CCC on the Table

Magic download (video) by Yu Huihang
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CCC on the Table

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Yu Huihang ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

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Yu Huihang, a master sleight of hand artist from Singapore, adds his signature touch to the beloved “Charming Chinese Challenge” plot. “CCC on the Table” is a beautifully thought-out effect with multiple magic moments. Everything feels more open and fair than when being performed in the hands.

The download is taught in exquisite detail. And, as this is a tabled performance, it pairs beautifully with a coin matrix as part of a larger routine.

“CCC on the Table” is an individual download that is also offered as part of a larger "Yu Huihang Download Bundle" that is available for 70% off.

Runtime: 16 minutes 55 seconds

NOTE: Download only. No Charming Chinese Challenge props provided. A coin shell is also required and can be found here.


Customer reviews for CCC on the Table





Excellent routine. I love CCC so was looking for something to expand the routine. This really works. Will need more practise to get slick with it but I don't think that will take to long.



Great routine, learned it and performed for some friends and coworkers. The reactions were nothing short of amazing. Would definitely recommend for purchase.

VI Monthly


Very nice routine on CCC. Some of the effects on the table are quite convincing; however, you will need a table, just as indicated. In specific settings, this routine would be great but not appropriate for all settings. I still like my using my other CCC routine using only slights for most situations.



This was a rewarding purchase! I can’t wait to add it to my performance and share with everyone.



This download consists of:
Lots of uncertancy within his sentences.
There is just no flow.
Txt comes up on your screen stating what he ment to say.
He starts sniggering.
A screen saver suddenly appears on your screen.
Camera goes out of shot on some important moves.
Certainly A Challenge Trying To Understand, And Follow the Methods Taught on this Download, Thats For Sure.


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