Linking Dice 2.0

Trick by Nobuyuki Nojima and Hanson Chien
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Linking Dice 2.0

34.95 usd

Trick by Nobuyuki Nojima and Hanson Chien (34.95)

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Linking Dice 2.0 - magic
Linking Dice 2.0 Linking Dice 2.0 Linking Dice 2.0 Linking Dice 2.0 Linking Dice 2.0 Linking Dice 2.0

One of the magic’s greatest close up effects just got better!

“Linking Dice 2.0” is a new and improved version of the mind-boggling close up magic trick created by Legendary Japanese Magician Nobuyuki Nojima and used to amaze audiences around the world for more than two decades.

Professional quality props paired with new handlings and a stunning kicker finale add a whole new layer of justification to the routine. It is a true showstopper for the modern performer.

In this multi-phase routine, two stacks of dice held fairly at your finger tips impossibly link and unlink just inches from their face. Each moment is more incredible than the last, eventually culminating in a stunning conclusion where the dice actually fuse together in their hands!

Expert teaching from Joad Hsu ensures you’ll be ready to amaze audiences with “Linking Dice 2.0” in no time. The high quality props allow you to perform with ease and confidence every time.

“Linking Dice 2.0” Full Performance

What You Receive

  • 6 premium quality dice
  • 2 custom-crafted dice rods
  • Covert switch box disguised as a storage box
  • Comprehensive online instruction video

Everyone from beginners to pros and lifelong hobbyists will love “Linking Dice 2.0” by Nobuyuki Nojima. Get yours today!

Instructional video is 95 minutes long. It is offered in English and Chinese with subtitles. Japanese subtitles also included .


Customer reviews for Linking Dice 2.0



I love this. The method takes practice, it's not a simple sleight, but not impossible either. And once you get it down it's one of those moves that is a joy to perform.

The teaching materials are clear and concise and cover everything you need to get started and advance to more complicated moves.
The dice that come with are lovely and of good quality, but unless you want to use the box and dice rods you can use any dice you have lying around.

Highly recommend this.



Linking Dice 2.0 is an upgrade to a classic close-up magic routine. Created by Nobuyuki Nojima and Hanson Chien, this trick takes two stacks of dice to new heights. While the gimmick and method might be familiar to some, the quality of the premium dice, custom-crated dice rods, and the expert instructional video sets this apart. Whether you are a novice or a pro, the comprehensive 95-minute video ensure you will perform with confidence. Linking Dice 2.0 is a must-have for magic enthusiasts of all levels.

It took me a moment to get the knack of it, but the quality of the gimmick, couple with the comprehensive tools and expert teaching, ensured my success with ease.



I love pure sleight of hand. I always have. This is pure sleight of hand. When I first watched the demo. I thought, “He can’t possibly be doing what I think he’s doing.” Turns out he is. There are 3 techniques. None are particularly easy. If anything I’d rate them hard, harder and hardest. This is not a beginners piece of magic. Having said all that, the techniques are not unreasonable. They WILL require practice. But I believe that’s what separates the hobbyist and the performer.
The package is beautiful, and the box is its own trick (I hope that isn’t a spoiler alert).
The routine can be tailored to suit you. If you only learned the “hard” move, you’d still have a cool trick. If you learned it all, you’ll have a performance piece. You could do this strolling or parlour. Lastly, the tutorial is well made and thorough. There is no reason you can’t learn this with practice. Get it!

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For me, this is kind of a sequel to Crazy Sam's Handcuffs, a baffling and beautiful penetration effect with ordinary objects. Both are relatively easy to do badly; each gains in elegance and deceptiveness with careful practice in front of a mirror.
I do have to say that with my hands and these dice, the "advanced handling" is all but impossible. I can do it with standard casino-sized dice, but the included dice with their smaller size and rounded edges preclude any possibility of ever mastering the move with any confidence. The smaller your hands the better.
As for the "fused dice" climax — I'm not sold on it. I don't think the effect holds interest through multiple repetitions, nor do I think the ending is either convincing or deceptive. That said, I DO like the basic effect and technique. I will be using the basic penetration as a carry-around or impromptu "quickie."



I'm giving this a 3 star review, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because I think it should be made a little clearer in the description that what you're getting is instruction on a difficult technique, not a simple gimmick. This instruction could have been given as a download for you to do with your own 6 dice. The inclusion of the "switching box" and the dice rods seems tacked on to make it LOOK like you're getting a gimmick, when in reality I don't see much use in the dice rods; seems to me they would only make your audience think these rods are what you used to perform the linking and would actually work against the effect. I appreciate the technique taught here, and am trying to master it, but I think this would have been a better value as a download to be used with your own dice.


Community questions about Linking Dice 2.0

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  • Sam asks: In the video it shows a brief dice stacking sequence. Is this part of the routine? Thanks

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    • Sidney asks: What is the performance level difficulty for the Linking Dice 2.0?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Advanced.
    • Clem asks: Hi. In the performance video, he "shows" the spectators, in slow motion, how he passes one set of dice "through" the other to "link" them. Can we assume that this is just part of the patter and NOT the real secret of Linking Dice 2.0?

      • 1. Mark answers: The "slow motion" effect, where one stick of dice passes through the other, is the second phase of the routine. It is not done the same way as the first phase is done. I found the first phase to be easier than I expected. It worked the first time I tried it. The thing is to get used to doing it, then start doing it faster. I didn't find the slow-motion phase to be all that difficult, either. Unlinking from there is harder than unlinking in the first phase, but it just takes some time to master.
      • 2. Jim answers: Your assumption is correct.
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    • Noel asks: I am not a professional magician, usually just performing tricks for my grandchildren. What degree of skill is need to perform this?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a very advanced effect as there are no gimmicks but true skill involved.
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