Spirit/Shot Measure Chop Cup (with Olives)

Trick by Dude Thats Cool Magic
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Spirit/Shot Measure Chop Cup (with Olives)

32.00 usd

Trick by Dude Thats Cool Magic (32.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

We love the Chop Cup, and this is a tiny but quality one that will fit into your pocket and astound audiences anywhere you go, particularly behind the bar. 

The ultimate prop to accompany your bar magic routines. Make the supplied "olives" appear and disappear, seemingly at will, or use other items appropriate for Chop Cup routines.

Each stainless-steel shot measure is gimmicked with a small neodymium magnet, hidden by a perfectly fitted, polished steel base plate. We believe we've created a Chop Cup that not only looks the part but also makes sense when used as part of your bar magic Chop Cup routine.

Each Chop Cup kit contains:

1 x 50ml Stainless steel chopped spirit measure. The dimensions are 60mm x 38mm (internal depth 56mm)

2 x Stuffed rubber olives (one chopped, one unchopped) (25mm x 22mm)

We suggest final loads along the lines of corks, ice cubes, bottle tops, cherries, lemon or lime slices... or anything else that you see fit.

Please note: Props only. No Chop Cup routines are supplied with this product.


Customer reviews for Spirit/Shot Measure Chop Cup (with Olives)



The olives are hilarious!
Lovely Chop Cup and gaffed olives.
In one way it makes sense in walk round using a bar item. Then it's surreal to have olives in your pocket. Fits my character well!
Final loads are tricky due to size, get creative people!



Despite the other review here, my cup arrived looking just like in the picture and description. Looks exactly like a typical bar-measure, with little rings and "50ml" stamped on the side. Absolutely nothing that would give anyone reason to look twice. And even if they did, you absolutely cannot see a false floor or anything else suspicious. The magnet is extremely well hidden.
The olives also looks very convincing, but of course for those people will work out that you are not playing with real olives (whcih would be too greasy). But given that there are two fake olives (one non-gimmicked), you could always giveo ut hte non-gimmicked one and the measure for them to examine and they will find nothing at all.

Overall, a great 'stealth' chop cup for those people who don't want props that look like stage props. In my case, this particular one will actually live on a literal bar - where it will blend it perfectly and no one would suspect anything - thus allowing me to then pull off some surprise magic in the middle of mixing a few drinks. The onlyl thing left is stuffing some actual green to then serve on a cocktail at the end to wrap up the trick.



My main disappointment is that the cup is not the same as the one in the image. None of the rings in the picture are actually on the cup. It's actually a straight cylinder of brushed aluminum with 50ml stamped on it. Click on the links to see my photos of the cup.


Also, nothing in the description shows that the bottom is recessed 3/8 of an inch.


The cup is definitely a heavy weight and does not feel chintzy in any way.

Under normal circumstances, I would consider returning it.

However, I really purchased the cup for the olives. And the Olives are definitely top quality. There is another manufacturer who claims to sell gaffed sets separately, but they have been out of stock every time I looked. Would I have preferred to spent $20 less to not get the cup? Yes. Would I have been less disappointed in the cup if it looked like the picture? Yes.

Caveat Emptor.


Professional Review Spirit/Shot Measure Chop Cup (with Olives)

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