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Less is More

Trick by The Orange Tree Magic
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Less is More

100.00 usd

Trick by The Orange Tree Magic ($100.00)

In stock. Order in the next 1 hour, 50 minutes and it will go out today!
Less is More - magic
Less is More Less is More Less is More Less is More Less is More

Words CANNOT express how sensational this trick FEELS. This is the rarest kind of magic trick: a tactile illusion. Based on a centuries old illusion puzzle, the idea is simple: you show three pieces of wood, each roughly the size of a box of cards. When a spectator lifts all three, they feel...heavy. But when the spectator lifts just two of the three pieces, they discover that two blocks feel somehow HEAVIER than three. What? And when they lift just one block, it feels heavier than when they held two. Again, we cannot emphasize enough that this rather unsuspecting description doesn't begin to do justice to the visceral power of this illusion. The most common reaction when you share this moment with people? Unbridled laughter! It's an incredibly strange sensation.

What's most brilliant about this package, though, is that it allows us as performers to do the rarest kind of performance: the non-performance. This is a shared moment, and a stunning, intimate one. By virtue of the effect parameters, it really can only be done one on one, or for one person at a time in a group. This creates an intimacy and, if in a group, a show-and-tell anticipation that is hard to replicate with traditional magic.

The quality of the products is top notch and stunning: handmade with polished black walnut wood. While this piece makes an excellent addition to your performing repertoire, it might just be best-suited as a curiosity that lives on your desk at work, or as a curio on a bookshelf in your home. If you have someone in your life who loves magic but isn't a performer, this would make a sensational gift: the physical objects exude quality, yet teaching someone how to perform it is as simple as showing them how to lift three blocks off of a table.

Our supplies of "Less is More" are extremely limited, and we have an exclusive arrangement with the manufacturer. For this reason, we are limiting each person's order quantity to just two units of "Less is More" per person. We envision that this will become a collector's item due to its topological nature and the beautiful craftsmanship of the prop.


Community questions about Less is More

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  • Eric asks: Does this require a table to be performed? Can it be done while standing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, a table is best. You might be able to do it with the blocks in your hand—but I think that it will be better on a table. Yes—you can be standing.
  • Peter asks: If there’s no magnets then I’m sold.

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! this trick does not involve magnet
    • 2. Timothy answers: I have experimented and found that I can do the same thing with 3 decks of cards using an easily made gimmick. Nice blocks with a stout price but I will admit the blocks make a nice display and they cant be opened.
    • 3. Matt answers: Guys: There is indeed a gimmick to this trick.
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  • Peter asks: From my last comment I meant if you do not have to put any sort of magnet under the table then I’m curious and sold.

    • 1. Tony answers: No magnet under the table
    • 2. Jared answers: No magnet, but I don't think you should be sold. You're clearly looking for an awesome secret that will be really fun to learn, and this one's pretty dirty. I've had preliminary success with the trick, so don't get me wrong -- it may come down to performance -- am just saying this isn't the kind of trick that you'll be excited and happy to find out the secret to the day it arrives. thanks
    • 3. Adam answers: I actually disagree and think the secret is better than the effect
    • 4. Brian answers: I figured out the secret due to a deep background in scientific history. At least I’m pretty sure I did. I think the secret is astounding and this is a worker. I’ll pick up my set soon.
    • 5. Thomas answers: To put it simply: it is not a trick in the actual sense, not a gimmick. It is a kind of psychological illusion.
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  • Carlo asks: Just suggestion or something else?

    • 1. Eric answers: It is not just suggestion. That is incorrect. However, suggestion can deepen the experience for the spectator.
    • 2. Jared answers: Just suggestion
    • 3. Samuel answers: If you have ever seen Lennart Green lecture you may have seen him do this. Every time a person experiences it they are just blown away. It seems impossible. What else can we ask for.
    • 4. Jared answers: There appears to be a disagreement on an issue of fact here... So let's be clear: the description of this trick itself directly says that the spectator will think that fewer blocks "feel" heavier than more blocks. The description does NOT say that fewer blocks do in fact become heavier than more blocks, which makes this trick very different from several other iterations out there of the "light and heavy box." If you succeed in getting the spectator to believe that fewer blocks did indeed become heavier than more blocks, then you will have done so via the power of SUGGESTION! And not via the power of any other sort of gimmick or device that actually makes anything effectively change in weight/resistance. There is something that helps you accomplish this, and that must be the thing that is causing someone to claim that this trick does not involve suggestion alone. Fine. But the point -- and answer to the real question being asked here -- is that nothing ever changes in weight/resistance.
    • 5. Craig answers: It's not correct to say that this effect is based on suggestion, or at least not suggestion by the magician, since the effect would be present even if you didn't say anything at all. Suggestion will help enhance that feeling, but it's not the foundation of the effect. It's also not correct to say the effect isn't based on gimmicks, since that you couldn't just cut a piece of wood into three equal pieces and do the effect.
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  • Alexandre asks: Hello, Are only the blocks used and nothing else? We can, for example, leave them as decoration and when we want to exploit the effect ?

