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Trick by Javier Fuenmayor
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Nexus Wallet

110.00 usd

Trick by Javier Fuenmayor ($110.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Nexus Wallet - magic
Nexus Wallet Nexus Wallet Nexus Wallet Nexus Wallet Nexus Wallet Nexus Wallet

Magic and mentalism converge like never before in this sleek and slim everyday carry wallet.

Nexus is not your grandfather's wallet. It's a modern and slick wallet for the modern performer. Don't let the fact that its barely the size of your passport fool you. The amount of possibilities packed into this amazing utility is truly astonishing.

For the mentalists, peeks are more motivated and natural then ever. They'll fly by even your most knowledgeable friends. In just the brief second it takes to place the wallet on a table or into your spectator's hands, you'll get your peek. No suspicious moves required. It truly feels like nothing happened at all.

For the visual street magician or close up magician, the ID compartment allows you to perform a variety of appearances, vanishes, penetrations and transpositions. Imagine being able to trap a spectator's ID in-between their hands before making it trade places with your ID that was inside your wallet.

The zipper compartment allows you to produce multiple objects—from borrowed rings to signed playing cards, keys, coins, sharpies or whatever else you'd like.

The removable/reversible clip allows you to hold your cash, credit cards or business cards. It's also the perfect holder for packet tricks or even any mentalist that wants to take their spectators "out to lunch".

What's in the box:

  • One compact, slim-line Nexus wallet that might finally put an end to your need to buy every new magic wallet
  • A unique customizable gimmick
  • Nearly 4 hours of detailed instruction where you'll learn 7 different peeks and 6 full routines for everyone from beginner magicians to seasoned professionals

"This is the best wallet I have ever seen!" Craig Petty

"I have never seen anything like this before" Luca Volpe

"Nexus is the only wallet you will ever need" Tobias Dostal


Community questions about Nexus Wallet

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Dane asks: Will this wallet also come in brown?

    • 1. Nai answers: Not that I know of.
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  • Simon asks: I need to know how many credit cards (or other things that size) can I put into the wallet. How many slots/spaces are there in total for non magical things to carry around?

    • 1. Avinash answers: Nique Tan has a great review on Youtube that will answer all this.
    • 2. Garry answers: Type into you tube magicorthodoxy magicwallet Scroll down to link fifteen, He explains every thing you need to no, includs him showing you the wallet the window explained, and what material its made off, its not leather, but a very good review
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  • Francesco asks: May i know the dimensions please?

    • 1. Avinash answers: Nique Tan has a great review on Youtube that will answer all this.
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  • Jack asks: Hi! What's the wallet made of?

    • 1. Avinash answers: Nique Tan has a great review on Youtube that will answer all this.
    • 2. Andrew answers: On the YouTube video Nique Tan DOES NOT say what the wallet is made of. Please can we have an answer??
    • 3. Andrew answers: No such thing as ‘vegan leather’. In other words, it ain’t leather. At 100 bucks and not leather then it’s a pass for me.
    • 4. Andrew answers: I care Avinash. I certainly wouldn’t pay $100 for a wallet made out of old potato peelings. You go right ahead though.
    • 5. Ian answers: It is some plastic or other fake. You can not use the peek if it is set up for, the other gimmick. Also not recommended to have an envelope loaded indefinitely IE ( always ready to go). I will stick with my Shadow Wallet and Infinity.
    • 6. Ian answers: I agree minimalist wallets may be the future, but £93.00 (in the UK) for plastic NO. Leather ages beautifully. Dee Christopher made fake and real for the Shadow (a great buy)
    • 7. Avinash answers: VI has a good return policy, if you don't like a product and are not satisfied - you can always return it. I also recommend checking out Magic TV review on Sunday where all details will be covered about the wallet. Cheers!
    • 8. Avinash answers: Noone cares whether your wallet is made of leather. Minimalist wallets are the future. The product has a great peek and a good CTW.
    • 9. Avinash answers: I believe it is made of vegan leather. Not actual leather.
    • 10. James answers: Andrew, first of all if you prefer leather that is your choice! This wallet is well made! Does exactly what it says, and very well! Has a great instructional video covering every function of the wallet! It is well thought out and anyway you choose to use it it is fine. You will not wear this wallet out. It is well made. I too would have liked to see it made in leather. But for the money, with everything taken into consideration, it is a fair price!
    • 11. David answers: I would've bought this if it was real leather. Here in Canada the Nexus prices out to $133.00. I have about a dozen gimmick wallets. The ones that have lasted are made of genuine leather (there's a reason they use leather.) I have two that have cracked over time and are coming apart because they are made with faux leather.
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  • Ian asks: Can you use the peek feature if the driver's licence gimmick is set up at the same time? also, can you carry the envelope ready to go, set in the wallet?

