Magic by Nobuyuki Nojima

Raging Wave Shuffle Magic download (video)
Raging Wave Shuffle
Magic download (video) by Nobuyuki Nojima - $23.00

This shocking Triumph comes from NOJIMA, the guy who made raves with C3, a revolutionary new color change technique. First, take a look at the trailer above. Even magicians will attest to the haphazard order of the cards. Yet, not only do the faces and backs return to order, but so does the deck --...

DVD by Nobuyuki Nojima - $34.95

This color change is mesmerisingly slow and looks fantastic. In May 2014, Nobuyuki Nojima, a young, yet prolific creator of Japan released a revolutionary new color-change technique. It enables you to change cards visually, with the cards still SPREAD FACE UP and with ONLY ONE HAND!...