    • 1. Peter answers: Yes only the 3 blocks are used.
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  • Ralf asks: if magnetism is involved, the viewer should feel it when putting it down, then the effect would be gone - do you feel "weight" or "attraction"?

    • 1. Peter answers: No magnets are involved at all.
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  • Jordan asks: Do the blocks have to be stacked during the performance or can they be handed to spectator?

    • 1. Peter answers: They explain in the tutorial which to give to spectator.
    • 2. Dottore answers: They can be handed out to different audience members. They have to be stacked for the performance, of course.
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  • Richard asks: What are the limits on performing conditions?

    • 1. Jim answers: None to speak of.
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  • Brian asks: Can the blocks be laser engraved and/or altered in any way? I. E. With paint or decals? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They should all look the same, but if you wanted to apply a decal to all of them there is nothing to stop you from doing that.
  • Ben asks: Do the blocks have to be in a specific order?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Terry asks: This trick seems very similar to Heavy Handed by Charlie Frye and Meir Yedid. Are they OK with this new release?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are both based on something from 1891 called the Carpentier Illusion. You can read up on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Size–weight_illusion
  • david asks: Can the props be examined by the spectators?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes they can.
  • Bret asks: Is it effective in the reverse where you would hold one block and pick up another and it would feel lighter and then pick up the third block and it would feel even lighter?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If done exactly in reverse, yes, it is effective.
  • Seth asks: This looks wonderful! So... I'm guessing these are now sold out for good?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We will have more in stock soon.
  • Terry asks: I purchased this as a Christmas gift for a Magician Friend. Will it arrive in time for Christmas?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We're working around the clock to get everything out in time for Christmas. You can follow the tracking on your package from your account page.
  • Joseph asks: Can this be experienced by multiple people, one after the other? And, even after knowing the secret, will I be able to experience it for myself?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes and yes. :)
  • Mark asks: Does the spectator have to have thier eyes closed as per your video demonstration? Wouldn't they think we 'are doing something to it' whilst thier eyes are closed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, they don't.
  • Calvin asks: Was this suppose to come with a leaflet as stated in the instruction video? It may be that it wasn't in English and that's why it wasn't included, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything in my order.

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    • Michael asks: Heavy Handed by Meir Yedid does the exact same thing only with card boxes for less than half the price. So why such a high price? Wood is not that expensive and the effect is not new. Thanks!

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's kinda like asking why one car is more than another car. You can do exactly the same thing with match boxes too. The idea is hundreds of years old. The important thing is choice. Some people like to have 3 beautiful pieces of wood on display in their house and then go into this. Some people don't. If you prefer Meir's version, that's great. Many people are enjoying this version.
    • Robert asks: Do these fit inside a card box? That could open up additional, organic presentations. Provided the three together aren't way heavier than three decks of cards.

      • 1. Juan Carlos answers: Certainly worth trying!
      • 2. Robert answers: They fit in a card box no problem.
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    • Claude asks: These blocks look beautiful, but if they get dropped or nicked up any, will that have any impact ruining the workings or illusion?

      • 1. Tony answers: Nope! unless the block is broken
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    • Miggs asks: Does this have more to do with the "performer" grooming the participant to believe that what they are feeling is real, rather than an actual physical phenomenon?

      • 1. Jim answers: No "grooming" is needed.
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    • evan asks: Upon examination of all three blocks, will the spectator be able to feel any difference between them, or is it best to have them examined one at a time, or can they play with them to their hearts content?

      • 1. Nick answers: I would hand them out to different audience members.
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    • Holger asks: I know the principle but on some presentation - e.g. with match boxes it lacks the reality check, because all three objects seems too heavy for the kind of objects used. Are the three wood blocks together nearly weighing the correct expected weight?

      • 1. Nick answers: They are fine, if you hand them out to different audience members.
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    • Robert asks: You state the blocks must be in a specific order. Are they somehow marked so that they can be properly placed in that order?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are small markings on the blocks but you'll be able to tell which one is which just by picking them up.
      • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You just need to ensure the heavy brick is in the right place. That's it :)
      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are small markings on the blocks but you'll be able to tell which one is which just by picking them up.
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    Customer reviews for Less is More









    Love this. Love the principle. Love the simplicity. It truly is what it says it is. And because of its design and structure, it really delivers on the impossible and improbable.



