The Hidden (Universal Edition)

Trick by Alakazam UK
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The Hidden (Universal Edition)

25.00 usd

Trick by Alakazam UK ($25.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
The Hidden (Universal Edition) - magic
The Hidden (Universal Edition) The Hidden (Universal Edition)

For the first time ever, you can perform Andy Nyman's powerful psychological influence demonstration The Hidden without ANY language restrictions.

Originally only available to English speaking audiences, The Hidden (Universal Edition) now features widely recognizable pictures instead of words. These are photos of objects that people carry with them everywhere, allowing you to perform this effect wherever you go. The Universal Edition also includes a special BONUS PHASE.

You'll receive everything you need to perform this amazing and SUPER EASY TO DO mentalism effect including custom red-backed Bicycle card gimmicks and a comprehensive online tutorial.


To demonstrate how they honed their skills, the magician offers to show their spectators an exercise called "Dead Cutting" where you practice cutting an exact number of cards off the top of a deck of cards. After successfully cutting exactly 12 cards from the top of the deck, the magician then lets the spectator try.

Before the spectator begins, they are instructed to place 3 objects on the table in any order as "markers". The spectator then proceeds to try cutting exactly 10, 12 and 15 cards—each time placing their attempts next to one of the markers.

Once they're done, the magician explains the true meaning of this challenge. It isn't actually about dexterity, but rather misdirection. By forcing the spectator to focus on a specific and difficult task, the magician has actually mentally persuaded them away from what is really going on.

The top cards of each pile are then slid next to the object they were marked by and the magician explains what just happened. The whole scenario would have changed had they just cut one card more or one card less in each pile. However, each card is turned over to impossibly show an image depicting the spectator's object. Even crazier, the other cards are then shown to be completely normal.

This is a true STUNNER and incredibly easy to do!

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  • Barry asks: Nice effect. In the video, the remaining cards are shown to be blank. In your description copy however, it states the cards are shown to be 'normal' - I take that to mean usual printed cards. What does this deck enable you to show at the end? Thanks.

    • 1. John answers: The description on the Alakazam UK website says you supply your own blank faced, or normal cards, so it'd appear this trick will only send the gimmicked cards, unless VI are supplying the other cards?
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  • John asks: On the Alakazam website, this trick sends the gimmicked cards with different images of items, but they offer the original watch, wallet, coin cards as additional purchase. I'm expecting this comes with the updated image cards (drink, mobile, keys etc). Do you have the originals as an add on, or could you, in theory, create your own with blank faced cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This version comes with custom red backed Bicycle card gimmicks with a picture or Money, Keys, Drink, Mobile Phone & Credit Card and full video tutorial. The only other option we have is this:
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The Hidden (Universal Edition) by Alakazam UK