Shadow Wallet

Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914
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Shadow Wallet

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Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 ($65.00)

Some options in stock. Order in the next 8 hours, 20 minutes and it will go out today!
Shadow Wallet - magic
Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet Shadow Wallet

New LIMITED EDITION Bourbon Tan Leather version now available!

The "Shadow Wallet" from Dee Christopher & The 1914 is the world's slimmest, self-contained index and peek wallet. This revolutionary minimalist mentalism utility is destined to be your new favorite EDC!

Even when loaded with cash, credit cards and the one-of-a-kind custom gimmicks and special privacy filter, the "Shadow Wallet" is still only 1cm (or less than half an inch) thick. This allows it to fit in any pocket (even those on your tightest jeans), purse or bag, enabling you to perform mind-blowing feats of mentalism at anytime.

This minimalist style does not come at the sacrifice of quality either. Dee has also used the "Shadow Wallet" to address concerns about other minimalist wallets that had been brought to his attention over the years by the magic community including:

  • More pockets
  • Better materials
  • Easier actions
  • Increased versatility.

Three gorgeous and distinct styles are available to suit EVERY performer:

Classic Leather Shadow Wallet
Beautifully crafted with high-quality, supple black leather, this wallet exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication. It's perfect for any performer looking to showcase their professionalism in business meetings, award shows and black tie events.

Carbon Fiber Shadow Wallet
The first magic wallet to ever be produced with REAL carbon fiber, this stunning version will last you a lifetime. The slick carbon fiber is perfectly trimmed with vegan leather to offer a cruelty-free option for performers and also forge a post-modern look for casual situations and street magic performances.

Limited Edition Bourbon Tan Leather Shadow Wallet
After constant requests from magicians around the world, The 1914 has finally introduced a brown leather variation. Crafted with high-quality supple brown leather, this stunning Shadow Wallet is a sight to behold.

Here's just a small sampling of what you can do with the "Shadow Wallet":

  • Pull a named card from an empty wallet (no deck required, necessary cards included)
  • Peek any information written on a business card
  • A unique book test effect with a completely examinable single page folded up in your wallet (uses an ordinary book)

The "Shadow Wallet" is perfect for mentalists and magicians of ALL SKILL LEVELS. In the 2-hour comprehensive masterclass included with every wallet, Dee Christopher and Lewis LéVal walk you through all the possibilities of this powerful device—including a variety of handlings, peeks and subtleties. They hold NOTHING back. You'll learn everything you need to know to start performing incredible feats of mind reading and prediction effects with the "Shadow Wallet".

Most importantly though, the "Shadow Wallet" gives you the power to unlock your own creativity. With the cleanest of peeks and a 6-way index offering up to 12 outs, you'll be developing your own mind-bending routines in no time.

"I really love modern and organic magic, and it's for that reason I think that Dee's Shadow Wallet is going to be the best peek wallet for magicians like me! I am sure that you will use it forever!" Adrian Vega

"This thing is so freaking cool! The perfect everyday carry! It looks smart, it is compact and the functionality is incredible considering its size! This will be something you ALWAYS carry!" Jamie Daws

"Dee's Shadow wallet is the next evolution in Mentalism slimline wallets. It incorporates a solid and reliable peek that allows you to view 99% of a business card - no funny moves or reversed images so you can reveal literally anything! And the strongest and smartest version of a named card in wallet I've ever seen. And once again, having a vegan option is hugely appreciated by me and a growing number or people. This thing is now my everyday wallet so I'm always ready to amaze and astonish." Alexander Marsh

"I know that I could enter any room with just this wallet in my pocket, and walk out having amazed every single person. The ability to have a thought of star sign or playing card in my everyday wallet as well as a powerful peek opens up so many possibilities. The materials are first class, the methods are well thought out and the effects are mind blowing. And With a carbon fibre option, I'll probably never have to buy another wallet again." Lewis LéVal

"Dee's shadow wallet should be every magicians EDC. It's rare you find something stylish that you will be proud to use as an everyday wallet, that packs an entire close up act. This is a huge achievement.
Razor was sharp but it has now been shadowed by this new offering. I wholeheartedly recommend Shadow Wallet for anyone that wants to read minds." Joel Dickinson


Community questions about Shadow Wallet

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • William asks: What is the difference between the "Razor Wallet" designed by Dee Christopher and the "Shadow Wallet" also designed by Dee Christopher?

    • 1. Darragh answers: The Shadow wallet has better materials, more pockets & an index as well as the peek. Razor is slightly smaller and cheaper, but it is vegan leather and just has the peek.
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  • George asks: Might be a bit silly of a question... The 12 outs can be used with any paper,billets, etc yes ?

    • 1. Chris answers: They should work, if they are the same size or smaller.
    • 2. stu answers: Note that there are 6 outs not 12.
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  • Nagarajan asks: Can it be used as regular wallet? How many credit cards can we keep (of course without compromising the peeks and supplied trick effect)?

    • 1. Avinash answers: I have the product. It can fit 3 credit/debit cardsand bank notes without compromising the peek and index. I actually have 3 credit cards, license and business cards. Peek and Index is not compromised.
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  • Brian asks: Is this the similar to the alias wallet

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is not different to the Alias wallet. While they accomplish similar things, they have different workings and methods.
  • Francesco asks: Is the wallet able to host two of the Aged ESP cards from Alakazam, Pro Size? In this way I don't need an Himber wallet, would be great... Thanks!

    • 1. Jim answers: It can hold poker sized cards well. How does the Pro Size compare to poker?
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  • Ryan asks: What are the dimensions of the Shadow Wallet?

    • 1. Jim answers: In the packaging, it is 4.3 x 5.1 x 1.0 inches.
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Customer reviews for Shadow Wallet



Love it. I got the carbon fiber. It's now my EDC. The 12 outs can be used for any outs (depending on the creativity). The peek is solid. Great design and feel for the wallet.

