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Magic download (video) by Yu Huihang
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Yu Huihang Download Bundle

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Magic download (video) by Yu Huihang ($42.00 - normally $84.00)

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Yu Huihang is an underground coin magic master from Singapore known for his innovative and deceptive takes on classic coin magic tricks.

In this special download bundle, we’re proud to present seven amazing coin magic routines from Yu Huihang, including four unique takes on the coin matrix, two different ways to present the “Charming Chinese Challenge”, and even a 3 Fly that can be viewed from behind.

The crystal clear instruction teaches you everything you need to know without any of the added fluff. They’re easy to digest, while still offering all of the important subtleties that transform these routines from simple magic tricks into miracles.

These are the perfect effects for anyone who is interested in truly novel coin magic. While this bundle is geared toward intermediate magicians, there is nothing in here that would be considered extremely difficult.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Back to Where They Started - A beautifully choreographed coin matrix that ends with the coins impossibly returning to the coin purse from which they were first introduced.

Backfire - A delightfully quick (but not rushed) matrix with multiple magic moments and a surprise ending.

Reverse Matrix -Yu adds his signature creative touch to the concept of performing a coin matrix in reverse.

Surprise - Four coins are openly covered before jumping to the four corners of the mat with a quick snap and then back to the leader card just as quickly. We never saw this last phase coming and it fooled us real bad.

"Backview 3 Fly" - One of the standout effects from this bundle, “Backview 3 Fly” gives the audience a chance to see a “3 Fly” routine from the “magician’s POV”. Super visual and a ton of fun to practice and perform.

"CCC on the Table" - A very fair and open tabled version of the beloved “Charming Chinese Challenge” effect filled with stunning visual moments.

"Yohei’s CCC" - “A multi-phase “Charming Chinese Challenge” routine that doesn’t require any extra coins and has been meticulously structured to make the spectator feel involved in the magic. Includes a BONUS triple transformation of all the coins.

"Visual, direct, and well thought-out routines, I love it!" Troy Hooser

"Lots of fun visual ideas" Danny Goldsmith

“These are the first worthwhile Matrix variations that I’ve seen in a long time. Surprise is wonderful, and fools everyone. Yu’s magic is well-constructed, clever, challenging, and he’s right, Charming Chinese Challenge looks better on the table. Palms of Steel approved.” Curtis Kam

"Be prepared for some very smooth magic, and some nice work on the Reverse Matrix and Charming Chinese Challenge. Taught clearly with good camera angles, you will be sure to learn the routines that are presented." Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Running time: 72 min. English, with optional Japanese subtitles.

NOTE: Many of these effects require additional props that most coin magicians already own. Full details are available on the individual product pages.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Yu Huihang Download Bundle



If you are a Matrix fan and want to explore alternate effects and handlings, this is fantastic. The Matrix effects (and the 3-fly) all require the most common of coin gimmicks. Some of the moves in the Matrix routines are a bit knacky but there is some really interesting thinking here. Surprise is aptly named and completely fooled me.

The 3-fly routine is interesting but requires you to turn your back on the audience and will not be for everyone.

Yohei's CCC is a stand-up/strolling version that does not use anything other than the 3 coins for the main routine.

The instructor has an accent but I had no trouble at all understanding him. His use of acrylic (transparent) cards was very helpful.

Highly recommended for the intermediate coin worker.











There is a lot of great material in here. The reverse matrix is great for example, but for me the star of the show was the on table charming Chinese challenge. It takes an already great trick and puts it out of the hands so it looks like there can be no funny moves. Slick, clean magic.



Amazing and great teaching,Thank you.??



VI Monthly




This routine is fantastic. The only problem is my set of Hooser coins needs a supplement to perform this. The coins I originally ordered will not work with this fabulously more deceptive handling. Yu is a genius and very accomplished! Watching his clear explanations is a pleasure.


Kroon Events & Entertainment Services

Very good and "clear" explanation of a wonderful matrix effect, without many difficult sleight of hand moves.



Easy, clear explanations and mystifying effect... well within reach of any coin worker with minimal experience. Great piece, recommended.



Fantastic work here. The explanations are clear and easy to follow, and also enjoyable to watch. If you are interested in really off guard matrix work you will find some gems in here



The best part of this video is that it’s not even ten minutes long but all the details you need to know on how to perform this is properly explained. I love how he stops at certain points to explain how each phase should look like. Also it was very helpful that the different angles shown for certain sleights are exactly the angles that explain its mechanics. Overall there is no time wasted and the clarity of the explanation is worth every cent.



Love it 5 star



Wow, this is one of the best tutorials that I have every purchased. I have been looking for routines that I can incorporate in my coin magic. Concise and informative short videos that get to the heart of the slight. Highly recommended! 5 stars for me!
Juan from Mexico!



I am going to use this presentation from now on. Very clean, very smooth and I love the ending where the Magic happens in the spectator's hands.

I also love the alternate handlings included in this tutorial. I would recommend this tutorial to the Magician who is just discovering CCC and those who have been performing CCC for years. I would have never thought of using a table presentation!



Very good in depth tutorial. The angles for the camera in the video are great and show exactly what you need to do to be able to perform the slights.



I love the illusion. It's a very good effect, very impressive which should get you a lot of "oooohs" and "ahhhh". Now the explanation from this guy is a little long and hard to understand because of the heavy Korean accent. So, if you are not familiar with the Matrix, a non-magician would have a hard time figuring it out and would have to watch it a few times.


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  • Thomas asks: What would you say is the difficulty level of these routines ?

    • 1. Jim answers: A variety, from easier to more advanced.
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  • Simon asks: Is There gimmick coins involved or is it normal coins thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a gimmicked coin involved in about 2 of the routines. If you're into coin magic, there is a chance you'll already have this gimmick.
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