Haunted Key Deluxe

Trick (pre-order - ships Jun 1) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.

Haunted Key Deluxe

14.95 usd

Trick (pre-order - ships Jun 1) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. ($14.95)

Haunted Key Deluxe - magic
Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe Haunted Key Deluxe

The Haunted Key is a classic of magic. There are many versions on the market but this is the best one available.

Here is the effect: You introduce a gothic-looking key and place it on the palm of your hand. Slowly... eerily... they key begins to move, under your control at all times. It's as if the key is possessed. The key can be examined at any time. There are no strings, threads, wires, magnets, electronics, or anything for that matter. It is impossible for the spectator to find a gimmick.

Here are some of the advantages to this version of the Haunted Key:

  • Comprehensive video instruction included (featuring some really cool bonus routines)
  • A beautifully made gimmick, that looks the part thanks to the aged patina.
  • Can be carried in your pocket and performed at a moments notice.
  • The gimmick will last forever.
  • Can be performed in any environment.

The bonus routines taught require an extra gimmick (not included—but you will almost certainly have it in your magic drawer). These routines include how to use the key to locate a freely selected playing card.


Community questions about Haunted Key Deluxe

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  • 1.

    Wayne asks: Can this be done in the spectator’s hand?

    • 1. John answers: While not entirely impossible, it is not probable. At least not with the traditional method. You could do it with an ITR
    • 2. Gaston answers: Yes at least when I performed it with the original haunted key I would let the spectator examine before the effect and after the effect. I have even done the effect in there hand with my manipulation of course.
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  • 2.

    Gary asks: Is this something that can be learned and done by a beginning magician or does it require years of experience in manipulation and dexterity?

    • 1. Alexander answers: Assuming the method is the same as the original Haunted Key, it’s perfect for beginners!
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  • 3.

    Carl asks: Does it make a sound?

    • 1. James answers: Nope!
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  • 4.

    Carl asks: does the card selection where it rotates on the table require any other gimmick?

    • 1. Advaith answers: Yes, it does.
    • 2. Jonathan answers: What else do I need to buy to do the card selection trick - and can I get it from VI. Thanks
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  • 5.

    Michael asks: When it says bonus ‘routines’ presumably that’s more than just a card location? Just wondered excluding the original effect how many extra routines are included?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a forefinger attraction routine (that doesn't use the key). The key rotating on the palm is explained in great detail. A "hot spot" presentation shown and explained. Using a common extra gimmick, you can make the key rotate on the edge of the table and spin on a table pointing to a selected card. Finally, the key can rotate on a single finger. Placement tips are also discussed. A fair amount, taught in a 38 minute video.
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  • 6.

    mariano asks: Hi, is there going to be a digital download? Thank you!

    • 1. James answers: When you purchase the key, it comes with a 38 minute video download.
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  • 7.

    Matthew asks: If you can answer, is the key able to be affected by a magnet for more routines?

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Haunted Key Deluxe by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.