The Vanishing Band

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By Danny Orleans

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The Vanishing Band

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Trick (pre-order) by Skymember Presents and Romnick Tan Bathan ($25.00)

The Vanishing Band - magic
The Vanishing Band The Vanishing Band The Vanishing Band The Vanishing Band The Vanishing Band The Vanishing Band

Visually shocking and brilliantly simple, Vanishing Band is the ultimate close-up rubber band magic trick.

Inspired by Dr. Cyril Thomas' Psychobands and Brought to you by Romnick Tan, The Vanishing Band starts by taking a single rubber band and stretching it in front of your spectators. Then, without any cover, you're able to make that band visually disappear into thin air. This moment is so simple, yet so incredibly powerful. You could end here. But, you also have the power to make the rubber band re-appear on your command at any moment.

This versatile effect can also be used to create a truly one-of-a-kid shrinking and splitting rubber band effect.

The Vanishing Band is super easy to perform and is incredibly visual. There are no fishy or awkward moves and also no need to wear a ton of extra rubber bands on your wrist. Everything also resets in seconds making this the perfect effect for everyone from street magicians to table-hopping workers.

Zach Ng and Calvin Liew teach you everything you need to know to effectively perform The Vanishing Band both in real-life performances and on your social media accounts.

Each Vanishing Band set comes with 1 exceptional custom gimmick and several of Joe's Rindfleisch's exceptional Rubber Bands so you can get started right away!

Tutorial is in Chinese with English subtitles


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  • Candice asks: Skill rating

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It’s easy to do, in my opinion it’s 4/10
  • Dennis asks: Do you have were long sleeves or jacket to perform this

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need a jacket to perform this trick
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The Vanishing Band by Skymember Presents and Romnick Tan Bathan