Instructions are master class!



Love this wallet! The peek is great, but really nothing ground breaking. The thought of card for me is where this is at. I have used it a few different times in person and over video chats and it kills. The instructions are top notch. For something that could easily be a 10 minute video, I really appreciate that it is over 2 hours long and goes into different handlings of the peek and just discussions about this wallet. This is a great EDC wallet, though I was late to the party and missed the leather one which I would personally prefer. If you carry a bunch of cards on you, you may still need to carry a traditional wallet, because if you put more than 3 cards in this wallet, it makes the gimmick a bit harder to use.



I've ordered the Carbon edition, and I am so happy I did. It is really funky and up to todays standards. Even just as a wallet I think it is really convenient and cool. So no bad remarks there. The magic that the wallet allows you to do is spectacular, the thought of card to wallet is insanely strong. The peek also comes in handy, but I would use the peek only as a second method to a particular trick, and wouldn't use it straight as the main method of revealing information. It's up to your own imagination on how to use it. I personally use the window in combination with the phantom card. It's just big enough, and allows for a nice reveal once you force a favourite card on someone. All in all, a great product. Definitely recommend this.



Love my new Carbon Fiber Shadow Wallet! It's built very solidly and is capable of everything they advertise it as.
Beyond the great quality of the wallet and gimmicks themselves, the instructional video gives sooooo much information and considerations that apply not just to the wallet, but in performing magic and mentalism as a whole. I feel the video tutoriL was worth the price of the wallet just by itself, so the value you get when you purchase this wallet is phenomenal! Thank you Vanishing Inc for offering this product.



I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical when they said it can be used as an every day carry. It seemed too small and didn’t have enough card slots for my needs.....or so I thought. I must say that I was very presently surprised that I was wrong. I am able to fit my drivers license, three bank/credit cards, my insurance card, 5 business cards for the peek effect and four billets....and still have room for the supplied cards for the Thought Of Card in Wallet effect. This WILL be my EDC.
I bought the new brown leather version and I love the look and quality. I am Very pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend it!



Really love this wallet. It has a great peek and 12 outs using the cards. It's now my EDC. I bought the black leather one and I highly recommend it, you can also use it as a day-to-day wallet. The best peek wallet that I've ever had.



Great wallet! The tutorial is very thorough and easy to follow. Vanishing Inc where quick to answer my questions and very helpful every step of the way. Everyone needs a shadow wallet



This is more than just a peek wallet which ive explained in breif on this review.This comes in a cool design presentation box, with a magnetic flip front. This wallet is great for a beginner and for a pro, The leather wallet is very well made, this also comes with special easy to use gimmicks, that are unique for this wallet only, great video production, a great tutorial all the way through, including demos, and in depth routines these are all very well explained and is easy to follow, and very enjoyable to watch, this is including different methods on how to handle the wallet, depending on the routine you decide to use. The methods used are very clever, but also very simple to do, you are able to perform a thought of card and produce this from this wallet, just think with this and wiithout having to Palm a card, Use a slide, or Use an Envelope. How good is that. and how to do a full peek, with plenty of variouse routines and methods that they teach you on how to use the peek too, plus they teach you how to do a book test from a torn page in the wallet too. you do get one blank card, so you need to provide your own blank cards for certaiin prediction routines, it would of been good if they had provided some blank billet cards, especially for those that dont have buisiness cards. Other than that, this is a great video, a great wallet, and great methods taught. Its as much about the Script, and presentation, that makes this work, which is all explained, including some bonus ideas too, Plus plenty of pocket space to keep your money in as your everday wallet, and slots to put your packet tricks in too, and you dont need any money clips with this wallet either. With a loaded wallet, plus the gimmicks, and you can still perform great magic with this.
Its is so simple, its Brilliant



Unbelievable value for money! From the quality of the wallet, to the power of the effects built into it, and the wealth of tuition from Dee and Lewis. Buy this and you won’t be disappointed. Even if you never use the peek or index system (why wouldn’t you?), you still have a great minimal wallet you can use everyday. You literally can’t go wrong!



This is an awesome wallet. The Though of Card in Wallet is superb. The instructions with Dee and Lewis are excellent. They give you everything to get started and inspire your creativity. Can also fit a packet trick or two in there making it a full routine EDC. The quality is great, real leather or carbon fiber( I got classic black leather) to last a long time. Quality product from The 1914 and Vanishing Inc always does a great job with tracking and shipping.



So I bought this a few days ago, and it soon arrived and I rushed downstairs with the images of the demonstration video wizzing in my head! It looked great. HOW EXCITING!!
It lay on the doorstep and I scooped it up and ran into the lounge where I excitedly ripped open the package!!!
It's okay!
It's basically a wallet that gives you a few 'outs' with picture cards and a peek device which, angles permitting, is ok. I'm not buzzing as I thought I would be but yeah, it's ok.
Would I buy it again? Probably not.
Is it well made, functional and easy to use? Yes



The thinking is good, but the execution is a bit flawed. First is quality. I ordered the carbon fiber, which is quite unattractive and cheap looking (as opposed to other carbon fiber wallets like FPS). From looking at the photos, it does seem like the leather ones are more attractive. However the seams are also poorly cut and jagged in spots. That may also just be a problem with the carbon fiber.
The thought of card feature built into the wallet is nice, but I think the holder needed to be a couple of millimeters taller. In mine, the tops of the cards peek out so it’s hard to conceal them. It’s also a problem on the video.
The peek function works great, but I find that with the “thought of cards” loaded, the gap is too big and it looks really suspicious to be sliding the spectators drawing into it.

Shadow Wallet by Dee Christopher and The 1914