Trick by Taiwan Ben
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Trick by Taiwan Ben ($49.99)

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Numberic - magic
Numberic Numberic Numberic

We're thrilled to be able to bring this ingenious new routine from the creative mind of Taiwan Ben, Numberic. If you're a fan of Rubik's Cube effects, you're going to love this. Billed as the most innovating and powerful mind reading effect ever - and we can see why it's getting so much hype.

The basic effect is as follows. You show a 5x5 'Numberic' cube, which features numbers on each tile. You ask a spectator to freely think of ANY number on any side of the cube, with no forcing or coercion. Blindfolded, you show each face to the spectator asking if they see their number, at which point you 'connect' with them and know the exact number they are merely thinking of.

An advanced effect would be as follows. The 'Numberic' cube is thoroughly mixed and your spectator freely thinks of ANY number on any side of the cube, again 100% free choice. In the process of solving an advance 5x5 cube, you are able to connect your mind with the spectator's and read their mind while blindfolded. The moment you finish solving the Rubik's cube you are able to reveal your spectator's thought. This is as close to a real mind demonstration as one can get.

Easy to learn, completely self-working and instantly repeatable with different numbers. Multiple routines are taught in detail, including with a blindfolded, with and without solving the cube and more.

What you get:

  • Water proof and scratch proof high quality 5x5 'Numberic' cube
  • Secret gimmicks
  • Online tutorial video

Numberic looks and feels how real mind reading should look and feel, and we're sure you'll love this ingenious new effect from Taiwan Ben.

Useful info: The main effect is done with the cube in the solved position without the requirement to mix it, although an advanced tutorial is taught where you do mix it up, (in a few steps), and then put it back.

Brilliant use of an ingenious method, creating an impact on any audience so strong, they may believe you're the real thing!Bill Abbott

Literally as EASY as 1, 2, 3!!! Unbelievably clever! OMG! I wish I thought of it!Joshua Messado

I was fooled and the fact that you can do this blindfolded elevates this from a simple puzzle. Very clever thinking.David Penn

Diabolical method. Clever as hell. So many applications. I will be adding this to my show!Eric Jones

I really like how Taiwan Ben has revisited this classic! It will make this concept modern and also more visual!Luca Volpe

An ingenious modern application to for this classic effect.Bobby Motta

Real magic doesn't exist, but seeing NUMBERIC made me think that mind reading is real!Kevin Schaller


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