    Really great item. It's not really a trick, per se, but a nice item that appears to defy physics. I leave this on my coffee table at home and have fun with friends when they come over. Very well made.



    When I receive this trick. (I live in Canada and it may be held up in Customs)....I will write a review...



    I live in Panama City Beach Florida and have been working at Pineapple Willys for 26 years waiting tables and performing magic for my customers.We all have purchased I'm sure thousands of dollars worth of magic.This effect gets the best reactions.I've been telling people that its wood that's been struck by lightning or i bought it from a gypsy. It sets you up for some funny scenarios.Fast shipping and great quality.Its worth the price.Might not seem like it but it is..Who has lightning wood they bought from a gypsy?Vanishing Magic does.



    Very satisfied with this purchase. The video instructions are helpful in offering an alternate way to frame the routine that differs from Andi and Josh's already cool handling.



    I can't begin to tell you how much fun this is. It is so clean and easy, yet it blows people away. It still blows me away, even knowing how it works.


    Stanley C

    When I presented my 3 blocks at a party, different people were trying to figure it out, wondering about the specific weights of the blocks. I successfully argued that in this illusion whether the blocks weigh the same or different weights—it doesn’t matter! They are all wood & are the same size. The point is 2 should weigh less than 3 & 1 should definitely weigh less than 3 or 2! Freaked everybody out. One big muscle man even looked under the table for a huge magnet! This invites individual experience. Wonderful interlude to ‘Watch me dazzle you with my cleverness.’



    Not sure exactly how or why it works but it does. Bought as a gift for my Brother's in Law, who entertain all the time. Perfect just to sit out and generate conversation. Also, quite attractive to just sit out. I think this is perfect for any spot where people or customers stop by and stand for a bit. This could have been an easy Carbonaro Effect segment.



    A straight forward deception with so many options to create your own performance following only a few basic rules. Very flexible to enable you to perform to a variety of audiences and an engaging trick.
    Natural wood and therefore sells the innocence of the principle and effect to other members of the audience as well as the person involved.
    Nothing else needed, except your patter.
    Brilliant and recommend if you perform close up, but don't use as a part of your routine, just put on the table and don't mention it. Your audience will ask about it guaranteed and then you're in as a closer.



    You can tell a lot of care went into the creation of this illusion. It looks really nice. The box it comes in is very nice. Best of all printed instructions! Which I love. This is definitely an interesting illusion. It is different than anything else I have. Even after READING the instructions the illusion is still there.

    The one down side is I have no idea where I will perform this. I think this will be one of those lovely magic items that doesn’t go in a show but comes out for special guests. Definitely worth the purchase.



    Less is More is the best version of the Charpentier illusion. You will receive 3 beautiful wooden blocks that will last you a lifetime. Definitely a conversation piece that will mystify all those who experience it. How many magic effects do you know that baffle the magician performing it? Even when you know the secret it is still fooling. What a joy this is to perform. Grab these before they're gone for good. The quality of these is better than anything else on the market. I would highly recommend you also grab a copy of The Magicians Guide To The Baffling Blocks by Ashton Carter for many different presentation ideas to perform this wonderful illusion.



    What beautifully crafted, yet simple set of "props" (non-props, really), that produces an equally - if not even more so - beautiful and very rare thing... A TACTILE illusion. We so often fool the eyes, as well as the ears, with all types of illusions, but a tactile illusion isn't something that we can share with audiences very easily or frequently. (And before someone jumps in with sponge balls multiplying in a spectator's hand, I would maintain that isn't technically illusion...) This is a true mind trip, full-on illusion, which is not seen so much as EXPERIENCED. Worth every penny!



    Just received it absolutely stunning
    It’s made exceptionally well
    I tried it on myself and it was incredible
    Who would think the blocks would feel heavier
    As you picked up less!! Amazing ??



    Wow this is amazing. It fools yourself and others badly. This effect will have people wondering what is going on. It's almost spooky how it feels.
    It makes no sense to the mind, yet it is so.
    Weather it sits on your desk or coffee table as a conversation starter or you use it as an effect you can't go wrong with this.





    Definitely an excellent illusion exercising the imagination. I believe presenting magic focused on spectator's imagination results in most believable illusions. Less is More, definitely a great addition to any presentation based on spectators imagination.



