Magic by Dee Christopher

Shadow Wallet Trick
Shadow Wallet
Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 65.00

New LIMITED EDITION Bourbon Brown Leather version now available! The "Shadow Wallet" from Dee Christopher & The 1914 is the world's...

Eclipse Trick
Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 40.00

Every mentalist needs ESP cards in their toolkit and now you can own one of the greatest ESP decks ever devised. Eclipse is a secretly marked deck of...

Pure Psychometry Trick
Pure Psychometry
Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 59.95

While blindfolded, you can intricately describe the visual details of an object and even correctly identify who it belongs too. All without any...

Maverick Accessory
Accessory by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 69.95

A stunning everyday carry pouch for the modern magician and mentalist from Dee Christopher and The 1914. Magicians and mentalists are always in...

Black Heart and Bourbon Book
Black Heart and Bourbon
Book by Dee Christopher - 40.00

Black Heart & Bourbon is the latest collection of Dee Christopher's tricks, techniques & thoughts for magicians and mentalists. ...

DVD by Dee Christopher - 39.95

"You should be charging WAY more for this!!"Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo & Troy TV shows)"Smart and revolutionary."Pablo Amira...

Gambit Trick
Trick by Dee Christopher - 15.00

You place five playing cards on the table. You then show the Spectator a poker chip that has a prediction on one side. You ask the Spectator to mix...

Proximity Effects Book
Proximity Effects
Book by Dee Christopher - 26.25

Dee Christopher presents 'Proximity Effects' a collection of effects and routines straight from the underground. Dee Christopher is making a name for...

Metal DVD
DVD by Dee Christopher - 25.00

Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christopher's METAL. Teaching the guarded methodology and technique behind his highly...

Shudder DVD
DVD by Dee Christopher - 30.00

The power to provoke motion with one's mind is something that has fascinated man since the existence of such a concept. Imagine a perfectly...

DVD by Dee Christopher - 16.00

In VEX you will learn how to appear to bend borrowed coins with you mind. Since Geller popularized coin bending demonstrations in the 70's, magicians...