Pure Psychometry

Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914
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Pure Psychometry

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Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 (59.95)

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Pure Psychometry - magic
Pure Psychometry Pure Psychometry Pure Psychometry Pure Psychometry Pure Psychometry

While blindfolded, you can intricately describe the visual details of an object and even correctly identify who it belongs too. All without any guesswork. "Pure Psychometry" by Dee Christopher and The 1914 turns you into a mesmerizing psychometrist able to read the personal energy stored deep within the atoms of an object (or at least that's how it seems).

This psychometry act is one of the most powerful, engaging and truly interactive mentalism demonstrations that you can perform. "Pure Psychometry" is perfect for parlour, cabaret and stage.

Four identical velvet bags are handed out to members of the audience. Each participant places a personal item of their choosing inside a bag while the performer is blindfolded. The bags are collected and mixed. One by one, the mentalist proceeds to inexplicably reveal hidden details about each object and its owner before correctly identifying exactly which member of the audience it belongs to.

You will receive four beautifully crafted, specially gimmicked velvet bags with a matching blindfold to offer elegance and cohesion in your look and style. It all packs flat but plays huge. With "Pure Psychometry" in your case, you will always have a tantalizing mystery to perform. The nature of the routine ensures the performance will feel fresh and stimulating every time.

The 1.5 hours of included video gives you everything to incorporate this knockout act into your set. Beyond the basics of the routine, it offers expert insight on how to "jazz" based on the items and information you're given. You will also learn five different variations and how to congruently interweave related effects to create even bigger impacts.

"Pure Psychometry" is one of Dee Christopher's signature routines, and now it can be yours.

Make this esoteric power a reality today!


Customer reviews for Pure Psychometry



Well-made quality props, that if taken care of will last a long time. Very easy to use giving you time to concentrate on performance rather than technique. It was so easy that I used it for an impromptu performance the day after I received it and got a great response from the audience.


Community questions about Pure Psychometry

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  • Frank asks: Does the level of lighting in the room have an effect on the performer's accuracy?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It doesn’t however you would need to be able to see the bags at certain points, but low or bright lighting should be fine
  • Joerg asks: I‘m short-sighted and need glasses. Is it possible to perform the trick without taking the glasses off, i.e. without a blindfold and still keep the impact on the audience ? Usually I read about secret peeks in mentalism (like the Gypsy peek) and that very moment I know nobody thinks about people with glasses . Or is there any other psychometry routine that solves the eye-sight problem ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: With a little modification, it is possible but it is much stronger with the blindfold and the fact that you cannot see anything.
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