    I’m a wedding toastmaster and MC. I dabble in magic at many of my events but I’m not a regular performer. This item has served me well at wedding fairs as it attracts people into conversation and I use it to show how much my services contribute to total value. I’ve used it at wedding tables with themes like “these 3 blocks summarise the total glamour/talent sitting around this table; let’s see your contribution”. Unlike a magic trick it’s great when people want to see it again and try it.
    I’ve used loaded matchboxes to do this illusion but the blocks are beautifully designed and ‘make’ it impressive.



    I knew the concept and got this because I really enjoy the idea of manipulating someone's mind in a fun way that makes them almost confused as to what is happening. There are several tricks out there with this concept but I was drawn to this one because of the beauty of wood. It's not just the mind trick here, it's the beauty of the props. Not only are they beautiful but they do not induce questions, they are just wood which seems very fair and unassuming. If you're into this sort of thing you'll love these for sure!


    Chi Chung




    This is one of my favorite illusions, even more so because it is more tactile than visual! I will probably present it to a visually impaired friend in the near future. I am certain that they will enjoy it. As it is, I have taken it with me to work (I work at a particle accelerator laboratory) and fascinated the scientists and engineers here. Most have figured out the mechanism relatively quickly, but they are still amazed! This is a case where even knowing how it works (after the initial shock of experiencing the effect) does nothing to lessen the entertainment value. It is part physical, part psychological and *all magic*!

    No sleight of hand necessary, but little showmanship would not go awry.

    I like how the pamphlet in the box gives a suggestion on how to present the blocks. Letting the audience handle a block or two beforehand really adds to their amazement in my experience.

    I highly recommend this as a conversation piece or for an intimate setting with a friend or two.



    I have not received it yet but have ordered it. After reviewing the instructions, I can’t wait to get my hands on this and mess with peoples minds. I’m thinking of using a blindfold so they can focus more on the weight since it’s not a visual but mental trick.



    When a magic product appears too good to be true, it usually is. This one claimed an impossible effect, with no magnets, suction cups, threads, adhesive, or other similar gimmicks. And it turns out -- it's true. These are just three blocks, and they do what they claim they will. There are no moves to learn, no parts to break, no supplies to replace, no semantics. I don't really understand how it works, but it does. You're not paying for a new invention, but rather a beautiful manifestation of a classic principle most people have never heard of. The best part is, even if someone knows the details, it still works. I would call this more of a presentation piece than a magic trick. I think it would best be used to help establish a vibe about the mind-body connection en route to a more elaborate effect. It's especially great to have your living room or office, to help emphasize what an interesting person you are to visit.



    I received it, I performed it, I love it! So fun to do and confuses peoples minds on physics how less is more weight. I’m tempted to get a second set just so y’all can’t have this ??. Pre order this you won’t regret it, it’s fun to play with .



    I was totally taken in by Doc Eason doing this effect/experience at The Rocky Mountain Session a few years ago. Doc’s set used actual Bicycle card boxes IIRC and he was kind enough to explain it to me.

    Ever since, I’ve always wanted to make a set for myself but never got around to it. So when I stumbled across these at VI, I had to order a set as soon as I could - which was an hour or so ago.

    So yes I am “reviewing” these before I receive them. But I’m in the reverse situation from most folks asking questions on the edges of the method: the only thing I don’t know for sure is how the actual blocks look and feel in person. From experience, however, I know how discerning (and highly selective) the VI folks are when it comes to selling top-quality stuff - so I am not worried in the least.

    If you have never experienced this effect before, I highly recommended you have a friend do it with you as the spectator before you learn what’s going on. This really is something you need to experience yourself to get a good idea of how your spectators will react.



    I just received mine yesterday and they are even better than I expected. The props are beautiful and the effect is one with which you can even fool yourself. While this is not the kind of effect that causes people to say "wow, you are really good." It is the kind of effect to cause people to say "what just happened."
    Even if people know how this works, the illusion is so strong that they still feel it. You could leave this on your desk in your office, use it to show that a person is "hypnotized" in a show and many other things.
    While this an expensive set of props. You will see why when you get them. From the box, the instructions, and the wonderful props, this is perhaps the most impressive "psychological suggestion" trick in the world.
    This could be a great piece to carry with you when you meet with a potential client about gigs. I can assure you that they will be impressed.
    Highly recommended,
    Sam Lamerson



    This is just terrific! It has confounded both active participants and those observing. Though the trick might be considered "too perfect" presented as suggested, it's not difficult to incorporate a red herring or two. I can't wait to take this into a world where we can congregate again!



    As others have commented, the item is itself is beautiful to look at and hold.

