Silver Finger

Magic download (video) by Matthieu Hamaissi
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Silver Finger

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Magic download (video) by Matthieu Hamaissi (22.00)

Silver Finger - magic
Silver Finger Silver Finger Silver Finger Silver Finger Silver Finger

Elegant and poetic sleight of hand coin magic.

"Silver Finger" is a beautiful in-your-hands illusion that doesn't require any gimmicks or extra coins. Just three coins and your hands are all that's needed to showcase this powerful illusion in any environment.

Despite how good it looks, "Silver Finger" doesn't require any overly complicated techniques. These moves are reliable and bulletproof, and work with basically any type of coin. This routine also thrives in any environment from street magic to close up magic in a restaurant or lounge.

This download includes detailed explanations for all the necessary techniques, as well as important tips to help you master the routine.

Download "Silver Finger" by Matthieu Hamaissi now and start learning this coin magic masterpiece today!


Customer reviews for Silver Finger



Absolutely STUNNING routine, requiring nothing but 3 coins.

The illusion that the coins are dropping out thin air is created by the flash of silver just a few inches before it hits the receiving left hand. It actually looks like the performer is tracking an invisible coin that only they can see as it drops from the sky, but it suddenly solidifies and appears 2 or 3 inches above the hand as it drops in to be caught. This a truly wonderful, magical moment. The second phase, where the coins are tossed back into the sky and vanish, is just as impressive.

I have been doing coin manipulation for over 50 years, and this simple, creative handling of a 3 coin appearance, vanish and reappearance left me breathless when I first saw it. The only other routine I have ever seen that shocked me as much as Hamaissi's performance was the first time I saw the visual coins across routine by Homer Liwag in his "Coin One" routine.

The thing that amazes me the most about Hamaissi's routine is that there are no difficult slights or knuckle busting moves. With some practice, including a little work on acting, the routine is within reach of anyone. I have performed the routine with both Walking Liberty halves and Morgans, and got great results with either, though I prefer Morgans for the sound they make when dropped onto each other.

I cannot rate this routine high enough. OUTSTANDING!

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Great routine and simple to do



This magician (Matthiew Hamaissi) is absolutely superb. I have purchased several of his effects and he has a gift to produce enormous illusion effect for very little sleight-of-hand buck. No gadgets here, just uncomplicated (intermediate level) sleights that are put together in a way that maximize resulting effects. Highly recommended for the hobbyist/amateur.



I thought this trick would come with the coins.


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