin on a table pointing to a selected card. Finally, the key can rotate on a single finger. Placement tips are also discussed. A fair amount, taught in a 38 minute video.
    • 1. Bob answers: As an aside, there are a number of mentalism and spiritualism and just plain magic effects that use some form of pendulum. This key, with the addition of a piece of string or chain (attached to the key using YFM or maybe just a knot) will do very nicely.
  • mariano asks: Hi, is there going to be a digital download? Thank you!

    • 1. James answers: When you purchase the key, it comes with a 38 minute video download.
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  • Matthew asks: If you can answer, is the key able to be affected by a magnet for more routines?

    • 1. Lonnie answers: its obvious that there aren't any magnets being used here. This is black magic and witchery at it's finest!! Harry Potter would be super proud.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The key itself is not magnetic, however it is attracted to a magnet.
    • 1. Lonnie answers: its obvious that there aren't any magnets being used here. This is black magic and witchery at it's finest!! Harry Potter would be super proud.
  • Bob asks: Are you selling the same key, size and finish, that it pictures in the video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it is the same as the key in the video.
  • Richard asks: Richard Busch asks: The key is shown to revolve both ways on the finger. Is this part of it performed with just the basic key and not any IT work?

    • 1. Lonnie answers: Since we are just mentioning methods, I'll be the first to say that the key trick can only be performed when Mercury is in retrograde....
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  • Michael asks: is the key made in metal or plastic ??????????????????? Thank you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a solid metal key.
    • 2. Eric answers: am i unaware of plastic keys laying all around town somewhere or what’s up with this consistent thoughtless question
  • Sean asks: I have the Haunted Key - original, what is the difference? This one is gimmicked i assume?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are extra handlings taught and the quality of the key is superior.
  • Michael asks: What is the length of the key?

    • 1. Jan answers: About 5 inches, more or less.
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  • Gami asks: Can the key be examined after the trick is done? Are there any sleights involved?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes. Technically, there are no sleights. You will have to learn a technique, and practice it.
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  • Richard asks: Can you perform this while somebody holding the hand you perform with?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, it is possible to perform it that way.
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  • Robert J asks: I do a routine with a Haunted Card Deck. Scripted to visiting a Haunted House. I have an idea of placing the key on top of the Haunted Deck. Can the Haunted Key move around while placed on the Haunted Deck?

    • 1. Jim answers: It might work. It will require some experimentation.
    • 2. Robert J answers: Jim. Thanks for your input. O'' do some experimenting and it is not a necessity that I have the key on the Haunted Card box
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  • Michael asks: Do you have complete control when the key will move

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
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