    I haven't performed it for other people yet, as it only arrived an hour or two ago, but after reading the instructions, I tried it on myself - simply closing my eyes and following the actions, but without going through the patter, and the effect is real and uncanny.

    Very nice!



    For our audiences, this trick will be intriguing. Not shocking. Not causing twenty-somethings on the street or in bars to scream, curse, and/or run away. But rather, causing a feeling of deep personal mystery.

    It is a physical/psychological illusion which can be very strong when performed thoughtfully in the proper setting. Could it succeed on stage? Probably. In the parlor? Most likely. Close-up? For certain! It all depends on how you dress it and the seriousness with which you approach it. And because spectators experience the illusion so personally, they'll remember it long after your performance.

    The blocks are beautifully made and well worth the price. To the thoughtful performer, this is a great routine to add to the repertoire. And part of the fun will be, in performance after performance, finding the very best way to present it.



    Beautiful, people keep toying with it in wonder



    "Less Is More" arrived today.
    Great Quality and Beautiful Craftmanship!
    It was worth the wait.

    Only suggestion: I wish we could purchase an extra wooden block.



    I've been looking for an effect that I can do for my brother-in-law who has recently become blind. This one is ideal. If you want to ensure that everyone at your show can participate, including those with poor or no eyesight, this is a natural.



    What a beautiful, beautiful product and effect. This is one of those products that for me becomes a keepsake. It's so well crafted the effect is just so weird. I kept trying it and it's just confounding as to how it even happens, but hey, less work for me when I perform it. I see this as well suited for a power of suggestion effect or even some sort of pseudo hypnosis demonstration. For me, effects that involve the spectator and allow them to create the magic are highly prized, and this really fits in really well. I almost never write reviews, but this was worth it for me.



    An optical illusion for your mind’s eye.

    Your eyes are closed,
    and the completely counterintuitive magic happens—you feel it happen in your own hand—the more you put down the heavier it gets, the more you pick up the lighter it gets! I mean come on!

    It is an uncanny sensation.

    And it is 99.99% self working. Effortless.

    It is true that not Everyone ends up completely blown away by the illusion...

    That said, it has on the other hand been noticed that, among “certain audiences” the illusion plays SO well, it is by no means a stretch to imagine some unscrupulous Svenjolly using it to start a cult.

    That’s what I call commercial.



    Great quality.



    These wooden blocks are beautiful and the effect is just as stated in the description. These blocks will be part of a show and also when a friend asks for a magical effect.



    This is not a trick...it is an effect. If presented correctly you will slay your audience. No one has heard of the principle this trick is based on. Easy to carry and if you are into acting this will be right up your alley! 5 stars ? No...more like 10 stars! They actually "FEEL" the magic happen in their hands!
    My highest recommendation!



    It is a beautiful piece of magic, but I doubt most people will use it in a "routine". Maybe related to hypnosis, but not as a standalone trick. That said, I think it is a fantastic thing to have on the dinner table or maybe on a shelf. People can try it out when passing by or you might even tell a story with it. They are beautifully made and look fantastic. One thing I want to point out is: The effect works, but it is no "wtf" moment. More a "ah yeah I can feel it" moment.



    Generally, just what I expected from the description. The only concern is that with my set, at least, the heavy block is clearly a different color stain than the other 2 blocks. I haven’t yet presented to anyone so I’m not sure if they’ll easily detect, but I could pick the heavy block 100% of the time just by looking at it. That certainly creates some risk that the audience will realize something is amiss.



    I will likely update this review after testing it on people. The quality of the props and what you receive is top notch -- a rarity these days.

    If you're looking to learn a new concept in magic, you won't find it here. There's no magnet or suction cup or new technology of any kind. When the description says that block will "feel" heavier, it means exactly that. It won't be heavier, just feel heavier. It's all about suggestion.

    The trick seems pretty good to me, so i rated it "pretty good." If I get crazy reactions, I'll update it to something better. Seems more like a puzzle to me (the description calls it that) rather than a magic trick, but perhaps it comes down to performance.



    I was so excited for this, having performed Ryan Plunket's version, it kills every time I perform that. With that being said the product was well made, but I fear they made the top block way too heavy and the blocks could be a little smaller. I performed this about 30 times before deciding to return it. For the price tag it needs to kill every time! Out of those performances I got very mixed reactions to where the majority of them was that they felt know difference. I even did the other version side by side and got better reactions with the other version. I love the Orange Tree company, having their Butterfly box and Spark 2.0 but have to say this product was a disappointment. Sorry guys, not for me.

    Less is More by The Orange Tree Magic