Sleeving System

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Sleeving System

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Trick by Witness Kou ($45.00)

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Sleeving System - magic
Sleeving System Sleeving System Sleeving System Sleeving System Sleeving System Sleeving System

"His technique is the best I've seen so far." Rocco Silano

"It's the best I had ever seen" Daniel Garcia

"It's definitely worth getting it if you are a sleever." Cyril

"A must-have if you are serious about sleeving!"Henry Harrius

Witness Kou has developed the finest sleeving technique around. Don't just take our word for it: read the quotes above — even Rocco Silano (the modern-day master of sleeving) says that it is the best he has even seen!

The focus of this package is Witness' "Shooting Sleeving" technique, which is a one-handed sleeving technique that allows you to ditch and retrieve objects from the sleeve without any apparent movement. Once you learn the technique, you'll be able to use the two gimmicked (and one regular) Sharpies to perform a series of visual effects. Along with the Shooting Sleeving and One-Hand Switch, you'll learn:

  • Two pen and coin routines
  • Two routines for the Twisted Sharpie
  • Bonus move: Sharpie through card
  • Bonus move: pen to lighter
  • Bonus move: Omni pen
  • Bonus move: sponge ball
  • Bonus move: amazing Sharpie

"It's a pleasure for me to see how magic evolves with him." Miguel Angel Gea

Includes: online instructions with gimmicks.


Community questions about Sleeving System

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  • Peter asks: Hi my question is why do product editors feel they need to make the cuts in trailers so fast? One really hasn’t a clue what one is watching. I’m sure his sleeving is good, but one wouldn’t know it from the trailer. I just felt exhausted and gave up. Fast editing supposedly in the hope of heightening the drama... really, it’s yesterdays mashed potato. Give me slow considered performances and the drama will look after itself. Really- the medium is NOT the message.

    • 1. Gregory answers: Peter- I couldn’t agree more or said it any better. There are probably a bunch of effects I pass on, that might be wonderful, but you’d never know it from the trailer. Add this one to my list.
    • 2. Pat answers: I agree with the above comment. I couldn't tell what was happening. Just show the routine or effect in a real life performance (maybe with some lovely ladies as some trailers do :) (just kidding).
    • 3. Harapan answers: Honestly, I thought the trailer was alright. There was some fast editing, but it was mainly concentrated near the end of the video where the music was building to a crescendo. I was definitely able to understand the Sharpie to Clear Sharpie effect, and the Sharpie to coins and the Twisted Sharpie routine pretty clearly.
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  • James asks: I just received this and no response to Vimeo download

    • 1. Tony answers: Please send an email to they will be happy to help you
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  • Chris asks: It says two gimmicked sharpies. Is the omni pen included or is that a separate purchase? Twisted sharpie?

    • 1. Dottore answers: The two gimmicked Sharpies that are included are the twisted Sharpie and the Sharpie through card.
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  • Kevin asks: It says it comes with 2 gimmick pens the sharpie through card trick uses a regular sharpie the 1st gimmick pen is the twister what does the 2nd gimmick pen do?

    • 1. Dottore answers: The two gimmicked Sharpies that are included are the twisted Sharpie and the Sharpie through card.
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I am an experienced sleever, and an amateur. Witness Kou has developed a new technique of sleeving that is a natural extension of the one-handed technique. There is a significant advantage to the new technique. I've been experimenting for a couple of days, and I can execute the technique although not with perfect reliability. Kou's performances are extremely good, although difficult. I certainly see myself using this technique even if not at Kou's level. The DVD is in chinese with sub-titles, but Kou's organization is good enough that I did not have to struggle to understand his pointers.

Sleeving System by Witness Kou