    • 1. Jim answers: No and yes.
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  • Tommy asks: Can a playing card fit in the window part of the wallet? Or is it only meant for drivers license and business cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's made for an ID size card.
  • Ian asks: Is the envelope reusable? can it take a Bonsalope. can the spectator open the envelope or only the performer? than you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The envelopes are not reusable. You will receive a template for the envelope so you can make your own envelopes. We've not tried to load Bonsalopes in this wallet but I think the smaller ones might work.
  • Ian asks: On a couple of wallets, I have had, I have been able to put little tabs inside the load chamber, so an envelope can be kept open and the two surfaces not come in contact. I use black Gorilla tape. Do you think this is a possibility with the Nexus? This way the envelope can be ready to go anytime, with no fear of sealing accidentally.

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory, I can see this working.
    • 2. Ian answers: The downside to the Nexus is the metal clip it wears away the fabric, also heavy. They should have sewn an elastic onto the wallet, no weight, no wearing and practical, making the OTL and card/cash storage easy.
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  • Johnny asks: I'd like to store blank cards in the out to lunch strap. What size would you recommend buying? Thanks very much.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Standard business card size.
  • Tobias asks: Hi, are there any magnets built into the wallet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
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Customer reviews for Nexus Wallet



I received this today and am absolutely delighted with it. The construction is fine and even though it's not leather I wouldn't necessarily have known had I not been told it was "vegan leather". The card to wallet function is amazingly smooth for such a compact wallet. The peek is sneaky and highly deceptive. I have no interest in the ID transformation function so can't comment on that but I am sure it's to the same standard as the other features. I will happily carry this as my everyday wallet for the forseeable future and am happy to report back on how it lasts under that pressure!



Superb product. It does what it should very well. It is a worker for a magician or mentalist who wants to up their performances with the minimalist wallet.Overall, highly recommend this product for beginners or intermediate performers. And the peek is brilliant, absolutely brilliant!



overall I love the wallet so many amazing stuff you can do it. Wallet don't look like magic one at all, peek wow, card to wallet amazing! 4h of super good instructions! Not really big fun of id methods would like is something little bit different but ok. BIG things for me is , I am ok that is not real leather but for the price it should be more quality looking wallet, I have edge wallet too and I feel looking more quality then nexus and is only 30$



This is a difficult one to grade excellent, good or lower. First wallet I had to return due to the wallet ripping where the money clip fit in. This appears to be an issue with some wallets. My second one is ok but I an extra careful not to cause any damage, the clip on this one wasn't as right.
The function and use of the wallet I thought was and is excellent. I want a wallet that does what I need it to do and that I can use throughout a performance. This wallet is better than most as it it can be used in so many ways. I don't like to see a performer pull out a different wallet for a different effect, it looks weird and cries out gimmick. Look after this and it will be a good wallet and meet most needs. The discussion regarding leather seem to drag on personally I would have liked to see itade of leather as it would have solved problems relating to the money clip. But this material does work.



This is a cool wallet, peek, id change, card to wallet, just a bunch of great stuff, with a 4 hour long instruction video that just keeps giving ideas and tricks, im definitely using this wallet, this wallet packs so many tricks in it, its just... yeah, the downs side to the wallet tho is, its abit tight when you put your cards in it (like plastic cards) and playing with it... it was made cheaply, mines started to rip abit but other then that the wallet is amazing, so many pockets, tricks, ideas, everything, in just one minimalist wallet, you just get creative with it.



Just want to update, after real use and used as regular wallet on everyday base, it is sacks as is really good wallet with amazing ideas around it, but after 6month of real use is just braking down completely! unfortunately is way to expensive for poor quality. If you have money to change wallet every few months sure go for it no many wallet give this different variations in magic, but if not go for something else and more quality!!



Had mine a day and the seam broke and stitching started to unravel. The top of the wallet where the card is removed is too tight, so the card naturally drags at the top corner, (inevitably I think it will wear away material. It is a shame as I think the ideas are great. It will not fit a Bonsalope or from what I can see any commercial envelope, so you have to make your own,(not good) Way overpriced for the fake leather, maybe £40.00. Vanishing Inc excellent service, they are in the process of securing me another. I don't think this wallet is up to the building standard as an everyday carry,(but I will get back after a few months and let you know).



This would be my dream wallet if it wasn't so shoddily made. It works flawlessly, it just ripped completely at the seams the very first time I tried the card to wallet. Considering you put the card in blindly it should be able to handle a bit of fidgeting but even being very gentle it just keeps tearing. For the price it should really be made much better. Even the area where I have the cash clip is tearing and fraying. Concept 10/10. Quality and longevity 2/10. Hopefully they eventually make a quality version although I can't imagine how much that will cost considering the price of the version that feels like it should be worth $20.



This was my first time purchasing a magic wallet, so I was a bit unsure what to expect. I liked the gimmick it worked well though getting things out the zippered section was a little right. It worked well looked nice and was functional. Now you might be asking if you liked it why the lower review? Well, I may have just gotten one that was not made properly but the stitching on the leather tore through the leather I assume this is because the string was to tight as my total use was quite limited. Is it still functional yes completely. however I have thing about having a nice and clean looking wallet which this no longer meets my requirement so I am back on the market for a new wallet. For the price tag I had hoped it would last longer than 3 months before breaking down.

Gimmick is neat and works great but the materials broke down quickly.