Magic by Nobuyuki Nojima

Linking Dice 2.0 Trick
Linking Dice 2.0
Trick by Nobuyuki Nojima and Hanson Chien - 34.95

One of the magic’s greatest close up effects just got better! “Linking Dice 2.0” is a new and improved version of the mind-boggling close up magic...

Raging Wave Shuffle Magic download (video)
Raging Wave Shuffle
Magic download (video) by Nobuyuki Nojima - 23.00

This shocking Triumph comes from NOJIMA, the guy who made raves with C3, a revolutionary new color change technique. First, take a look at the...

DVD by Nobuyuki Nojima - 34.95

This color change is mesmerisingly slow and looks fantastic. In May 2014, Nobuyuki Nojima, a young, yet prolific creator of Japan...