Scotch and Soda - Half Dollar/Mexican Centavo

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Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic ($32.00)

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Scotch and Soda - Half Dollar/Mexican Centavo - magic

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This is a fourth replacement because I tend to accidently spend my coin. It is very difficult to see that it is a gaffed coin, even when I know what I'm looking for. I just need to keep it separate from my real coins. I also like the Mexican centavo instead of an old English Penny. People don't use the old English Pennies any more. Even the English have lost touch with what it looks like; however, so many people are similar with the Mexican Centavo and it appears more authentic.



This is the fourth of these sets for me, including the magnetic version which has become my everyday cary, probably kinda spoiling me because of the extremely fast, and virtually silent reset. That being said, there are many things one can do with a 'traditional' coin set which cannot be accomplished with the magnetic, and vice versa.This newest one came with the half-and-half fitting almost too snug in the shell; if I didn't know how to expand the shell a tiny bit, I probably would've been upset.The tutorial links give several demonstrations of stand alone effects, or things that one could work into any number of routines, but I really wish they would've include a section on adjusting the shell (both tightening and loosening), and cleaning and maintaining the gimmick for longevity (care and feeding of your new Scotch and Soda coin set).
Also, the b*** r*** that came with my set was vinyl/PVC. With one made of rigid plastic or aluminum, the gimmick can be reset IN POCKET, silently (a rep from Zeezo's Magic Castle in Aurora Colorado showed me that handy technique, no noisy smacking required!). If you attempt that with vinyl b*** r***, the gimmick just pushes right through. I see an aluminum b*** r*** in my near future.
(Why is an aluminum b*** r*** not an option...?!?!)


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  • Ben asks: Is the prop coin the same size as a regular half dollar coin ? Don't want to purchase a smaller coin. Must be Professional grade and mimic the regular half dollar in dimensions.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes they are made out of regular half dollars so will be the same size.
  • Corey asks: What is included in this set? Is it Bang Ring, Gimmicked coin and separate Mexican Centavo?

    • 1. Dottore answers: That is what my set has.
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