Magic by Alakazam UK

The Gentleman Jack Wallet Accessory
The Gentleman Jack Wallet
Accessory by Alakazam UK - 69.00

ALL wallets, if we had our way, would be hip-pocket wallets. After all, this is the style that nearly EVERY laymen carries with them in the modern...

What the Tarot Holds Trick
What the Tarot Holds
Trick by Alakazam UK and Phil Tilson - 20.75

Phil Tilstons' What The Tarot Holds takes a classic effect and gives it a spooky new twist. Perfect to perform any time of the year, What The Tarot...

Parallels DVD
DVD by Alakazam UK and Think Nguyen - 30.00

Think Nguyen has some of the coolest card magic I've ever seen!DYNAMO Think is a professional close up magician from Belgium, who specializes in...

The Vault - Get Nyman Magic download (video)
The Vault - Get Nyman
Magic download (video) by Andy Nyman and Alakazam UK - 59.95

Derren Brown's most trusted friend and consultant Andy Nyman is a creative force in magic and mentalism. Now, with this MASSIVE 3-video download, you...

Surprise Cinema Trick
Surprise Cinema
Trick by Alakazam UK - 31.25

Suprise Cinema is an incredibly fun and powerful mental miracle that packs small enough to fit the needs of close-up magic performers, while also...

The Hidden (Universal Edition) Trick
The Hidden (Universal Edition)
Trick by Alakazam UK - 25.00

For the first time ever, you can perform Andy Nyman's powerful psychological influence demonstration The Hidden without ANY language...

Promnesia Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK and Grame David Fishwick - 21.99

Promnesia is a power house packet effect from the mind of Graeme David Fishwick. Promnesia has multiple changes and multiple moment of visual impact....

Wayne's Exchange 2 Trick
Wayne's Exchange 2
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alakazam UK - 45.50

Wayne's Exchange is back and better than ever. We have made the cards larger and now the entire selection procedure is totally hands off. You will...

Sharpie Through Card SHERPA Version Red DVD
Sharpie Through Card SHERPA Version Red
DVD by Alakazam UK - 35.85

"What a visually stunning moment of magic - that is going straight into my act". -Nick Einhorn"This is the evolution we have been waiting for. Why it...

Change to Bill (CTB) Trick
Change to Bill (CTB)
Trick by Alakazam UK - 38.95

A innovative method for visually transforming a bill into another bill, multiple bills or even a store receipt. You can carry CTB in your pocket and...

Solitude Extreme Trick
Solitude Extreme
Trick by Alakazam UK - 32.95

Since it was first released, many magicians have tried to create new versions of Solitude—Joel Dickinson’s incredible card to impossible location...

Symbol Pro Trick
Symbol Pro
Trick by Alakazam UK - 39.50

One of the best-selling releases of all time has gotten even better! Symbol Pro has been carefully adapted to play for much larger audiences while...

Breakout Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK - 31.75

This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your ACR, or...

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Trick
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Trick by Alakazam UK - 19.95

Have you ever wanted to finish your Ambitious Card routine with an ending that would totally astonish both lay people and magicians? Look no further,...

Fourth Key Booktest Book
Fourth Key Booktest
Book by Alakazam UK - 41.00

Have you ever dreamed of any of the following? 1. A book test that can fit in your pocket.2. A book test which is fun to perform.3. A book test that...

Infinity Wallet (Kensington Edition) Accessory
Infinity Wallet (Kensington Edition)
Accessory by Alakazam UK - 148.35

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

RB Coin Deck Ultra Trick
RB Coin Deck Ultra
Trick by Alakazam UK - 40.00

A complete sell out at Blackpool 2018 The RB Coin Deck Ultra is one of the most ingenious gimmicks ever created for this plot. And with...

Agility Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK and Rich Gerrish - 45.00

If you are looking for a unique mentalism presentation that will rock a spectator's world, then look no further than Agility! Using a...

Charades Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK - 38.10

Charades lets you read your audience’s mind in many very clean and varied ways.A specially designed and printed deck of cards that feels like an...

Pinnacle Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK - 43.95

Pinnacle is the latest word on card and number effects. Brian Caswell started the buzz with card and number effects many years ago with Trilogy....

Nest of Wallet Refill Envelopes Trick
Nest of Wallet Refill Envelopes
Trick by Alakazam UK - From $22.75

50 Black envelopes for use with the deluxe leather nesting wallets by Nicholas Einhorn, the Russian & The Tri Nesting Wallets.Dimensions...

REFILL for Pin Refill
REFILL for Pin
Refill by Alakazam UK - 16.75

This pack contains 50 refill cards for Marc Paul's Pin. Note: Pin trick sold separately.

iChange Project DVD
iChange Project
DVD by Alakazam UK - 40.00

"A complete sell-out at Magic Live 2009" This effect is without doubt one of the most direct and cleanest cards in pocket transposition effects ever...

Psyclock II Tempus Trick
Psyclock II Tempus
Trick by Alakazam UK - 290.00

Imagine when you have guests for dinner. You give one of your guest the task of saying "NOW" at any point in the evening. You immediately take...

AG 47
DVD by Alakazam UK - 40.40

"Such elegant magic and surprisingly easy to master."When one of the UK's leading close up magicians talks and teaches, I listen. And you should too"...

What If? Trick
What If?
Trick by Alakazam UK - From $39.00

If there is one thing we all have in common, it's that all of us wish we could predict the winning Lottery numbers. But with odds of over...

Project X Trick
Project X
Trick by Alakazam UK - 22.50

One or more spectators are invited to participate in 'Project-X'. he remembers any card he sees in the deck. Let's say the Four of Spades. The...

Glimpse 20 20 DVD
Glimpse 20 20
DVD by Alakazam UK - 37.00

Glimpse was originally released back in 2004 as a small manuscript. On this exclusive DVD running for over an hour Marc Spelmann will guide you...

Sharpie Through Card SHERPA Version  Blue Trick
Sharpie Through Card SHERPA Version Blue
Trick by Alakazam UK - 35.85

"What a visually stunning moment of magic - that is going straight into my act". -Nick Einhorn"This is the evolution we have been waiting for. Why it...

Common Scents Trick
Common Scents
Trick by Alakazam UK - 12.00

EffectA packet of cards is shown - each bears a picture of a perfume bottle. All of them are different and the backs of the cards are blank to...

Sharpie Through Card  Red Trick
Sharpie Through Card Red
Trick by Alakazam UK - 28.99

S.T.C. (Sharpie Through Card) Peter Nardi has created an up to date version of Rob Bromley's classic Cigarette Through Card effect. Making it an...

Trilogy Bicycles Trick
Trilogy Bicycles
Trick by Alakazam UK - 40.00

3 Times The Effect 100 Times The Impact You name a random card, spectator one picks a random number. Next you name a second random card and a second...

Hidden Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK - 15.00

The performer offers to demonstrate how he became so dexterous as a magician by revealing an exercise called "Dead Cutting." The purpose of the...

Refills for Cartomancy Trick
Refills for Cartomancy
Trick by Alakazam UK - 9.70

A pack of 40 refill scratch cards for the Cartomancy effect.

Bok-Sa Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK - 11.87

A deck of cards is removed from a card-case which is shown to be empty (can you see where this is going?!) The magician says that to ensure that he...

Card Cube DVD
Card Cube
DVD by Alakazam UK - 15.00

"I love effects like this... where the spectator can see something truly impossible, and then gets to take it home with him!"- Michael Ammar...